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Bota Hemp CBD Tincture:  Review

Individuals concerned about health-conscious products are becoming besotted with a product which is both non-GMO and is pesticide free.  That product is Bota Hemp, being grown in Colorado (know where to buy CBD oil for pets in Pueblo Colorado) and utilizing a process of supercritical CO2 extraction for their wide range of products.  Similar to other CBD companies, there is an availability to compile third party testing results.

The target behind Bota Hemp is to promote CBD as an essential part of a lifestyle focused on health and well-being, in the pursuit of providing the right products that match that lifestyle.  They seek to inspire healthier living through effective education along with only the best top-grade hemp products like bubble gum CBD oil.  Bota Hemp are dedicated to providing effective plans and accompanying products in order to realize the best you can be.  Their research is of course championed by athletes, coaches, and experts in the industry.

As society becomes less evasive about the benefits which the hemp plant may offer individuals in way of therapeutic respite and relief from pain, more products become are becoming available as they enter our psyche.  The hemp plant is genuinely an amazing crop which offers our society many advantages, from enabling hemp fibers to produce environmentally friendly and biodegradable textile materials to the oil which provides individuals suffering from many health conditions a much-required relief.  The oil goes further to help relax muscles and facilitate those suffering from epilepsy, which is a considerable benefit for those enduring seizures.

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Review of Bota Hemp CBD Tincture

We were invited to test the Bota Hemp CBD Tincture, which we anticipated to be a sincerely gratifying encounter.   Amidst a compressed gathering of fledgling hemp plants in Nevada, a staggering level of interest is growing in the hemp program adopted by the state. 

As the bottle cap rotated, a fresh, charming aroma instantaneously reached our senses.  The hemp odor became a compulsive craving, infatuating our minds and our sensations.  Furthermore, the taste was delectable, protracting an unpretentious, natural flavor, along with a pure allusion of sweetness.

In full disclosure, Bota Hemp provided us with a paid fee along with complementary products, provided we delivered sincere and authentic views and thoughts.  In turn, we guarantee that on our site only the CBD products possessing maximum superiority are reviewed.  Furthermore, we will receive a fraction of any sales when bought from one of the links below.

Product Details

The product reviewed within this article is Bota Hemp CBD Tincture. Cbd Oil Adviser tried the 1000MG strength bottle, which aims to offer therapeutic relief along with a natural taste of hemp.  It also provided a charming texture, which was very much enjoyed.  There is an extract of coconut MCT oil within the product, providing an element of sweetness along with herbal notes and a smooth consistency.  A feeling of slight refreshment can also be felt as the product slides down your throat.

There is a 1000mg strength within each 15ml bottle.  The same product is also available in lesser strengths, such as the 250mg and 500mg varieties.  Prices begin at $39.99 and reach the maximum price of $99.99.Any questions are swiftly responded to by the customer services department whilst Bota Hemp enables free shipping on any orders which exceed $75.00.

Ingredients present in the product are CBD oil/full spectrum hemp extract in MCT oil, which is coconut based.  Other products available from the range include a CBD topical salve, CBD capsules 25mg, and CBD face cream.  A development for the product, however, is that the child-resistant cap was quite difficult for even adults to open!

Overall, Bota Hemp CBD Tincture is a quality variety of product which does exactly what it aims to do; it provides a therapeutic relief whilst enlightening your senses and providing a relaxing experience.

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