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If like us, you’re a devout hemp and CBD oil enthusiast, you’ll wish to make your adoration of this miraculous plant known to every one of your family and friends.

No matter whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there are deals offering the perfect occasion for you to help the people you know feel at their best by making use of CBD goodies. This will put much hemp food, not to mention fashion, into their lives. Our learned opinion is that you deserve a small something just for yourself while you’re at it!

If you happen to be a newcomer to hemp, then Black Friday offers the ideal opportunity to give it a go while not spending loads of money. Hemp’s good for the environment, being sustainable, and hemp-derived products provide nourishment to both the inside and outside of your body.

You might already be aware of CBD oil’s ability to heal, which is why people in their thousands have chosen it as their favorite supplement. Its potential to relieve people who suffer from epilepsy has been much-celebrated, but it has also been proven scientifically to help in cases of everything from anxiety to chronic pain. 

Check out here the best CBD oil for back pain.

We contacted a few of the leading hemp/CBD brands in order to discover the best deals they have to offer and tell you all about them at Ministry of Hemp. But don’t delay, because of the majority of these only last until the end of Monday, and sometimes even sooner!

Steer clear of the chaos that comes with shopping on Black Friday. Use these fantastic deals to turn it into a hempy holiday online:


The top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for hemp products


1. Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Cyber Monday deal supports the homeless

We’re some of Dr. Bronners’ best fans, adoring everything from its notorious soap labels and colorful and inspirational message of universal togetherness to its devotion to hemp and making the future sustainable. It’s little surprise that this company is giving something back in the form of a sale on Cyber Monday, with all proceeds going to nonprofit organizations that give support to the homeless.

  •   What the deal is: 20% off everything sold online on Cyber Monday.
  •   What must I do to get it: All you have to do is make a purchase from Dr. Bronner’s this Cyber Monday.


2. Populum Premium Hemp CBD Oil

Populum offers a buy one, get one free coupon for its CBD oil tincture


Populum is among our favorite CBD brands. We’re crazy about the delicious orangey flavor and dependable quality of its tinctures. Populum now offers a buy one, get one free deal for its CBD oil tinctures from Black Friday until the close of business on Cyber Monday. Populum’s products are made in the United States.

  • What the deal is: Purchase any of Populum’s CBD tinctures and receive another utterly free.
  • What must I do to get it: Just make an order for two tinctures sometime between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and give a coupon code of BOGOFREE at the checkout. This means you get the second bottle totally free.


3. Hippie Butter hemp foods

Hippie Butter will give you a backpack for free if you order at least $10 of goods this weekend

Most famed for its delicious gourmet hemp seed butter, Hippie Butter is also the source of chocolate bars, hemp seed coffee, and even skincare products. We’re very keen on this giveaway since a free backpack means you don’t have to wrap your hemp presents.

  •  What the deal is: You get a Hippie Butter backpack at no cost.
  • What must I do to get it:  You order a minimum of $10 of goods with no need for a coupon code. Keep abreast of Hippie Butter’s website for more holiday deals this year.


4. Jungmaven hemp apparel

Every shirt sold by Jungmaven will have its price reduced by 20% this weekend

It’s so very well-known that hemp is more sustainable than cotton or other fabrics. Jungmaven wants everyone in the world to don hemp shirts. Its own shirts are 100% hemp, come in a selection of styles, and are certain to please somebody on your list.


  • What the deal is: All the products at the Jungmaven website have 20% off.
  • What must I do to get it: Use the coupon code found at Jungmaven’s website from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


5. Ananda Hemp CBD Oil

Get Ananda Hemp’s 450mg SpectrumGels at a 30% discount this weekend


The products sold by Ananda Hemp are cultivated in Kentucky’s old American tobacco country. Here, hemp is playing a part in the revival of U.S. agriculture. John Ryan, the founder of the company, supports hemp legalization in a big way, and we love him for it!

  • What the deal is: A 30% discount on Ananda Hemp’s much-demanded 450mg SpectrumGels.
  • What must I do to get it: Place an order from Black Friday to Cyber Monday using the coupon code HEMPBLACK when you check out.


6. Kushed hemp candles and hemp essential oil

You can have 10% off at Kushed Candles this Black Friday


It was in 2016 that Alison Job, founder of Kushed, first taught us the great benefits of the “queen of essential oils” —  hemp essential oil. She still creates wonderful-smelling products that are made of hemp plus more excellent natural ingredients and make for much relaxation. Keep a lookout for some special scents for the holidays, too!

  • What the deal is: 10% discount for online shopping!
  • What must I do to get it: Submit an order at Kushed this Black Friday using the coupon code MINISTRYOFHEMP when you check out.


7. Nature’s Pet Herbals

Nature’s Pet Herbals will give you the CBD spray you choose free when you order oil or treats


More and more pet lovers are finding a use for CBD at Cbd Oil Adviser. Nature’s Pet Herbals offers CBD oil, CBD-infused treats, and even CBD sprays for pets. Its holiday special is a wonderful opportunity for you or someone else who loves pets to give its products a shot.

  • What the deal is: You get a spray for free when you buy oil or treats.
  • What must I do to get it: When you place an order pure CBD oil for pets or CBD pet treats before the end of  New Year’s Eve, you’ll get to choose a spray for free when you check out.


8. Ergogenics Nutrition

This weekend, there’s 25% off Ergogenics’ Nutrition products


Ergogenics Nutrition wants athletes’ sports supplements to be made from organic, clean ingredients. The key ingredients are hemp as well as other superfoods. This might just be the perfect way to achieve your fitness objectives over the winter.

  • What the deal is: There’s a 25% discount on all Ergogenics products sold online.
  • What must I do to get it: Shop at Ergogenics Nutrition from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


9. Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life’s CBD oil and vape oils have a 30% discount


The website of Cannabidiol Life features very interesting facts about CBD’s benefits, and we greatly enjoyed being told all about CBD gummies by Chris Visser, the founder. Now, there are great deals for CBD oil and CBD vape oils on Black Friday.

  • What the deal is: Get a 30% discount on Cannabidiol Life’s CBD oil or best vape CBD oil.
  • What must I do to get it: Place an order for CBD oil or CBD vape oil from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


10. Rawganique

Make a saving of between $10 and $20 on Rawganique’s fine cotton, linen and hemp clothing


Rawganique’s specialty is fashion without compromise. Its clothes are composed of cotton, linen, and organic hemp. None use animal products, and all are made sustainably. Make a note that Rawganique’s special sale commences today and lasts until Sunday.

  • What the deal is: You get $10 off if you order at least $150 or $20 off if you order at least $300.
  • What must I do to get it: You give the coupon code ThanksUSA10150 to get $10 off or ThanksUSA20300 to get $20 off when you check out between Wednesday and Sunday.


11. The CBDistillery

There are large discounts on The CBDistillery’s CBD products until Cyber Monday



The CBDistillery’a one-of-a-kind tips for cooking with CBD are something we love dearly. If you ever try this sort of thing, be sure to share the experience with us! The CBDistillery is offering great deals through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and Cyber Monday.

  • What the deal is: On this website on Cyber Monday, you receive free tinctures when you purchase CBD tinctures, soft gels are discounted, and there’s a sale.
  • What must I do to get it:

                  Here are links where you can …

                  – Buy 1,000mg Full Spectrum Tincture and receive 250mg Full Spectrum Tincture for FREE

                  – Buy 2,500mg Full Spectrum Tincture and receive 500mg Full Spectrum Tincture for FREE

                – Buy 5,000mg Full Spectrum Tincture and receive 1,000mg Full Spectrum Tincture for FREE

                   – The deal kicks off on Thursday and lasts until Cyber Monday.

                  Get 35% off if you use coupon code 35%OFFGELS when you check out.

                   – Order 60 Count, 30mg CBD Isolate Infused Soft Gels or

                    – 60 count, 30mg Full Spectrum Soft Gels.

                    – The deal begins on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday.

                 Get 15% off everything bought online this Cyber Monday by using the coupon code CYBER17 when you check out.


12. Hoodlamb hemp clothing

Hoodlamb’s hemp fashion collection is on sale this very weekend.


Among the first to enter the hemp fashion market, Hoodlamb was the first to introduce a winter jacket composed of hemp. Its jackets have a durable hemp/cotton outer shell, hemp-based water resistance, and Satifur animal-free insulation.

  • What the deal is: There are discounts of as much as 30% on Hoodlamb’s entire collection.
  • What must I do to get it: Shop at Hoodlamb from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


13. Zion Medicinals

There’s a 20% discount on Zion Medicinals’ wares until November ends


Brian Caruso, who founded Zion Medicinals, originally obtained CBD oil because he wanted to relieve the suffering the symptoms of Lyme Disease caused his wife. Now, he provides CBD supplements to everybody! You have until the close of November if you want to put Zion Medicinals’ special offer to the test.

  • What the deal is: 20% off all the goods sold at Zion Medicinals’ store.
  • How you can get it: Give the coupon code MoH20 when you check out. It expires at the end of November.


14. Hemp Kettle Tea Company

Shipping from Hemp Kettle Tea Company is free until the end of January


When the day is cold, what could be nicer than a hot cup of tea? Hemp Kettle Tea Company offers tea infused with hemp seeds. Shipping is free until the end of January. Just make sure you place your order prior to December 10 to receive your tea in advance of Christmas.

  • What the deal is: Shipping on all orders from Hemp Kettle Tea Company is free.
  • How can you get it: All you need do is place an order before the last day of January.


15. Fiddler’s Elbow Grease

Some of  Fiddler’s Elbow Grease’s leading products are discounted


Sian Phillips began to create hemp products when fibromyalgia disrupted her career as a violinist. Some of Fiddler’s Elbow Grease’s hemp balm could relieve the pain you feel in your muscles after you wrap all those gifts — or conduct an after-dinner jam session. This is a British company, but it ships overseas.

  • What the deal is: Five of Fiddler-s Elbow Grease’s most favored products are discounted.
  • How can you get it: Buy something from the Black Cyber Sale collection from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.




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