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CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring part of the cannabis/hemp plant. It is used for many things, including oils and edible treats and gummies are just one part of that market. It has amazing, unbelievable health benefits that will make you think, why haven’t I always been using this to make me healthier?

CBD gummies are without a doubt increasing in popularity. They come in so many forms and colors that you are spoilt for choice. So what are the best CBD gummies out there? Well, this article has compiled a list for your perusal with stats, tastes, prices and more taken into consideration to get a wider picture of which gummy should take the trophy of ‘best’.

On top of the health benefits of CBD, everybody loves being a bit indulgent while enjoying the healthy side effects of CBD gummies. This is just one of the reasons why there is an increasing demand for these tasty CBD gummies.

There are so many candies available without CBD because they work for people, people love a treat. So it seems like a natural leap to incorporate the healing properties of hemp and CBD with the simple attractiveness of gummy candy.

These gummies are certainly something new enough and lots of fun the market at the minute, triggering a certain nostalgia for those childhood sweet gummies that we all remember so well, yet now they come with an ever so subtle medicinal and sour twang for your adult palette (which doesn’t make them any less delicious)! These gummies will tick a lot of boxes in not only the world of CBD but for the world of food fans as well.

They are so much more appealing than, for example, pills or tablets which is more so the form of traditional medicine. They are easy to eat, great tasting and fun while you go. These are definitely candy for adults though, that is very important to stress unless been prescribed otherwise by a medical professional.

There is still the issue of an unregulated market to consider, however. This makes it so, so essential to pick and choose carefully and read lots of information about which gummy is best and why. Too many products contain harmful and unwanted chemicals that completely contradict the whole point of healthy CBD gummies and indeed the whole CBD/hemp market.

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The following gummies are rated according to their price, content strength, flavor and customer service. These four factors are basically what every customer is looking for when they are sourcing a potential purchase. Flavor and price habitually come before the strength of the product, yet customer service reigns important across the board. It is universally known that if you look after your customers, your customers will look after you in return. 

There are companies who have high standards, use third-party testing, and ensure only the purest top quality CBD products makes its way into their gummies. Four of these are:

  • CBD Infusionz
  • CBD Living
  • Go Green Hemp
  • Pure American Hemp Oil

Each of these companies really prides themselves on their safety standards with regards to product value. All of them sell things outside the realm of gummies, but they do specialize in these also.



Overall, this gummy product seems just a cut above the rest. They have a really similar look and taste to standard gummy bears lacking in CBD and sold in most shops, which is a major appeal.  Though they don’t look after their customers as well as some, their product is the most natural.

These CBD Gummies come in at around $20.00, yet the shipping costs are half of this at $10.00, which seems quite expensive. Though sadly, the packaging is not as attractive as the flavor, being somewhat akin to table bottles.



 The gummies available from CBD Infusionz taste almost like regular gummy bears but don’t quite have the same appeal. They have a variety of flavors to chose from, which is an added bonus. They are third-party tested, though that information is available only upon request. There is even an option to purchase a sample pack, if you are just browsing and testing the water, for as little as $0.99.

CBD Infusionz sells their gummies for a similar price at $19.99 a bottle, however, their shipping costs are much, much less at $3.99 for standard delivery. They sell stronger gummies if wanted at a slightly higher cost, as opposed to the standard offering of 5mg per bear. They have a range of flavors and quirks including gummies designed for the morning with an extra boost of caffeine in them!



Though they may look the same, these gummies most certainly do not taste the same as shop-bought gummy bears. They have the more noticeable medicinal taste that comes with CBD products, which ruins the appeal on some levels. Their lab results are very easy to access and readily available for consumer’s perusal.

A similar sort of price from Go Green Hemp, their gummies are $21.99 a bottle plus $6.99 for shipping.  However, they are stronger strength gummies than CBD Infusionz, at 10mg a bear. Their delivery is also more rapid than other companies. There is just one flavor available, and as mentioned already, it is quite bitter and medicinal.



These gummies also have quite a medicinal taste, nothing like regular gummy bears. Though they provide orders quickly and respond to customer inquiries rapidly, which is the main reason why they make the list.

They sell their bears in batches of 30 which explains the higher price of $38.95 (plus $5 shipping costs) a bottle. The company provides very fast shipping, but you have to work hard to get their lab results by requesting this information, rather than having it readily available to look through.

One tell-tale sign of a CBD gummy that can be trusted is whether or not it has a good online presence. Each of the above-mentioned companies does, as opposed to some stores and traders that tail off or disappear altogether when digging for more information about them. That never bodes well, especially when putting something into your body, if you have no source of where the ingredients have come from, or even sometimes, what they are at all.

Another good point of reference is whether or not companies selling hemp and CBD based products such as web md CBD gum, provide laboratory tested results from third-party science laboratories.

This added backing to a product demonstrates that due care and attention has been put into making something safe and as close to industry regulated as possible. The company using third-party laboratory testing wants to provide its customer base with a CBD product that they can return to.

Laboratory results provide insight into how pure a product is, and what exactly has gone into it. This is quite key information when ingesting something, and is readily available from most food and medicine type purchases. Brands have even gone so far as to link products to lab results that don’t correlate, which is just bare-faced lying to their existing and potential customers.

Gummies, much like other CBD and hemp-based products, help significantly with conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraines. So why should it be any different for these CBD gummies? The answer, it shouldn’t! Chose a company that provides the third party testing, it seems like the obvious choice.

All of the companies discussed above comply with standards in an unregulated industry. They put their own mark on what they think the customer will value in terms of how safe their product should be. They do third-party testing and provide great products with added customer care. Top quality CBD products are used across the board, which is what the customer should be looking for when deciding on a product to buy. 

There is an added fun factor in consuming CBD through the gummy form. CBD, for some people, is essential to help them feel better if they suffer from ailments such as chronic pain owing to fibromyalgia, insomnia, and migraines.

All of these are debilitating afflictions and all of them have been proven to have symptoms relieved through the use of CBD and hemp products. So if it is for medicinal purposes, the process is made a bit easier through great tastes and cheating with candy like medicine!

CBD Oil Adviser will help you do a bit of research, and you could come away with a top quality product that is safe for consumption.



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