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Topical CBD oil is a salve or cream that’s infused with hemp-based CBD oils and is widely understood to be effective in pain relief, reducing inflammation and producing calming effects. They come in a range of textures, scents, and natural ingredients.

This is a great, natural alternative to synthetic medication in treating chronic pain. Because CBD is made from industrial hemp, it does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, it means you can use CBD oil, and CBD infused products to help reduce discomfort produced by chronic pain without getting high.

CBD oil is not just for chronic pain, but also can be used to relieve the more common aches and pain caused by everyday life. There aren’t many side effects of CBD, so there’s little disadvantage to it, and its reputation is rapidly increasing as the popularity of this product rises.

The most common way to buy CBD is in tinctures or capsules. However, there are now more options available, with CBD now being made into salves and creams that are made specifically to be applied straight onto the skin, directly to areas that need it the most. This also gives you more control over how much you apply, adding more as and when you need to without the need of ingesting it.

Because there are limited regulations around manufacturing pure CBD vape oil and other similar hep-derived products, we have created a list of salves and creams that maintain the highest standards so you can be sure you are buying the best quality products.



Why Do People Use Topical CBD?

The best thing about topical CBD is that it can be applied straight to the areas that need it most. Unlike when ingested, they don’t have to go through the digestive system to work, meaning you can feel the benefits of the CBD oil more quickly in the areas you need it, targeting only the areas of discomfort, giving you better control over where the CBD is going.

The scientific evidence that supports the success of topical CBD products is increasing, with research suggesting its use in relieving pain, inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis. Recent findings derived from an experiment involving rats confirmed the therapeutic properties of CBD in relation to arthritis and showed these benefits came with no perceivable side-effects. Although more studies must be carried out to confirm this same result in humans, it is a promising start.

Not only is CBD oil being used for its healing properties surrounding pain relief, hemp and CBD oil are also being used as ingredients in regular skin care products. As well as relieving muscular aches and pains, it is also effective in treating skin complaints such as rashes and irritation due to it working as an anti-inflammatory.


Ensuring Quality: Choosing the best CBD Topicals

To ensure you get the best possible CBD products, we have created a list of the highest quality CBD topicals. There are several things to look out for when selecting the products that are right for you.

We have only included companies who include the results from their third-party lab checks, whereby tests for purity and quality are carried out by a source that’s independent of the company. It is also important that these results are shared openly with customers so they can see the results. This information is usually available online, in the order or by request. Not only is it important to know the purity of your products, but also the quantity of the dosage, as this can vary depending on the company, the same dose you have used before may not be right if changing companies. It is recommended that you avoid companies who refused to deliver this information. Customer service is also a factor we have integrated into our research, as well as user-friendly websites.

CBD Oil Adviser have described the ingredients, smell and texture of each CBD topical, as well as any other useful and unique features. While we enjoy each and every one of these products, this information will help you to decide which is best for you based on your preferences of the above.


After much research, the following CBD topicals are, in our opinion, the best products available online:

Ananda Hemp: Spectrum Salve 125
Bee’s Knees: Bee’s Balm
Citizen CBD: Skin Silk
CW Hemp: Unscented Hemp Infused Cream
DaCrema Botanicals: CBD Healing Salve
ExHemplary Life: Majestic Freshness Muscle & Joint Balm
Green Garden Gold: Good Day Hemp Oil Salve
Populum: Cold Therapy Hemp Rub


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The Best CBD Topicals:

1. Ananda Hemp: Spectrum Salve 125

Derived from industrial hemp grown in Kentucky, this hemp salve contains warming ingredients such as menthol, making it perfect for soothing achy muscles, and is recommended to be applied sparingly to start with because of this. Ananda Hemp are active members in the attempt to make the cultivating of industrial hemp legal on a national scale. Made with ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter to give it a silky smooth and slightly oily texture. It has a fresh, minty scent and contains essential oils and botanicals. With 100mg of Hemp Flower Extract, this hemp salve is made with only natural ingredients.


  • 25 mg CBD extract
  • Great customer service
  • Competitive price
  • Organic ingredients
  • 3rd party lab results available online

Why We Liked It: Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve is smooth and containing plenty of soothing ingredients for sore muscles such as menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint.


2. Bee’s Knees: Bee’s Balm

Bee’s Balm comes in a range of sizes, making it a perfect one to try before investing in a larger pot. The warming effects of this balm are mild and gentle. Their products are all made by a family business on a farm in Colorado. It has a thick texture with a minty coconut scent. 1.75oz jar contains 200mg of CBD extract, and their customer service is recommended. If you would like to see their 3rd party lab results, you would need to contact them directly as they don’t publish this information online.


  • Contains vitamin E
  • Simple ingredients
  • Small sizes available to try
  • Fresh minty scent
  • Made by a family business

Why We Like It: This balm comes in a range of sizes, making it easy to carry around with you. It also is made with all-natural ingredients, infused with vitamin E for extra nourishment.


3. Citizen CBD: Skin Silk

This CBD Topical is made specifically for the skin, directed towards dry or damaged skin, inflammation and conditions such as eczema. They have other CBD topicals which are tailored for other specific complaints such as an Athletic and Deep Tissue versions which are designed more for the treatment of muscles. Knowing your money is going to a good cause, this company contributes some of their profits towards treating sufferers of PTSD. It contains 250mg per 4 oz.


  • Tailored for specific areas
  • Light, whipped texture
  • 3rd party lab results online
  • Natural ingredients
  • Floral scent

Why We Like It: With several versions of the cream tailored to specific needs, you can be sure your needs will be met. This is a great product to invest in, knowing your money is going to a good cause.


4. CW Hemp: Unscented Hemp Infused Cream

CW Hemp has a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no oily finish. Without a scent, it is perfect for those who do not like scented skincare products. For 3rd party lab results, you would need to contact the company. Infused with vitamin E and vitamin B5, this cream will nourish your skin. As well as unscented, they also do a version infused with menthol and cinnamon for a warming effect and smell. This CBD topical is also made by a family business in Colorado.


  • Infused with vitamins
  • Discounts offered upon subscription
  • 750mg hemp per 2.5oz
  • Family business
  • Unscented

Why We Liked It: Coming as a lotion, this CBD topical is great for those who are looking for something more like a moisturizer, with an unscented version available making it great for sensitive skin.


5. DaCrema Botanicals: CBD Healing Salve

Coming in both regular and extra strength options, this CBD topical is great for those who need a little extra pain relief. Made with organic hemp, this company make their salve by hand in small batches. Founded by a former professional from the health industry is an added benefit. This salve is made with natural oils and ingredients with a light, non-greasy texture for a smooth application. With plenty of herbal ingredients, this naturally leaves a light, botanical scent. Containing either 120mg or 180mg CBD extract per 1.3oz.


  • Herbal scent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Light texture
  • Custom strengths
  • Organic hemp

Why We Liked It:  Made in small batches by hand and created by a former health industry expert, you can be sure this product will be made with care, using the best ingredients.


6. ExHemplary Life: Majestic Freshness Muscle & Joint Balm

With different types of CBD topicals to offer, they also make other hemp products such as soaps. Founded by a massage therapist with first-hand experiences of the benefits of hemp, their products are made with a true understanding of what your muscles need. Made with an oilier texture makes massaging into sore muscles easy and relaxing. Containing 125 mg CBD extract per 0.5 oz., this product comes either in a jar or stick application form.


  • Essential oil sent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Different forms of application
  • A wide variety of other products to use alongside
  • Easy to rub into sore muscles

Why We Liked It: Coming either in a jar or stick form makes this product unique and easy to apply depending on your preferences.


7. Green Garden Gold: Good Day Hemp Oil Salve

Made only with organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic natural vanilla, and GMP-certified hemp oil, this is a simple and natural way to treat your skin. Green Garden Gold make their products from organic industrial hemp from Europe. With a thicker texture, this salve feels rich and smooth, similar to raw coconut oil. They have made their 3rd party lab test results available online, and every 2oz jar contains 75mg of CBD extract.


  • Totally Organic
  • GMP-certified hemp
  • Simple yet effective ingredients
  • Soothing coconut texture
  • Competitive price

Why We Like It: If you are already a fan of using raw coconut oil as a natural healing product, or you prefer products with organic, simple ingredients, this CBD topical will be perfect for you.


8. Populum: Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Made with cooling ingredients such as menthol, this rub is great for achy muscles. With free standard shipping available, and 3rd party lab results included with every order. Populum has a light texture without being oily. Each 3oz tube contains 100mg of CBD extract.


  • fast, effective cooling relief
  • healing ingredients such as arnica
  • light texture
  • fast customer service
  • free shipping

Why We Liked It: This CBD topical is fast acting which is great for effective pain relief, containing healing ingredients such as chamomile, arnica, and aloe to give you the best skin and muscle care.



There are many kinds of CBD topicals available online. We have chosen the best ones to review with the hope that the guide will help you to choose the right product for you. Knowing that all of these topicals can offer their 3rd party lab results means you know they will offer good quality ingredients in their products. CBD has come a long way. Way back, it has been known to cure many ailments and illness for us people. Now, CBD hemp oil for pets are even on the rise. This just proves the effectiveness and the wonders of CBD extracts.

Whether you need a CBD topical, that is better suited for soothing skin complaints, or muscular pain relief one of these is bound to be right for you.

Without the need for ingesting the CBD to benefit from its effects, these creams will soothe your skin and muscles starting right at the source. With the majority of these products being made from natural ingredients, these topicals are a great alternative to synthetically made pain relief creams, not to mention they smell great too.

We have listed some of the cities which sells CBD Oil:

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CBD Oil for sale Alaska

CBD Oil for sale Arizona


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