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Though being people who truly believe in cannabis, we are at times astonished in getting more knowledge of each and every way that cannabidiol, which is well known as CBD can assist.

Although we are certain that people use cannabidiol supplements for treatment of different illness inclusive of anxiety as well as arthritis, it was the same situation at the time we initially got to see the reports about this being able to be used as an antipsychotic. Unlike a few years back, it is not that hard to grab a hold of the best CBD oil for depression and anxiety as many online and even physical stores are offering them at competitive prices.

Schizophrenia which is regarded as among the various psychotic illnesses is a mental disease linked to severe damage in an individual’s judgment, which may comprise of hallucinations as well as hearing voices. Depression together with trouble keeping up concentration in hobbies and other socializing events are additional indications of the disease. Despite the fact that conservative medicinal prescriptions time and again helps, they as well regularly produce unfriendly side effects to the users.

Not long ago, CBD has been closely associated pain and anxiety relief. Today there are varying products like CBD vape oil for sale available online and in smoking stores worldwide. Possibly due to the presence of great stigmatization linked to mental disorder generally, additionally, schizophrenia treatment is particularly known to be hard, we would certainly not have deduced that a simple thing as cannabidiol may possibly be helpful. Moreover, psychoactive cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, which is the form in which individuals take so as to be high, is on occasion alleged to worsen cases of schizophrenia.

On the other hand, at the time we initiated our investigation, we established an increasing bulk of scientifically supported proof indicating certainly that cannabidiol oil may well benefit a number of people suffering from schizophrenia.  With this article as we always do, we have considered a scientifically observed study on cannabidiol and schizophrenia but also bearing in mind the circumstantial information provided by daily cannabidiol users.

Considering cases where one has a mental disorder, it is of great importance that one does not individually make alterations on medical usage treatment short of guidance from health specialists. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that articles such as this would provide individuals having schizophrenia, plus those they love, additional facilities and methods for them to use as they seek to cope up with this disease.


It is quite fascinating when we observe that the undesirable outcomes of cannabis were really those that assisted researchers reflect on the best CBD oil capsules for being a powerful antipsychotic. However, part of the study under this subject may be termed full of controversy, most of which arise from the unfavorable environment around the study subject to the War on Drugs. It appears that there are a number of connections on Marijuana usage and mental breakdowns.

Research on this connection brought to awareness that elevated cannabidiol compositions of psychotropic hemp appear to influence few mental breakdowns, as denoted by Schizophrenia Research, publication of 2011. Moreover, in the year 2006, researchers observed that indeed cannabidiol appeared to lower man-made stimulated signs of psychosis, both in healthy volunteers and animals, as per the research that was published by the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research.

However the outcomes were yet to be final, studies aimed directly at schizophrenia and cannabidiol shows to be greatly hopeful. In the year 2015, scientists, T.A. Iseger as well as  M.G. Bossong, made a publication of a systematic review of all cannabidiol and schizophrenia study in Schizophrenia Research.

They came to a conclusion observing that those initial clinical studies carried out in small scale for cannabidiol treatment of individuals possessing symptoms of mental breakdowns, additionally approve of the ability of cannabidiol being a harmless, effective and easy to tolerate antipsychotic composition, even though huge randomly done medical tests would be required in advance for this new psychotherapy to be formalized into medical exercise.

Supposing that cannabidiol could be ingested as an antipsychotic, it could be probably due to the narrow connections of the individual’s endocannabinoid system, briefly denoted as ECS, that avails the body’s natural hemp-like chemicals as well as mental health. As per Current Pharmaceutical Design’s published research of 2014; Endocannabinoid system regulates emotions, consequence process and regulating sleep. Moreover, it regulates our adrenal glands behaviors and the competence of processing traumatic recollections. On this illumination, it starts to be less of a surprise that actually cannabidiol may aid.

Since the controversy between the use of CBD oil for migraines and anxiety, and its psychosis ties, we have to put off the summarization written by Arielle Gerard, who is a medical student who wrote for Medical Jane in 2015:

Though we lack persuasive facts to support the thought of using the whole-plant, raw cannabis can cause schizophrenia, it is of great importance to know that the usage of  whole-plant marijuana, particularly which is highly concentrated with THC, can result to increase in severity symptoms associated with schizophrenic  which develop early and thus people with an individual or family background of psychotic disorders or a condition which can influence psychosis should avoid using it. In this situation, whole-plant cannabis despite the proportion of CBD or its concentration is not a good recommendation in treating schizophrenia.

This is to mean that, cannabis most likely is not a source of psychosis; however, individuals whose family has a background of people suffering from psychotic disorders may need to keep away from being high.


Following our interest in the scientific research, we proceeded to look for direct reports and we were once more astonished by the number of schizophrenic people that at that time had started to experiment with cannabidiol oil supplements: there existed a great number of cannabidiol debates on the schizophrenia subreddit which we failed to list all of them due to time limit.

Among the latest discussions on the subject of /r/ schizophrenia that was posted on May 2017, a Redditor by the name of theflexorcist stated that through the use of the best CBD oil for dementia and schizophrenia, the voices stopped.

They indicated that with all the study they had done some digging on, he was still doubtful. To be frank, I was convinced by my bf to consume it and following ten minutes, I nearly had no psychotic symptoms.

When replying, a Redditor known as dirtpig gave a response that cannabidiol had as well been of assistance:

Another user stated that for a couple of months, she has been using cannabidiol oil supplements and they have been working fully. Though to the user, the schizophrenia symptoms have not all disappeared however they have become less.

Redditor too_real_4_TV mentioned that the CBD assists with anxiety as well as depression and also the antipsychotic outcomes.

Concerning the cannabidiol subreddit, redditor 234879 to some extent exercised caution on how he approached the subject in a discussion that began in January. There is a possibility of using cannabidiol as an adjunctive for treating schizophrenia but not for curing it.

One of the redditor with the name pineconeperson1, additionally observed that a lot of researches of cannabidiol exclusively in treating schizophrenia were using higher dosages that could be extremely costly. He says that he chose cannabidiol for psychotic-kind of signs and it proved beyond doubt to assist in every way, though he did not consume it frequently since it was quite unaffordable for him.

Jonathanappleweed is among the founders of /r/CBD/, who as well suffers from schizophrenia, he corresponded enthusiastically on another topic from the year 2014. He said that he designed /r/CBD together with his friend the previous year, and by no means did he have any hopes of ever obtaining real anecdotal facts of cannabidiol assisting with schizophrenia.


Just like in almost all mental sickness, schizophrenia cannot miraculously be cured. A great number of individuals are capable of living happily, be of great productivity and also have a healthy living even with this disease, and with no doubt, modern age pharmaceuticals have had a great contribution on this.

However as stated by jonathanappleweed on Reddit, the most wicked thing that you may perhaps due to a schizophrenic person is offering them medicines only and leave them all by themselves. Those suffering from schizophrenia require help from physicians that are well trained and their loved ones who care, almost all the sufferers appear to be best suited for different treatments that are inclusive of pharmaceuticals with a number of alternatives that range from physical activity to nutritional supplements such as cannabidiol. — Learn more about CBD for schizophrenia

We are quite hopeful that those who read this article and are suffering from schizophrenia, or are aware of a schizophrenic person, will attempt to see and read the study and put into considerations each alternative provided for treatment. Our trust is that a knowledgeable person receives more empowerment in making the correct decisions for their treatment.

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