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Mitch McConnell, who is the Republican majority leader in the Senate, originally started the bill. The “Hemp Farming Act of 2020” sees that industrial hemp and all of the products like that can be made from it such as nature CBD capsules would be legalized. The bill also suggests that under the new law neither the Drug Enforcement Administration nor any other government forces would be able to stand in the way of industrial hemp being produced.

However, there could be many hurdles to overcome before hemp is officially legalized, as there is political uncertainty over some of the factors in the Farm Bill. Not only this, but there is an absence of hemp-related language in the House version of the bill, which will be needed for the bill to be passed.

Many of the hemp growers would be delighted if it were to become fully legal in the United States of America. Brian Furnish, who is the president of the U.S. Hemp Roundabout, and is also a hemp grower from Kentucky said: “ This is a big day for hemp.”


Partial Legalization Build For New Farm Bill: 2014 VS 2020

It was only until 2014 that industrial hemp was completely illegal throughout the whole of the United States. However, after an amendment to the 2014 Farm Bill, it was then legal to grow hemp in state-run hemp research programs only.

There were a variety of these programs that were run all across the states. Some of these included universities where it could be researched, as well as a very limited amount of everyday farmers, were allowed to grow hemp. In total there were approximately 25,000 acres of hemp grown all across the US under the state programs. Colorado had the highest growth of hemp and by 2017 there were a total f 9,700 acres of hemp. Oregon was also the second highest with 3,469 acres of hemp grown in 2017, but this wasn’t even half of what Colorado was growing.

The state that grew the least amount of hemp in 2017 was Hawaii and Nebraska, as they both only grew one acre of hemp each. In total there were 32 universities in the U.S. that conduced hemp research and 1,456 state hemp licenses that were issued. Even though hemp was being grown there were a few legal threats that they had to face, for instance, CBD vendors. Not only this, but the Bureau of Reclamation did also impede with some of the hemp growers at the time. And since then there have been legal threats, which were at the state and federal level.  

So how would the 2020 Farm Bill work?

McConnell has said in the amendment that the bill would formally remove hemp from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of controlled substances. It would also mean that all products that are made from hemp, for instance, CBD oil (check out here the best CBD oil companies) and various CBD food items would be legalized. This would only be depending on whether the THC level of the substance is below 0.3%. If the THC is above this then it could make people feel high, as the THC is higher, meaning that it would be psychoactive. 

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The state agriculture departments, as well as the Native American tribes, would be free to produce and sell hemp, in a similar way to farmers producing and selling any type of crop from cabbages to courgettes.  This bill will end the debate over the legal status of the plant. Members from the Republican Party and the Democrat Party both support the legalization of hemp. The Senate actually passed the 2020 Farm Bill, which also included the hemp amendment, however, the House version of the Farm Bill seems to not include the same amendment, and this means that at the moment the future of hemp is still undecided.

However, it’s not the end of the story, because the House and the Senate must next form a “Conference Committee”. In this discussion, they will debate the differences between the House version and the Senate version of the 2020 Farm Bill, and they will hopefully come to a conclusion. Both of the parties will be meeting to debate the final version, and if it is successful then it will appear before the president, so he can sign it. Lots of people that support hemp are hoping that the conferees are going to back the legalization of it, especially with McConnell’s support.

There may be some disagreements over the House version of the 2020 Farm Bill. This could possibly include Food Stamps, as the House version includes changes that would reduce the number of people that are eligible for the Food Stamps program. Minor disagreements like the one above could mean that hemp legalization may be put in danger.

Not everyone agrees with hemp being legalized. Veronica Carpio, who is part of Grow Hemp Colorado said: “No one goes to prison for hemp charges, but people go to prison and lives are still ruined over marijuana.” She has previously said that she objects to the hemp legalization bill and thinks that it will allow some growers to profit off the cannabis plant, while growers and users of psychoactive cannabis remain in prison.


Hemp Legalization Is Closing To Become Reality

The CBD Oil Adviser has also commented on the 2020 Farm Bill: “The 2020 farm bill is an omnibus piece of legislation which ensures continued funding for numerous agricultural and social programs. Pres. Donald Trump is almost certain to sign it when it finally reaches his desk.”

Brian Furnish is also still hopeful for the legalization of hemp and has said that he hopes the hemp supporters will speak up in favour of the plant.

The United States neighbour (Canada) has allowed the growth of Hemp under controlled circumstances since 1998, and it was only last week that they fully legalized recreational weed throughout the whole of the country. They became the second country out of the entire world to legalize recreational cannabis that is part of an experiment in drug policy. In fact, after just two days of it being legalized, there is a threat that they will already run out of the substance.

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