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There are quite a few CBD oil products out there that just aren’t that great.

The worst part about it, is that it’s not simple for customers to know who or what products they can rely on and be sure of. While it is still in its early stages, the CBD market is still hugely uncontrolled, quality of products is poor, and customers have no idea what to look for when they’re wanting to buy. As an onlooker from the outside that has no affiliation to any CBD brands out there, we managed to do some research on our own that dug into the core problems to give you the best possible advice on the best CBD oil companies or products.



The CBD market in the US has expanded hugely over the last few years. CBD was originally used as a ‘tribal’ medicine all around the world which was known to suppress seizures, reduce nausea and combat cancer cells. Now, it’s barely heard of in our modern society due to all CBD products being banned over the last few decades. We should thank the government and the cannabis community for that but we’ll speak more about that in a little bit). Even though industrial hemp and CBD products are now somewhat legal in the US, the percentage that suffers from cancer, epilepsy or seizures still need to jump over many hurdles in order to get their hands on some CBD oil.


CBD was initially introduced to ‘western medicine’ in the 1800s. A huge amount of research was undertaken, and many articles were written over the duration of the century to cover the topic. This flood of marijuana use led to politicians banning the use of all cannabis plants in the 1900s, which also happened to include industrial hemp and CBD oil administration. Sadly, this caused a lot of the research and progress to be forgotten about for the rest of the 20th century.

The early 2000s saw the legalization of hemp, which then began the reintroduction of CBD oil once more. However, this reintroduction came with a huge uncertainty. The suppression of CBD in our society has led to a restricted understanding of the products, as well as a transparency. It has become easier for businesses to take advantage of consumers who are willing to pay a lot of money for a medicine that they think could possibly treat their loved ones who are suffering.



Firstly, let’s understand why this is the case. With the research that we have compiled, we are able to bring it down to four reasons that have led to the CBD oil market getting out of hand. Hopefully, this will also help you next time you think about buying any CBD oil-related products.

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Customer demographic: patients that are suffering (and family and friends of the said patient)

Let’s have a look at the demographic that these companies are targeting. The demographic is those who are in pain from some sort of illness. This ranges from the people who experience nausea frequently, to those suffering from nerve or pelvic pain, to the people that are trying to fight cancer. No matter what the illness is, these people are in discomfort from a chronic pain that isn’t being improved by regular medicine. This means that those turning to CBD oil as a treatment are in desperate need to find some sort of cure. These people are the exact demographic a greedy company is looking to target.

Most CBD oil products need to be imported from other countries

Hemp farming is banned in the US. Now you might be thinking, but didn’t the government legalize hemp farming in 2014 via the Farm Bill Act? Well, only a small number of states actually allowed farmers to harvest hemp. This means that there is a limited supply of hemp for an expensive cost, which just cannot compete with importing from countries such as China and Eastern Europe. The issue here for the consumers is that there is a loss of transparency when it comes to the origin of the CBD oil – there is pretty much no data to back CBD importation.

The reason it is important for hemp to grow in a farming environment is that it can absorb contaminants from the soil as it expands. If the soil is not safe and clean, then that specific plant risks containing high levels of mercury or lead. Told by an industry insider, children have nearly died as a result of using hemp extracts that had high levels of lead – “Those companies have given the rest of the CBD industry a black eye because they were more interested in profiting off the sick instead of creating a quality product and testing it.”

Quality control and principle behind these products are still very much so in a grey area.

A few years back, an industry insider became a whistle-blower when she spoke about the company she worked for and the whole of the CBD industry for using deceiving practices. Former employee of Dixie Botanicals, Tamar Wise, said on her Facebook page that: “These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste contaminated with microbial life (I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvents and other toxins as the extraction is done in China) made using a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption.”

If this statement is true or false is something we don’t know. However, what we do know is that these unclear regulations on CBD products like bubble gum CBD oil are steering sick people to pay for uncontrolled products, and potentially worsen their illnesses without their knowledge.

Consumers are easily misled with labeling

One of the main problems in regard to labeling is that businesses mislead the consumer with the CBD dosages on the bottles. A company which is transparent will show the strength of CBD in milligrams which will indicate the definite CBD in that specific product. So, for example, if a product says 100mg of CBD, then it should consist of 100mg of actual active CBD. Many companies that are in the market at present will show the milligram dosage of their CBD hemp oil but will not list the strength of their actual active CBD. If a company’s CBD hemp oil is 30% CBD in terms of weight but on the label, they put that there is 100mg of CBD hemp oil, then technically the product has 30mg of actual active CBD within it. This is something that happens quite frequently and is something that you as a consumer should be looking out for.


Sitting down with founder of Green Lotus, Carlos Frias, we spoke about how customers can bypass these dangers and avoid being misled. Frias has been growing cannabis in California for the last 15 years, which would make him quite knowledgeable, so the main question which needed to be asked was how can consumers differentiate between the good and bad when purchasing best CBD oil for weight loss and anxiety products?

Make sure you ask for third party results

This was his top advice. You should continually ask for lab results that test for pesticides, potency and residual solvents within the oil. Don’t be shy or hesitant to do this if you are unsure or worried – you are the consumer buying the product, you have a right to know. If this is something companies are hesitant to show you, then you should take this as indication that they have something to hide. This is a red flag.

Make sure you look at the labelling on the product. Find the actual active CBD dosage before purchasing.

Consumers should always be looking at the labeling on the product. Can you see the dosage of the actual active CBD in milligrams on the bottle? Or can you see the dosage of the CBD hemp oil in milligrams? They are both two very different dosages that could strongly impact the effectiveness of the product.

Make sure you ask around.

Don’t be hesitant to ask for some advice when purchasing CBD oil products. The market is still in its early stages and quality control and regulations are still quite poor. Don’t think that because a product is from a well-known brand that it automatically makes it a good product. This will not always be the case. In fact, there have been reports of bigger brands having more skeptical quality control. Have a look online and see if there are any reviews out there about experiences that other people have had. You can even speak to us if there are any other questions that you would like to ask. We will make sure to lead you down the right path.



There’s no question that the CBD industry is a growing market. A lot of entrepreneurs with good intentions are coming into the market to help find another solution for those who suffer from chronic pain. Although this is a good thing, there is also the case of selfish businesses. CBD Oil Adviser are seeing a growth in these businesses who seem to be exploiting their demographic of vulnerable customers.

This control on CBD hemp oil will fade soon enough and will be restored with better regulations which will progress quality control and transparency of these oil products. Until that day comes, consumers will need to be careful of the brands they trust and choose to use. Hopefully, this has been insightful and that you will be able to buy better quality products with our advice.

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