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All Natural Way CBD Sleep Spray has a combination of the healing elements that are availed in hemp as well as different herbs and other supplements that will aid you in resting well and even in a deeper way.

This is among a growing list of special sprays provided by this company, the spray brings additional advantageous components such as valerian as well as melatonin to the hemp. The spray has a peppermint flavor usually found in CBD infused gum alongside a mild touch to it as well as some bit of chocolate and you will only get a very small medicinal taste after taking it.  Once you spray the same into your mouth, there would some sort of oily feeling left behind in your mouth, this, however, can be removed with sipping some water. We were able to sample this given spray for a couple of nights before going to bed. The results were the fact that it was easier to sleep quickly without the need of tossing in bed in search of sleep and we were also able to sleep deeply for the whole night. 

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The All Natural Way CBD Sleep Spray is one of the products availed by the company in their line of special sprays.

The company paid a charge and provided us with their products at no cost and the deal was for us to give them an honest opinion of their products. In case you use the links we have provided to actually buy one of their products, we are guaranteed a commission from their sales they make. We are very critical on the choice of CBD products that we review on our website and actually always choose the best and high-quality products.

The company is capitalizing on the knowledge that they have amassed and also having experience as vendors in developing quality products for their line supplements that are very great for consumers. Users can also rest assured of the spray benefits of CBD oil for pets, since animals love the presence of it. Keep reading to get more insight into the company’s Spray.


It is common knowledge that CBD oil is more than capable of promoting better sleep, the great thing is that this spray has a much better combination just for you.

Melatonin remains to be very popular in aiding sleep which helps in supplementing your body’s very own storage of the natural hormone found in the body and produced by a gland known as the pineal gland.  It is on most occasions used in preventing insomnia as well as delays in sleep.  Valerian, on the other hand, is popular for acting as a safe and mild herbal sedative. This spray also contains different ingredients that are very powerful and this is inclusive of GABA as well as Magnesium that is believed to help in reducing anxiety as well as relaxing muscles that are tensed

CBD Oil Adviser are grateful that this company is so dedicated to ensuring that they remain transparent as far as CBD products are concerned. The bottle that they provide the spray in is very well labeled and the ingredients well outlined which is inclusive of the strength that each has.

The company also allow for Independent lab tests to be performed on all their products made from the best pure CBD oil and these results are availed to their clients immediately they ask for them.


  • Highlights: The company’s CBD Sleep Spray has a combination of a complete spectrum hemp extract along with herbs promoting great sleep and this comes with a very great minty taste.
  • Strength: This is availed in 500mg for every  30ml bottle and this comes with added herbs.
  • Price: The spray is sold at $74.99
  • Specials: You can make use of a MOH10 as your coupon code to get at least 10% off on the order you make!
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Their client support is very quick and they provide shipping at no cost for every order made.
  • Independent Test Results: These are availed once a client requests for them.
  • Flavor: The flavor is a mild peppermint and has a mild medicinal taste after one takes it which is from the added components of the spray.
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp / CBD Oil plus Melatonin, GABA, Valerian Root Extract, as well as Magnesium Gluconate, which come in a base of Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Derivative, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Sucralose, Xantham Gum as well as Natural Flavors.
  • Other: The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Going with what is on their label, every bottle of this spray has close to 30 doses. Ever one of these doses has 16.7mg of CBD, 5mg of the component melatonin, 5.33mg  Magnesium Gluconate, as well as 2.66mg of GABA as well as a root extract of the Valerian. Studies show that these components are great at promoting better sleep.

Different sprays from this company have been developed to aid in weight loss, relieving pain as well as reducing stress. The company also produces tinctures as well as pain creams from CBD. oil. You can say there are quite a lot of options regarding high quality CBD oil for sale everywhere, but it is with the top-notch quality produce of All Natural Way that sets them apart from the rest. They make use of hemp that is grown in the U.S. Being a vendor, they also provide diverse and high-quality products made from CBD.

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