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With the ever growing popularity of protein products, it can become hard to know which one is the most suitable for you. Which one will provide the most nutrition, value and positive results? What do you actually want out of the protein product?

It is safe to say there are growing concerns over the content of some protein-based products, and the effects of the said contents. Therefore, naturally, people are turning more and more to more natural based products, including hemp protein. Just like any other Hemp products like CBD oil (here you can check out the best CBD oil on the market). Hemp protein is also without a doubt shining through as the most popular, with the best results and value benefits.

Amongst other benefits, the protein content is a major draw.  Yet the issue stands, with so many hemp protein products to choose from, how could you possibly begin to decide what is best and where to pick? There are a number of hemp products available like healthy leaf CBD gummies, and after extensive research, they have consequently been categorized and ranked as per value, quality, and abilities.

It is worth noting that the majority of hemp protein products are very similar overall, with only minor varying considerations, all good yet some just a bit better. Out of ten reviewed products, the four that came out on top for four different reasons are listed as follows:



Lean Hemp is the hemp protein with the highest protein content. As seen in the above chart, the average intake of protein is around 14-16g of protein, however, Lean Hemp knocks this out of the park with a 20g protein content.  So if you are purchasing solely based on wanting a large protein content, Lean Hemp ticks that box in abundance. 

Though with the higher protein, unfortunately, comes a higher price, the highest price of all reviewed to be precise at over $60 per lb. However, it still ranks highly amongst a noticeable smaller pool of reviewers, and it can be purchased in smaller quantities for trial purposes.



This product stands alone as a part of a larger fitness brand. The flavor comes in at most favorable, giving the nod to a chocolaty, nutty type flavor, or vanilla also. There are not many people in the world who don’t appreciate the flavor and smell of chocolate, nor vanilla which is so plain it is bold enough to work as delicious.  It has a larger quantity of reviews than Lean Hemp but ranks slightly lower at 3.7/5 compared to 4.9/5. It also has 4g less protein than Lean Hemp, weighing 16g, which is still a pleasing amount.



This has the most and best reviews, with over 3,000 ranking at a respectable 4.1/5. This shows that it is very popular, lots of people buy it, and lots of people are more than satisfied with the product result. That is a great reason to trust the product.



Last but by no means least; Manitoba is the best overall product with over 1000 customer recommendations and reviews.  It has a pleasing flavor, value and vitamin/protein content.

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4.9/511 ratings