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I have this very convicting notion they cannabidiol products are commonly known as CBD are more than useful, but also an of great importance for athletes.

My last four years in Europe had me playing professional basketball, I have also been a basketball player as well as involved in various sports for my entire life, it feels like my story is of paramount importance to us if we are to comprehend the role of CBD in sports medicine especially in management of chronic pain, inflammation as well as stress related to the mental state of an individual.

As it may be public knowledge and most people are in the know that athletes most times have to deal with extreme pain, anxiety as well as stress on a daily basis. Just to let you in the loop, for the last 4 months I have used CBD products and what I have experienced has been nothing short of amazing!

Are you interested in knowing why I am so convinced that CBD has to be the future of sports medicine? If you are, keep reading below for some of these reasons.


In as much as I had a wealth of knowledge on the best CBD oil on the market previously, I had not started using the products up to October 2017. Being a professional basketball player means you have to deal with injuries as pain, they say this is a hazard associated with being a player.

Fact:  CBD oil has been established to help out with inflammation associated with injuries, extreme pain as well as other health issues associated with sports.

In September however, I suffered a spinal compression fracture, which became the end of my season.  I always believe that everything happens at the right time and for a very great reason, this is because if I had not gone through this I would not have been able to experience the benefits of CBD products for myself as well as other athletes in general.

I began taking the best CBD capsules for pain I could find immediately I got back from Europe, I was based in Bulgaria. While still in Bulgaria, doctors had administered corticosteroid injections continuously on my back and they also gave me non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on a daily basis. A couple of weeks later while still under this kind of treatment,  my body was giving up and was worn out from the same. 

These kind of injections, as well as medicines, are capable of giving one relieve from pain as well as inflammation, though their side effects are very terrible. The side effects I got from the injections included my body being sweaty as well as jittery, this had me up for most of the nights if not all. As for the NSAIDs, they were wearing my stomach as well as my digestive system every single day, the pain relief was not that efficient either.

I was on survival mode under this medication for close to a month, with all due respect and confidence, I would not recommend another athlete or person to get through the same by using these kinds of questionable medicine.


Professional sporting is one of those occupations that predisposes you to have to deal with extreme pain as well as inflammation occasionally on your body.

CBD is of paramount importance for athletes especially in 2020 where for the very first time products associated with CBD have been off the list by the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substance list.  WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has always been the standard when testing for drugs in association with athletes across the globe, their removing CBD from their coveted list of substances that are banned is a great step, and a big one for athletes.

Having to deal with extreme pain in a huge way affects your quality of life and your ability to do well at your day job. As for athletes, CBD is an organic answer to help them to deal with problems that your body has to go through all year round.  There are studies that specifically outlines the potential CBD has on the reduction of inflammation as well as in treating arthritis which is a common phenomenon with athletes as they age. 

There has also been a big number of anecdotal reporting that touches on the anti-inflammatory power of CBD. Extreme pain that most athletes experience is caused by inflammation in the joints as well as the muscles, this is the reason why the use of a natural anti-inflammatory product is more than effective.

Sporting at competitive levels presents one with a lot of stress as well as anxiety and without even delving into this, we can clearly see that CBD is a great product that I can recommend for athletes.


For about 4 months since I started using CBD products, I have used the different forms as well as quantities for the same each day.

Generally speaking, I have gotten into a routine for my CBD uses which have seen me living a happier life as well as experiencing less pain with my spinal compression fracture that I have in my back. 

The most unique element of CBD products is the fact that different people would need different levels of dosages to experience the complete benefits. The routine described below has worked for me though it took me a couple of months to figure it out as well as learn how it works on me. That said, it may work for you or you may need to get a different dosage that would work for you.

If you are interested in purchasing one, check this link out: Where To Find CBD Oil Near Me

I have made it a personal routine to rise up in the morning with a capsule of CBD, this ranges from having 25mg-50mg as the initial dosage to get me started for the day.

I usually end up drinking this capsule as soon as I am up from my bed and I instantly start experiencing pain relief as well as a calming sensation which CBD offers within just about 15-30 minutes on normal circumstances. My day gets started by having this capsule along with a warm cup of tea.  In case I feel as if my back is not feeling quite well, I use a couple of drops of a CBD oil tincture in my tea in the morning.

After this is done, I then do my usual daily physical therapy for the day.   I appreciate having CBD early morning just before I get started with my morning training, this is because I truly believe in the power that Intermittent fasting brings for general health. Having CBD before undertaking intermittent fasting always enables me to get extra energy and it, therefore, doe not break the fasting state the body is experiencing.

When my training for the day is over, I usually just need one additional CBD capsule in the evening a few hours before I can catch some sleep.

Apart from this, twice a day my wife helps me in applying a topical CBD oil for migraines that can relieve my back as well as other muscles that may be sore on a particular day. Both of us have been using CBD topical two times a day and this has proven to be very efficient with my back problem.

There may be no proof that is conclusive enough currently, though CBD has been noted to be great at reversing osteoporosis as well as the healing of fractures.

For this, I have made it my mission to use both oral as well as ingestible forms of CBD and CBD topicals.

This has worked magically for me and many people can also testify to experiencing the same benefits as I do.


If one does not have conclusive medical reports and proof on the benefits that CBD products offer, it can be a big issue to make claims confidently on who is supposed to take this and who should not.

That said, I still firmly believe that my personal experience gives me a conviction that CBD is among the best medical treatments available out here for any athlete. Not only does it help treat injuries, but you will also have a hard time finding other alternatives that best CBD oil for anxiety and depression.

Fact: The use of CBD especially in sports medicine has become a serious option especially because of the changes that have been made in the global drug policy by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

For more info on my journey while using CBD,  please check out my site for the same!

The last couple of months have been awesome for CBD with its official removal from the list of WADA’s banned substances, as the World Health  Organization has declared it safe for use for users.

I highly recommend the use of CBD in sports medicine as it has neutralizing effects on inflammation based problems which is inclusive of muscle pain as well as tendonitis and relieving extreme physical pain induced by sports while helping athletes in management of stress, as well as anxiety that is brought about by the need to perform greatly each day.

There are more benefits that I have not discussed that are associated with CBD, with more research being conducted and reports being published, it would be very beneficial to have greater understanding the best way CBD can be utilized in helping athletes as well as the general population.

Even as CBD Oil Adviser write this, I still depend on CBD for the management of the cycle of back pain that I experience to help me in relieving pain and hopefully live a life free of pain!

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