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If you are seeking the most potent CBD product in the world today then CBD isolate should be your choice.  Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. More than 85 of them have been identified. Among these compounds, only two are popular and extensively used. The two are THC and CBD.

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that gives the plant its psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive ingredient that is widely used for its numerous healing properties.  

CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD. It is prepared through an extraction process that removes all unwanted plant material such as chlorophyll and waxes leaving behind only the valuable and pure form of CBD. Even the little traces of THC are removed during this process so that whatever you get is a product that does not expose you to the psychoactive compound. In its pure form, which is more than 99%, CBD isolate becomes even more potent with increased healing properties.

The advantage of using CBD isolate is that the substance does not have any odor and therefore gives you the freedom to be creative in how you want to consume it. You can take by in the pure powder form or mix it into any other product that suits your palate.

Whether you love coffee or brownies, CBD isolate gives you unlimited ways to ingest it. You can infuse it into your coffee or yogurt or simply put it under your tongue and let it get absorbed in a minute or two. 

You may be treating a sleep disorder, a skin condition, seeking a quick relief from pain or managing seizures (know the best CBD oil for seizures). It doesn’t matter the reason you are using CBD isolate, all you need are the various options available for you to utilize it effectively.

You will be able to customize your own treatments in ways that will make your life easy in ways that are not commercially offered.

CBD isolates can be simply ingested and they go straight to work. This is because the isolate has already been decarboxylated. This means that you don’t have to necessarily vape the isolate to be able to reap the maximum benefits. It’s important to note that ingesting pure CBD isolate gives you higher concentrations of CBD in small busts that are absorbed slowly for potency. This cannot be compared to smoking a high CBD strain of cannabis which may still have small amounts of THC.

CBD is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It also regulates gastric motility making it ideal to treat colitis and Crohn’s disease.

CBD is also a very powerful antioxidant. It is, therefore, an important antagonist of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. CBDs antioxidant properties also make it suitable for treating skin diseases and prevention of multiple sclerosis. It also alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The same property helps CBD’s potency in treating chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

CBD’s proven antipsychotic properties have been used in treating schizophrenic patients. It has also been to effectively treat insomnia yield stable sleep patterns helping millions of patients regain normal sleep.



CBD isolate enables you to manage the quantity of pure CBD that enters your system and the quality of the ingredients. Since CBD isolate gives you the freedom to mix it with just about anything, it is easy to control every aspect. For example, scores of CBD topicals available in the market are mixed with herbal ingredients that can irritate your skin. This may result in unpleasant effects that may exacerbate the conditions you are trying to treat. To avoid this kind of situation, you can use CBD isolate and a safe and neutral oil or lotion.

By mixing the safe and neutral oil or lotion, you will be able to prepare a homemade CBD topical containing active ingredients that are perfect for you. You can also prepare a high-quality CBD mixture at home with just a few ingredients. A few grams of CBD isolate mixed with a few drops of oil and some moderate heat will give you a mixture that can then be consumed as it is or infused in food. The mixture can also be rubbed into your skin. You don’t have to limit yourself because a variety of oils can be used for this purpose including hemp, avocado, sunflower, coconut, and many others.

This is a very simple process that gives you the opportunity to get the best in original CBD isolate into your system. Due to the uncertain nature of commercial products, their ingredients cannot be verified by an ordinary shopper. Some of these products are mislabeled with the intention to defraud or are simply made using substandard ingredients.

This is not to say that there are no genuine CBD products. We have seen many reputable companies producing very high-quality CBD products like canchew CBD chewing gum that are natural and effective. For the keen user interested in the highest standard and purity, doing it yourself may be your ultimate choice. This gives you the power to avoid expensive CBD products whose origin cannot be ascertained.  



When you are in need of a faster way to get CBD into your bloodstream it is advisable to vape it. Using CBD Isolate you can be able to produce an inhalable vapor that is pure and rich in CBD. The vaporization point of CBD isolate is in the region of 180-200°C. When CBD is ingested through the digestive tract it takes longer to reach the bloodstream. But when using vapor, the ingredients reach your bloodstream quicker giving the desired effect instantly. This has made dabbing the most popular ways to use CBD isolate. It is also one of the quickest and most effective ways to get cannabidiol into your system.

The CBD isolate can, therefore, be dabbed or vaped by means of a specially made water bubbler or a vape pen.

For you to dab the CBD isolate, you will require a dabber that is used to hold the CBD, a butane torch, a quartz nail attachment, and a glass water pipe. Instead of a butane torch, you may opt for an electronic nail heating element. The e-mail, although costly, is regarded by some users as safer compared to the butane torch. This collection of equipment may set you back a couple of a hundred dollars or less.

After acquiring the necessary equipment, heat up the nail and position the CBD on it using the dabber.  This enables you to inhale off the water pipe. Remember that when the CBD touches the hot nail, it immediately vaporizes and makes it easy to inhale directly into your lungs.

CBD and THC have been known to work in a symbiotic relationship since they are both found in plants from the same family – cannabis. In order to increase the therapeutic effects of THC and CBD can be put directly on top of a bowl of cannabis flower. This enhances the potency of THC giving the user a superior experience.

CBD and THC generally regulate the effects of each other in a unique way. For example, CBD is very helpful in lessening anxiety as a result of the effects of the “high” experienced when using marijuana which made up primarily of THC. 

Find out here the best cbd oil vape juice for anxiety.

In the modern marketplace, you can find pre-filled vape pens and pre-mixed CBD vape juices. These can be quite expensive. Furthermore, some of the commercial vape juices may contain sweeteners or added sugars which normally and shorten their lifespan. This may expose the consumer to other unsuitable or harmful compounds. Here you can check out the top rated CBD vape oil.

To avoid the commercial juices users can opt to prepare their own recipes at home. To achieve this you only need a bottle of propylene, vape flavor additives, a refillable tank style vape, and a bottle of vegetable glycerin.



This review of CBD isolates was based on data provided on request from these companies detailing the results of lab tests conducted by third parties. For some companies, we used third-party lab results that are available publicly. It is important to note that when choosing CBD isolates, you do not have the luxury of being complacent. You must ensure that whatever you settle for meets the highest standards of purity and undisputed quality. In the absence of such verifiable information, we omitted the culprits from our review.

Product sourcing and processing methodology were other key components of our list. We sought comprehensive information about the source of hemp used in the production of the CBD isolate to ascertain that it is a natural form and of proven quality. The extraction method gave us a glimpse of the standards set to ensure no impurities or residues are found in the final product.

We also checked the quality and responsiveness of their customer service. Our measure was based on how fast they responded to tickets and the willingness to provide broad answers to questions which reflect transparency on their part.

Finally, we placed orders from the different vendors and consumed the CBD isolates to give you a hands-on review of each one with compelling evidence. Each of these CBD isolates was found to contain CBD content of above 99%. The review also focused on other factors such as packaging, appearance, smell and taste and consistency of the product.

We looked at all these characteristics because CBD isolate capsules or all CBD isolates that meet the threshold should provide a relaxing and non-psychoactive effect that can relieve pain.

Throughout the grueling review period, we noted that CBD isolates were helpful in alleviating numbness and fatigue.

In reviewing the CBD isolate in vapor form we utilized a titanium dabber, a butane torch, a glass water pipe, and a quartz nail to vaporize the isolate. The vapor was then inhaled directly and the effects documented.

Below are the various CBD isolates that were sampled. The order in which they appear does not indicate any superiority or preference.



Medterra Med99+ CBD Isolate

Med99+ CBD Isolate scored well across our review parameters. The company responded promptly to our inquiries. The company uses CO2 to extract the CBD-rich hemp oil from the plant which is sourced locally in Kentucky. The product is high-quality CBD from a reputable company.

  • Key features: Med99+ CBD Isolate is manufactured by Medterra. The isolate did not leave any residue. The product tastes excellent and has extraordinary relaxing effects. It was also found to have a peculiar earth smell that is unique to this particular isolate.
  • Special Offers: to get a 10 percent discount off your order, you are required to use coupon code MOH.
  • Price: Med99+ CBD Isolate  is priced at $34.99 per gram
  • Customer Service: the company was quick to respond to email inquiries.
  • Shipping: they charge $2 First Class Mail for shipping.
  • Extraction Method: they use CO2 extraction.
  • Hemp Source: Kentucky
  • Independent Test Results: their test results can be found online here.
  • Appearance: the isolate is a crystalline, white powder.
  • Scent & Flavor:  it has a slight earthy scent with a mildly piney flavor.

Lazarus Naturals Cycling Frog Isolates

The Cycling Frog Isolates come in different flavors that are mild giving you a choice that is dependent on your palate. The different varieties were all exciting and of high quality. However, the flavors come out strongly when they are used in vape juice or when used in cooking. Due to the wide range of flavors, further reviews are needed to explore possibilities of unique user experiences with these isolates.

The Cycling Frog Isolates from Lazarus Naturals are high-quality products that are produced using a clean Kosher alcohol extraction method. The company offers an opportunity to sample all four flavors with a 4g pack costing $100. They also give discounts to the disabled and veterans. Their customer service is quick and exceptional.

  • Highlights: Cycling Frog from Lazarus Naturals is offered in raw form and in various flavors. The product is of high-quality with a relaxing effect. Their pricing is reasonable for such high quality.
  • Special Offer: most of the variants offer a 10 percent discount when you use the coupon code MoH10.
  • Price: they offer a moderate $30 per gram
  • Customer Service: the company was quick to respond to email inquiries.
  • Shipping:  they ship using UPS Ground which costs $8. The company offers free shipping on orders above $50.
  • Extraction Method: they use the Kosher alcohol extraction method.
  • Hemp source: their hemp is sourced from the U.S.

Independent Test Results: their test results are available online and can be found below,
           – Tests on heavy metals
           – Test results on potency and residual solvent
           – Tests regarding chemical residue

  • Appearance:
    – Raw CBD isolates – this a white powder.
    – Hawaiian Citrus isolate – this is an off-white crystalline powder
    – Valencia Orange isolate – this is an off-white crystalline powder
    – Lemon Lime isolate – this is an off-white crystalline powder

Scent & Flavor:  the variants we tested have a uniform taste similar in a smooth, piney way. The flavored ones have a light fruity undertone.
          – Raw CBD isolate – this variant has no discernable odor
          – Hawaiian Citrus isolate – it has a tropical citrus scent
          – Valencia Orange isolate – it has an orange scent
          – Lemon Lime isolate – it has a lemon-lime scent

Ambary Gardens 99% Isolate CBD

Ambary Gardens 99% CBD Isolate was the smoothest we’ve ever tasted. It is produced from organic hemp grown by the company on its own farm in Kittredge, Colorado. This may explain the great quality of the product. Although slightly expensive, the quality is exceptional.

  • Highlights: the Ambary Gardens 99% CBD Isolate is manufactured from organic hemp grown in-house by the company. The          isolate is slightly expensive compared to others on the same level. This CBD isolate had a particularly smooth taste and when dabbed.
  • Price: their pricing is $60 per gram
  • Customer Service: the company responded to email inquiries promptly.
  • Shipping:  Shipping will cost you $7.99 or free local pickup.
  • Extraction Method: the company uses Open ethanol wash with vacuum after-purge.
  • Hemp Source: the company grows its own hemp in Kittredge, Colorado.
  • Independent Test Results: the potency results are found online and other test results can be obtained on request.
  • Appearance: the isolate is a crystalline shard.
  • Scent & Flavor: This isolate had an earthy odor and tasted extremely smooth.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate is a pure and powerful isolate that is priced moderately. It leaves no residue when vaporized attesting to its purity. The company offers excellent customer service.

  • Highlights: Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate is a pure white powder with a mildly piney flavor and is very relaxing. It does not have any odor. The company has an amazingly quick customer service.
  • Price: The pricing is $39.95 per gram
  • Customer Service: An amazingly quick customer service response to email inquiries
  • Shipping: Shipping is set at $5 and is free for orders above $49
  • Extraction Method: the company uses Ethanol extraction and winterization.
  • Hemp Source: their hemp is sourced from Colorado
  • Independent Test Results: the test results can be accessed online as follows-
         – Results on residual solvents
         – Results on Potency
         – REsults on the heavy metal presence
         – Results on mycotoxin and pesticide analysis
  • Appearance: The isolate is a white powder
  • Scent & Flavor:  the isolate has a mild, piney flavor. It has no discernible scent.



This is by no means an exhaustive list of the most valuable CBD isolates in the world, but it gives a comprehensive review of those that meet a high-quality threshold.

The important factors to consider when looking for CBD isolates is to find out the source of the hemp they use, how they extract CBD from the hemp and availability of third-party lab tests. The tests give you the assurance that the product meets high standards that can be verified. And finally, great customer service shows a commitment and confidence in the product. — read more similar articles like this at Cbd Oil Adviser.



5/51 rating