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The benefits of cannabidiol are quickly becoming widespread knowledge.  Otherwise known as CBD, the compound enables the user to gain therapeutic benefits of plants from the cannabis family without the negative psychoactive effects associated with marijuana.  This is because of the low traces of the THC compound found within CBD.  CBD was once considered by mainstream society as taboo due to the associations CBD has with marijuana.  However, medical evidence is mounting to support the idea that CBD can work alongside other medicines to enhance therapeutic relief and provide health benefits for individuals suffering from various medical conditions such as epilepsy.

The 2014 Farm Act was the first step in encouraging mainstream society to accept the benefits of products such as CBD.  The Act made the cultivation of industrial hemp legal; certain restrictions were put in place to ensure traceability and quality, however.  The hemp crop had long possessed a historical significance in agriculture across the U.S. until the Government’s ‘War on Drugs’ many decades ago considered hemp to be the same as marijuana, prohibiting both.  Recognizing the hemp plant differently due to medical research has enabled products such as CBD to be produced, in turn revitalizing agriculture across the country.  Across all 50 states, CBD products such as CBD capsules have been labeled as food supplements, enabling such items to be bought and sold nationwide.

The most common form to produce and therefore buy CBD is in an oil-based substance.  However, CBD capsules allow a much greater ease of use for the user, being easy to swallow but being so much more convenient!  Most companies sell CBD in a capsule form, allowing you to receive all of the desired and sometimes necessary therapeutic benefits in a daily dose.


What Are CBD Capsules?

Looking for a fast yet simple way to digest CBD?  Here is your solution; CBD capsules.  CBD capsules are as easy to swallow as any other pill available.  However, there is a wide variety of capsules available in stores and online, with different types of the capsule being manufactured nationwide.

The most usual CBD capsule is produced with CBD oil combined with a substance such as a coconut oil.  The coconut oil acts as a bulking agent to provide a capsule of a certain size and it also acts to encourage the CBD to work more quickly and to work better.  Another option of CBD capsule is the water-soluble variety, which is relatively expensive currently.


How Are CBD Capsules Different to CBD Oil?

The main difference is the benefit of digesting CBD through a capsule.  There is no taste and no mess when using capsules, which is a downside for many CBD users.  Capsules offer a convenience and an ease of use which many consumers crave.  Although, there is more flexibility when using the standard oil such as being able to add the substance to food or drink, providing a versatility that capsules cannot rival.

In addition to convenience, CBD capsules also provide several benefits for the user.  Firstly, unlike when using CBD oil, there are no measurements involved when using CBD capsules.  There is no possibility of digesting too much or too less, providing you read the instructions carefully and that you only digest one capsule per day, for example, depending on the dosage.

A second advantage of using CBD capsules is that you are able to schedule your dosages precisely.  This is particularly important if you are using CBD for a health condition as you should always ensure that you have enough capsules at home.  You are able to budget better and perhaps buy in bulk for a set number of months.

A third advantage is an ease of fitting in with your life.  You can take your capsules everywhere, whether you are at work or out shopping, and you can digest your daily dose on the go.  If that is not enough, there are currently no restrictions on such capsules when flying, adding to their convenience.


The Best CBD Capsules

We are going to help you to determine the very best CBD capsules available on the market right now, helping you to find your perfect brand suitable for your needs.  There are many different brands available and we have chosen our ultimate favorites!  Our top brands are:


Pure Kana

Our first brand is Pure Kana, the number one brand for CBD across the U.S. in 2020.  Pure Kana provides capsules containing 25mg of CBD in a bottle of 30.  Their capsules contain less than 0.05% of THC, the compound resulting in negative psychoactive effects.  Pure Kana uses certified organic CBD which ensures that the CBD is derived from non-GMO crops and contain no solvents, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides.  All products are subject to rigorous third party testing to ensure traceability and quality. 

Pure Kana’s capsules contain hemp extract, purified water, hemp seed oil, and glycerin.  The usual price of the bottle of 30 capsules is $89, although the company is offering a price of $83 at the moment.

The official website of Pure Kana is www.purekana.com and you can receive a 5% coupon using the code 5OFFCBD1. 

CBD Essence

CBD Essence offers a wide range of products and provides Medicinal Hemp Oil Liposome capsules in a variety of sizes, each containing 35mg of CBD.  Using EU certified hemp oil, additional ingredients include organic sunflower lecithin as well as organic virgin coconut oil, within a liposomal formula.  Prices start at $29.95 for 10 capsules, rising to $71 for 30 capsules and $125 for 60 capsules. 

The official website of CBD Essence is www.cbdessence.net and you can receive a 5% coupon using the coupon code 5offCBDD1. 


Green Roads

A great variety of products are offered by Green Roads, with their capsules containing 25mg of CBD.  The ingredients used in their capsules include CBD hemp oil, vegetable cellulose, and safflower oil. 

The benefit of purchasing capsules from Green Roads is that the CBD oil they use is 10% full-spectrum, providing quite a strong strength and so is perfect for individuals with certain health conditions.  The price tag correlates with the increase in strength, however, with a packet of four capsules costing $19.99 whilst a bottle of 14 capsules costs $54.99.  Although, if you really need the extra strength of the capsules, then you may be more than willing to pay the higher price.

The official website of Green Roads is www.greenroadsworld.com. 



Within its foundations in Colorado and a unique history of experience behind them, Elixinol is our next brand.  Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD, and are sold in bottles of 30 capsules for $44.99 or alternatively a bottle of 60 capsules for $79.99.  Whilst containing 15ml of CBD is a relatively low amount in comparison to other brands of CBD capsule, additional ingredients include 275mg of hemp oil and various ketone, vitamins, amino acids, and flavonoids.

The official website for Elixinol is www.elixinol.com.  You can also access a 10% discount coupon using the code 10off591. 


CWHemp, or Charlotte’s Web Hemp, is a global brand offering you several options.  CWHemp offers CBD capsules in two different strengths, recognizing that one size does not fit all. The lower strength capsule contains 15mg of CBD and is called Simply Hemp; it is priced at $34.99 for 30 capsules or $59.99 for 60 capsules.  The stronger alternative is branded Simply Hemp + Extra and contains 35mg of CBD; it is priced at $69.99 for 30 capsules or $119.99 for 60 capsules.

Additional ingredients include maltodextrin, MCT fractionated coconut oil, rice bran and microcrystalline cellulose in addition to numerous beneficial cannabinoids, providing one of the most effective and beneficial brands on the market.

The official website of CWHemp is www.cwhemp.com. 


Premium Jane

The newer brand on the block is Premium Jane, who provides fast-acting and long-lasting capsules with 25 mg of CBD in each one.  Premium Jane offers a bottle of 30 capsules for $83 and has received some amazing customer reviews.

The official website of Premium Jane is www.premiumjane.com.  You can access a 10% discount with the coupon code 10OFFCBD1.


What’s the Verdict?

With such beneficial and therapeutic effects, CBD is a popular supplement gaining momentum and the inclusion of capsules in all of the major brands’ offerings.  Providing an easier way to consume CBD than oil, CBD capsules enable the user to take a regular dosage with no fuss or mistakes.  Whether you want a lower strength capsule at 15mg or a high strength capsule at 35mg, these brands have a CBD capsule to suit every need.

5/51 rating