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Anxiety, and people who suffer with anxiety, often encounter the same attitude towards people who suffer with other mental health conditions. In fact there is still a large stigma around mental health that people often feel isolated by their conditions. There are a number of treatments for anxiety, some of which work for some people and some of which work for others. Not all of them work for everyone, much like most medicines and most conditions.

However, anxiety is real. You can’t touch it and you can’t see it, but it exists. In fact, in its worst thing it can be absolutely debilitating and crippling. It is not something that you want to suffer from and it can cause long term health conditions such as heart conditions and breathing problems also.

According to an official study by the National Institute of Mental Health, Anxiety disorders affect up to 19% of adults in the United States of America, which when you think about it, is quite a large number.

Anxiety is quite self explanatory, but there is still value in discussing what it means. Most people are familiar with feelings of anxiousness, if you’ve ever sat an exam that is really important, or you have a fear of public speaking, or you’ve been waiting on really important news. That familiar rapid heartbeat, slight distractedness, shortness of breath and tightness in your chest – that is anxiety.

In its more extreme form it can disrupt sleep, eating and other daily routines. An anxiety disorder really can disrupt normal life, and it is worth taking seriously and seeking advice and help for so that it doesn’t develop into something even bigger and more crippling. It is a state of mind for sure, that is undeniable, but mental health is real and needs to be addressed accordingly.


3 Main Types Of Anxiety

  1. SOCIAL ANXIETY: This again, seems self explanatory. If you have a fear of new or any social situations, for example where you may have to interact with people at a social gathering with your partner or friends, then you suffer with social anxiety. It can lead to people living their lives inside their homes and apartments and avoiding the outside world all together, which is entirely unhealthy and can lead to a number of different problems if left ignored.
  2. PANIC DISORDER: This is defined through the presence of panic attacks. If you suffer with panic attacks you will be all too familiar with the chills, the sweats, the rapid heartbeat that threatens to crash out of your chest, the shortness of breath, the headaches sometimes and the hot flushes also. They can be random for no apparent reason or associated with stressful events, but they are real and they cause pain and have psychological lasting effects on the sufferer.
  3. GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDER: This is where a person suffers with a general level of anxiety about anything and everything. This affects day to day life and creeps into all aspects of social interactions, even things as simple as going and purchasing milk from the local store.

They All Can Lead To:

  • Panic attacks. As discussed above, panic attacks are a rapid increase in heart beat and strong sense of helplessness and panic. They are not fun, nor should they be taken lightly. There are measures to get them under control but for some people these measures are too hard to remember or implicate when in the middle of an attack.
  • Sleep issues: As mentioned before, anxiety can infiltrate a good night’s sleep. In fact anxiety sufferers often report disrupted sleep, vivid nightmares or dreams, trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying asleep once having fallen asleep. All these lead to daily routine being disrupted and mood being disrupted as the body is not getting enough time to rest up after its daily activities.
  • Cold or sweaty outbreaks: These are not fun and they are a large tell tale sign of somebody having a panic attack or suffering with anxiety. If you feel clammy and closed in, that could be anxiety especially if accompanied by other anxiety symptoms.
  • Dry mouth: Where the mouth stops salivating and you struggle to feel your throat properly, or you feel a lump in your throat. This is all anxiety.
  • Nausea: Sometimes people may even physically vomit because of anxiety. This is quite a common symptom of anxiety and is hard to manage and control. It has been described as an involuntary reflex when a panic attack sets in or anxiety takes a hold of the mind and body.
  • Tense muscles: Feeling tense is a classic characteristic of anxiety disorders. Muscles literally tense up in the body, as a defensive mechanism or just because your body is absolutely the opposite of being anywhere near able to relax.


Some Common Treatments Available Today

  • Medication: This is mainly the medication that is also used as anti depressants, as they can also have an impact positively on anxiety.
  • CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)

Exercise And A Balanced Diet

Some things you can do to help yourself include lifestyle changes such as eating and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Caffeine is a big one to avoid, and some anxiety is aggravated massively by a large caffeine intake. If you are feeling anxious or like a panic attack may come on, then caffeine which naturally increases the heart rate anyway, is best to be avoided at all costs.

Regular exercise can also help tremendously. Cardio exercises such as jogging and running or even walking really fast can really help to calm the body down and get the blood pumping in a healthy and positive way. The body actually produces hormones that reduce stress when it is exercising. Alternatively, relaxation exercises such as yoga can also be really beneficial when learning to cope with anxiety managing and finding methods to do so.

It is easier said than done, but sleep is a great thing for anxiety. Of course, this is kind of catch 22 as sleep and anxiety appear to be arch enemies often. However, if you can manage to find a way to fall asleep, even if it’s a good five hours of REM sleep, then you will start to feel a thousand times better. This can be managed with things like sleep routines, nice baths before bed, lavender oils and reading a nice relaxing book. Avoid technology as this tricks the brain into staying awake for longer.

Scientific Research On CBD And Anxiety

This is where CBD oil comes in. CBD oil has proven benefits and helps massively when it comes to conditions such as anxiety and or depression. Mental health, in general, is ameliorated by using CBD. There is constantly new research ongoing all the time all over the world to discuss and discover the benefits that come with CBD. Not only are these being validated more and more, but they are also being campaigned for and advocated for through a large variety of people and countries.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to mental health, especially with conditions such as anxiety. Anxiety is being researched more and more and the effects of cannabis and hemp for the mental illness are proving to be magnificent and wonderful for all involved. If this research continues, then there will be no denying the benefits of using CBD oils and whatnots for helping anxiety sufferers. Many have been trying out the best CBD vape oil for pain to combat their anxiety and it is working very well.

It is not a well-kept secret neither, with more and more common people looking into the advantages of CBD treatment for their anxiety conditions. In the last five years in fact, searches for CBD and anxiety in the same instance have increased rapidly and extensively. This shows that all the campaigning is paying off, and people are starting to realize the benefits of using CBD for treating a range of ailments and conditions. These products can be found many online platforms. There is an abundance of CBD capsules Amazon can provide.

In 2011 in fact, a fairly recent scientific study, researchers conducted research on ten patients/people. These people suffered from social anxiety, which as mentioned above is anxiety induced and aggravated by social situations. These people had never sought nor taken treatment for their social anxiety, this is important to remember.

The ten patients were divided into two groups as is per usual in scientific studies. One group was administered with placebo oil and the other group was administered with 400mg of CBD. As expected, when the results came in, the five people who had been given the placebo reported nowhere near as much improvement in their social anxieties, in fact, none really in comparison to the five people who were given CBD products.

There have been numerous studies like this, with research on all aspects of anxiety disorders. One study focusing on General Anxiety Disorder was conducted by Brazilian researchers. They found that people suffering with General Anxiety Disorder improved drastically and significantly in all aspects of their suffering while using CBD based products.

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. One is widely legal and the other is widely illegal. However, both do more or less the same thing when it comes to treating anxiety and other disorders. CBD is the main extract that comes from these plants and it can come in three common forms.


Three Common Forms Of CBD Oil

  1. PURE CBD OIL – This is the form with the highest concentration of CBD.
  2. CBD OIL WITH THC – This is the most illegal form of CBD. It has a psychedelic effect and causes a ‘high’ effect as comes with recreational drugs. It has gained interest in terms of treating many medical conditions, but remains under researched and under supported. It is the levels of THC that make it intoxicating.
  3. CBD HEMP OIL– This is made from the hemp plant. It is legal across all of the states of America. It has the same benefits for health as CBD oil with THC, but you cannot get high from it because of its low levels of THC.

So what is the best CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety?

This is down to the individual ultimately. This should be discussed with a medical professional, or a professional of some capacity. Self medicating is not always the way forward, and it is important to keep people in the loop so that you can get the best treatment possible for your suffering.

It is not regulated, nor it is FDA approved, therefore a lot of your own research has to go into making sure you are getting the best product. This includes lots of things to consider. One of what could be considered a downside to buying online is owing to the increased popularity of the CBD product base; there are an overwhelming amount of online marketplaces available out there. For a new user, this could be confusing and off putting.


Tips When Buying CBD Oil

  • The CBD oil must be sourced from hemp, organic hemp is essential.
  • The extraction method must be co2 based.
  • The products must be tested by third party laboratories, and the results must be readily available for you to browse.
  • Their shipping and return policies should be clear and concise with no wiggle room for misinterpretation.
  • They should have a solid customer service available in case you have any queries or quandaries that need answering rapidly.
  • Their reviews from other customers should rank highly.

It should be reiterated that the most important aspects of these considerations are whether or not the product is third party tested and the company can provide laboratory results to prove this. Not only this but the extraction method must be CO2 based, and there should be all the product information available and ready for you to read to make sure the product is 100% organic. You don’t want any nasty surprises after all.

Not unlike traditional medication, CBD dosage depends entirely upon physical factors such as age, height, weight and medical conditions that may be preexisting. You should also take into consideration what it is that you actually want to get out of the product.

It is important to start off treatment through CBD with CBD that has a smaller concentration of CBD per mg. This means that by building your tolerance slowly, you will be able to gauge how much or how little is needed. It is better to start off small and be able to record and notice results, than to overwhelm the system. Remember, CBD can affect you differently to your friend.

Stay on track and commit to a certain dose for a while to see if there are benefits before deciding it doesn’t work for you and you need to up the dose immediately. This is counterproductive, like any medicine it takes a while for the CBD to kick in. The effects are not miracle and they are not immediate. Similarly don’t mess around with dose quality, pick a number based on all the above factors and stick to it. Let your body have some consistency.

Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Anxiety

This is completely down the individual and what you actually need. Are you suffering with an anxiety disorder or are you just feeling a bit stressed? You need to weigh up the pros and cons and react accordingly. It is also important to get advice from professionals, don’t worry they won’t judge you.


Some Factors To Consider:

  • Am I actually anxious?
  • Is there anything I can do to rectify it before I chose medication?
  • What dosage of CBD will my body need and respond to?
  • -Is there a need for something stronger, i.e. THC based CBD?
  • Where will I need the CBD treatment (at home, at work etc)?
  • Have I done my research thoroughly and do I really know what I am buying?
  • Is what I am doing legal in my state?

 You really need to know your stuff when it comes to purchasing hemp-based oils and cannabis-based oils. Remember that in a lot of states, you still need a valid medical card in order to purchase and use marijuana for treatment and or recreational purposes. Hemp, however, is widely available for whoever wishes to use it.

Hemp can be grown and cultivated and sold freely and wherever it is required. There are stores all over the country and it contains sufficient amounts of CBD to maintain a proficient level of treatment for disorders such as anxiety.

It has been proven in studies that hemp based CBD oil is efficient in the treatment of anxiety. Patients and people who have tried this type of natural alternative have reported overall lower levels of anxiety and even a step away from their disorders. It is worth a try definitely.


Seven Products Worth Checking Out:

  1. PURE KANA. This comes from a trusted and reputable company and is really well reviewed. As mentioned as important above, they have all their third party testing results available for you to read and look over. They have a wide range of products and constantly adapt to their customer base. They deliver to all fifty states, which is also a bonus and their products range in price starting at around $50 up to around $150.
  2. GREEN ROADS WORLD. This can be a customizable product to suit your individual needs, which is a nice added touch when trying to find something to suit you personally rather than just a mainstream product. Prices range from $60-$160.
  3. PREMIUM JANE. This is a relatively new CBD product but still has a lot of benefits none the less and is gaining in popularity with good reviews all the time. They have a great range of flavors and prices to suit you and are very transparent in all their transactions.
  4. HEMP BOMBS. Another great product, great priced and great CBD content, Hemp Bombs is well reviewed and loved by its loyal customer base and comes out strong in terms of oils used for anxiety purposes.
  5. CBD ESSENCE.  Priced between $62-$200, there are a lot of options here for anxiety sufferers looking for a trust worthy product. All products conform to the CO2 extraction method and are certifiably 100% organic.
  6. CBD PURE. Prices range from $24-64, so slightly cheaper in comparison to other brands. All of their products are tested by third parties and all the information that you could need is on their website, including a number of reviews.
  7. ELIXINOL. This is quite a well established brand of CBD products, starting back in the 90’s. They provide CBD around the world and are well reviewed and trusted.

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