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Campaigns for the legalization and regulation of CBD products have been going on for years now.  People, senators, politicians, celebrities, anyone, and everyone can see the benefits not only for physical health but mental health as well, and that is why they fight for the law to recognize them as well.

CBD Gaining Popularity

It has gained popularity all over all of the states and is often met with a stark contrast of opinion because of its links to intoxicating psychedelic plant, cannabis. Though hemp is legal thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill passed through Congress, there is still some controversy attached to it even in this day and age with the leaps and bounds concerning hemp and marijuana. This is to be expected as progress is often slow and comes not without a fight.

However, as an objective outsider when presented with all the research and facts, you cannot possibly deny the benefits for the physical and mental health of CBD.  Not only does it benefit human beings, but it can also be used as a natural remedy alternative treatment for pets suffering from travel sickness, epilepsy, and even cancer.

It also benefits the environment, using less water to produce than for example cotton does, fewer pesticides which are harmful and toxic for human beings and the environment, and less space so, therefore, can be produced more efficiently and on a larger scale. Also, hemp farms are great for boosting the economy – producing long-lasting jobs for lots of people!


US States  To Legalize CBD

A significant number of states have now even legalized marijuana for medical purposes, despite the protestations from many. Though it has to be noted that the benefits from both plants cannot be ignored for much longer. There are so many products available out there that will enable you to ingest or absorb CBD, whichever suits your personal preference.


Creation of CBD Gums

CBD comes in chewing gum form, amongst other forms as well such as oils, tinctures, salves, capsules, and gummies. Each one comes with very similar benefits for your health and it is really down to personal preference of the user to decide which is best for you.

One of the bonuses of having CBD in chewing gum form is that we chew it, duh right? But when we chew things, we salivate, and this act of salivating means that our glands called salivary glands deliver the CBD into our body’s bloodstream rapidly. What this means is we gain the benefits almost instantaneously. It doesn’t claim to be a miracle solution, and indeed it cannot fix your pain immediately nor can it cure cancer or take away pain altogether.

However, it really can improve the quality of life and for proof of this, all you need to do is go online and look at research or testimonies from real life people. There are even whole web pages dedicated to pet owners who have found CBD to be very effective in terms of treating their pet’s conditions and ailments.


New CBD Products Like Chewing Gum

Medical chewing gum, however, is not a new concept. In fact, it dates back as far as the 1920s and contained aspirin. So this, although a lesser known use for chewing gum, is a tried and tested method for administering medication and other substances.

CBD gum has been linked to assisting with conditions such as restless leg syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome as well.  If the gum has multiple layers then the CBD content can be released over a longer period, therefore providing a longer method of absorption and relief. How much or how little you chew, is up to you.

There are, like many other CBD products, large selections to choose from. Though this should not put you off, as though there is a large number, there is also a large amount of information ready for you to read and look through regarding all the reliable products as well. So don’t be overwhelmed.

CEach product has its own product content and will vary from company to company in terms of what actually goes into making it. Common ingredients are listed across a lot of chewing gum CBD products, however.

CBD Gum Common Ingredients:

  • Maltilol
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Isomalt
  • Xylitol
  • Stevia

When it comes to CBD gum, there also may be traces of hemp seed oil and sunflower oil. The traditional minty flavor associated so widely with chewing gum may also be present to give the chewing gum the traditional purpose as well. There are a lot of benefits that come with CBD gum. 

CBD Gum Benefits

  • Good oral hygiene.
  • A decrease in anxiety levels.
  • A faster delivery of the CBD into the bloodstream.
  • Some people find it relaxing.
  • It is completely natural with 100% natural ingredients.
  • CBD has been known to improve acne.
  • CBD is also used by cancer patients.

Aside from all these health benefits that come from the absorption of CBD chewing gum has other uses as well. Fresh breath anyone? It has been known to be a dietary aid, though it is not officially recommended.

It is important to list the concerns as well, and though the listed and noted side effects are scarce and few and far between, there have been reports of a few that are worth mentioning. Like any product, CBD is bound to not agree with everyone ever who tries it. This is natural and unavoidable. Some of the side effects have been listed.


Possible Side Effects of CBD Bubble Gums

  • Light-headedness
  • Dizziness
  • Sometimes people may get a dry mouth.
  • Blood pressure is sometimes affected (lowering blood pressure not heightening it).
  • In more serious cases, liver function may be affected if interacting with other medications badly.

With all that in mind, these are rare and do not affect a large percentage of reported users of CBD based products, including gum. Though CBD chewing gum is not an immediate pain reliever, it is intended to build up in our bodies over time and use and the effects may be immediate thanks to immediate absorption, but they are not major or drastic in the first instance.

CBD Chewing Gum Products

So listed below are a selection of the better chewing gums available out there for your purchase and chewing needs:

    This is gum made in the Netherlands, though they do also have a base in the USA. It contains a grand total of 15mg of CBD per slice of gum. This may seem low compared to some oils and capsules, but it is all relevant when comparing it to the size of the piece of gum. Other perks that work for this chewing gum brand are that it is sugar-free, and therefore better for your teeth compared to gum with added sugar. You don’t need reminding how harmful sugar can be for the teeth, creating decay and other dental complications as it works its way around the gums and teeth themselves. So no sugar means it is even healthier not only for your mouth but your body as well.

    This gum is also laboratory tested. As a CBD product, it is really important that the product is the third party tested in a laboratory. This ensures that there are no harmful products in the CBD product, such as heavy metals or solvents, which can make their way in through cheap and inferior methods of extraction during the extraction process.

    This proves that the contents are 100% organic. In fact, the gum even tastes organic, which again is an added bonus. There are no artificial flavors whatsoever, so you are left with a natural and organic taste as you chew which can be quite strange for regular gum users expecting the traditional minty kick.

    The price is good for this particular gum, coming in at around $15-00 a box. Though there are only ten sticks per box, it is definitely worth remembering that hemp and hemp-based products are different to regular products and are not for continual all day usage. They are for health benefits and like anything, if used in too great a quantity can have the opposite harming effect.

    Chewing gum is not the only product on sale from Endoca. The company specializes in lots of things CBD, they have won awards for their products, and they are certified in their use of organic products. Their website is host to a large range of products including skin care, capsules, edibles and tinctures and many more as well.
    There are also readily available customer and client reviews for you to read if you so chose to do so. This will be a good peace of mind and certainly help you when researching which product is going to be right for you.

    This CBD gum from Endoca has been rated as the best overall from all the options available. It is the most affordable at $15, 99 a box, it has the highest concentration of CBD with 15mg per stick and it has one of the more pleasing tastes (natural and organic), though taste preference is of course up to the individual.

  2. MedCBD
    This CBD gum is made in Maryland, with a separate office in Northern Ireland. It has 10mg of CBD concentrated in each slice, which is not as high as Endoca before it, but still worth purchasing and getting the benefits from. It comes in tablet form, still chewing gum as well, but tablet form mints as well. These are two separate products, but each more or less the same.

    It just depends on personal preference as to which one you purchase. Some people prefer sucking a mint and some prefer chewing a stick of gum.
    It costs $19.99 a box and has been noted as fast acting. They are headed by a niche healthcare company which focuses on CBD and all its health benefits.
    This gum is also laboratory tested. As a CBD product, it is really important that the product is the third party tested in a laboratory. This ensures that there are no harmful products in the CBD product, such as heavy metals or solvents, which can make their way in through cheap and inferior methods of extraction during the extraction process.

    Their website is clear and concise and provides you as the client with all the information they could possibly need when it comes to sourcing and purchasing CBD gum. They have a customer service and information number, which is always a big tick in the box when looking for a company to trust. You know in this case that there will definitely be a person on the other end of the phone willing to talk to you and help you should you so need it.

    Their website also contains a number of client reviews. Again, this is great, as buying something online especially as a first-time buyer can create skepticism in the mind as to whether or not your money is worth the product you are putting it into.

    CanChew Gum comes in a slightly larger pack size; in fact, it comes in a pack size of 32. The gum contains 50mg of non-GMO hemp oil per piece of gum and 10mg of CBD in each slice. This just means that it has the same CBD content as MedCBD gum and lozenges.

    The overall cost is slightly higher, as expected from the greater product size, coming in at $45.00.

    With this though, you get more products available to you. It is almost like buying in bulk with therefore a bulk price discount. It all depends on how much you would like to purchase and therefore use. They also have a great website with all their product information laid out clearly for you to browse as you wish.

    The customer reviews are good and support the product in a positive light. There are other products available that are CBD based as well, which is quite common across a lot of companies. No company seems to just specifically produce one CBD product; there are a number of them available.

    Outside of their website, there are a range of different reviews available and the product seems to have a large coverage including reviews and success stories from various YouTube channels that are definitely worth a browse if considering investing in CanChew CBD chewing gum.

    They have all the ingredients of the gum clearly listed, so you can see that they are a transparent company who put their customer’s thoughts and wishes at the front of their minds. In fact, there is a coherent FAQ page that you can get a concise and clear answer for common questions from if you so wish to use it.

    Though it doesn’t quite make the number one spot, CanChew chewing gum containing CBD still makes the top three products as reviewed and tested thanks to its company’s transparency on its content, the number of gum per packet, and the satisfactory 10mg content of CBD in each piece of gum that you chew.


    Our Verdict on CBD Chewing Gum 

So, in conclusion, although CBD chewing gum is not the most efficient way to ingest CBD and all its benefits, it still certainly has its perks that are worth mentioning and considering for future CBD purchases.

It has fast absorption into the body but because of its lower CBD content i.e. often 10mg does not have as big of an effect as for example CBD oil or capsule may have.

However, if you are somebody who struggles with swallowing tablets or capsules then you may be looking for an alternative product and chewing gum and or mints work for everyone.

There is no denying the easiness of chewing gum; you can almost do it without thinking. Just have a packet in your pocket and chew it while you are out and about and you can gain all the benefits of CBD for the body slower and more conveniently than feeling like you need to do so in the privacy of your own home.

5/52 ratings