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It is becoming more and more common for large proportions of the American population to suffer from anxiety, stress or a variety of other mental health problems. In order to treat this, many of them are turning to CBD, a form of cannabis.

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When looking at data from the National Institute of Mental Health, it became evident that anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the USA. Over the previous year, it was cited that more than 18% of Americans have suffered from the symptoms of some form of anxiety disorder. Even those who don’t experience these kinds of disorders, everyone can still struggle with the stress of day to day life.

In this article, CBD Oil Adviser have taken the time to evaluate all the evidence from scientific research as well as feedback which comes from those who use CBD on a regular basis. There is still a lot of scientific work to be done on CBD and what benefits it can bring to users, but current feedback is promising. Many people frequently turn to marijuana, also referred to as psychoactive cannabis, in order to de-stress when they have experienced a stressful day. Others choose to turn to hemp-based CBD oil which gives users the same relaxed feeling and pain relief, yet doesn’t give them the same feeling of being “high”.

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How Do Cannabis, CBD And Anxiety Tie Into Each Other?


It is common place for people to return home to use cannabis and simply experience the benefits. However, many users have complained about the fact that they can suffer from paranoia when they use it on a regular basis. Scientists do suggest that this is due to users ingesting more of it than recommended. This indicates that CBD is very important in creating an entire difference response to a similar substance.

According to writer Bailey Rahn, it is possible to reverse the effects of paranoia by ingesting an increased amount of CBD oil. On a website for information on cannabis use called Leafly, Bailey states that heightened levels of CBD not only helps to reduce paranoia but is also being used by sufferers of anxiety to help them cope with their mental health illness.

Martin A. Lee spoke about psychoactive cannabis in an extract by Rahn in his book “Smoke Signals” “Cannabidiol balances the buzz and softens the euphoria — or, in some cases, the dysphoria — induced by THC, which, in concentrated form, can make people feel very loopy and weird,”


Scientific Research Supports Claims That CBD Has ‘Considerable Potential’ When It Comes to Improving AnxietyAnd Other Mental Health Illnesses

CBD oil impacts upon the endocannabinoid system by replicating the chemicals which naturally occur in humans and are also similar to those found in cannabis. Many scientists have found that low amounts of these chemicals which are found within humans can be linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and conditions surrounding anxiety. 

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which has a wide variety of purposes and contributes to the happiness and wellbeing of a person. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression, anxiety and a variety of other mental health illnesses. At present more research is being carried out on what impact CBD might have on serotonin and people’s moods.

“Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

The majority of the current research on CBD and its effects on anxiety have simply been carried out on animals. Whilst little research has been done with humans, current trends seem to indicate that CBD works in the same fashion as the SSRI drugs which are prescribed for anxiety and help to encourage more action in the serotonin receptors in people’s brains. Research shows that both the commonly used drug of SSRI, as well as CBD, encourage the renewal of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that contributes towards depression and anxiety.

In May 2012 Simon Zhornitsky and StéphanePotvinpublished a study in Pharmaceuticals (Basel)in which they analyzed many different studies on CBD which involved humans. These studies concluded that CBD was looking promising when it came to treating mental health conditions.

“[P]reliminary clinical trials suggest that high-dose oral CBD (150–600 mg/d) may exert a therapeutic effect for social anxiety disorder, insomnia and epilepsy,” wrote Simon and Stephane while stating that increased levels of CBD are able to “also … cause mental sedation.”

In another study which was published in Neurotherapeutics, a group of scientists evaluated all of the studies which involved both humans and animals.

“Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders,” the team wrote, whilst concluding that further research was still needed.

Low Doses Are Still Found To Work Well Amongst CBD Users

Many regular CBD users have stated that it is more effective to take it on a regular basis as opposed to using it for one-off occasions to treat particularly bad anxiety.

“For me, it’s good for quelling the low level, day-to-day anxiety that buzzes in the background, but it isn’t strong enough to stop a panic attack the way xanax can,” stated one user on Reddit in a discussion group on the benefits of regularly using CBD.

Many other CBD users stated online that ingesting too much CBD can sometimes worsen anxiety and reverse all the positive effects of the drug. “That’s why [it’s] always good to start small and work yourself up,” wrote one woman on Reddit.

Many research papers are still debating whether CBD can truly improve mental health illnesses. Therefore, it is still very important that more research is done into CBD oils and what effects it can have on the human brain. That being said, many users continue to rave about the positive effects of CBD products like gums or CBD oil vape for sale on their mental health and with it being legal for all consumers there is certainly no harm in giving it a try yourself.

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