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CBD, Cannabinol, is an oil extract from industrial hemp plants and is a popular natural remedy for all sorts of ailments, including epilepsy and seizures. You may have even tried this remedy yourself. But did you know that, just like it can help you, CBD oil can also help your dog?

Find out here the best CBD oil for dogs.

If your dog suffers from seizures, CBD oil could resolve this and it can also help with other conditions your canine friend might suffer from.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend and it can be a heart-breaking experience if your dog is suffering. But CBD oil can help minimize their pain and create a remedy for their torment.

Find out where you can buy CBD oil for dogs near you: CBD oil for dogs near me.

What is CBD Oil?       

CBD oil is a natural remedy extracted from the hemp plant that can reduce inflammation, joint pain and a variety of other physical and mental ailments – including seizures. 

Check out the best CBD oil for seizures.

If your pup suffers from separation anxiety and looks absolutely distraught when you leave the house, CBD oil can provide some relief.

This oil can be a very useful treatment to keep in your medicine cabinet for the holidays throughout the year- ie. Fourth of July when the loud and often triggering celebrations can upset our pets. CBD oil will create a soothing reaction in our furry friends once it enters their system, saving you and them a whole lot of worry!

Dogs and Seizures

Around 5% of dogs suffer from some kind of seizure or a condition that causes them. The two most common are epileptic and idiopathic.

Having a dog that suffers from seizures can be upsetting. It is vital that if your dog suffers from seizures, even if it is just the once, you visit your veterinarian to gain some professional advice. Your vet will be able to provide you with more information on your dog’s condition and the essential medication if necessary.

However, some commonly prescribed medications, such as phenobarbital and potassium can harm your dog in the long run. These kinds of drugs can cause issues with your dog’s organs and internal systems.

As with all medication, you should follow professional advice. But for some cases, CBD oil is a safer solution for your dog and can massively reduce the severity of their seizures.


Is It Safe?

It is understandable for you to be concerned about how to medicate your dog. After all we love our furry friends with all our hearts, so of course, we want them to be safe!

If possible try to consult a veterinarian who supports holistic and natural remedies. This will ensure that you can get the best advice from them whilst still seeking the treatment you want.

Cannabidiol works when the substance comes into contact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system. This is one of the largest neurotransmitter networks in the body and runs through the brain and the nervous and immune systems.

Although CBD is natural for skin, dogs are greatly sensitive to THC (Tetrahydrocannibal) the active compound in the psychoactive cannabis often used for recreational purposes. That’s marijuana to me and you.

This is the compound that creates the ‘high’ that can be experienced from marijuana and, although it may be the reason this substance has been popular among humans for centuries, it can have a nasty effect on your dog. When administering a natural CBD treatment to your canine you must ensure that there are no traces of THC in the oils or tinctures you are using.

Dogs can register and take effect with even minor traces of THC, so please check the ingredients of your oils before using them and consult a professional before you treat your dog.


How To Treat

Similar to the way we would consume CBD oil, your dog can take their treatment orally by capsules or in the tincture form (know here what is better for your dogs: CBD tincture vs capsules). If your dog is resisting to taking the drugs you can always disguise the pills in dog treats or cover them in something sweet like peanut butter to ensure they will take to it.

In terms of dosage, the process is once again very similar to what you may experience when taking a new prescription. We recommend starting your pup off by taking only 1 to 2 dosages a day, depending on the severity of their condition. Keep this regime going for around 5-7 days to allow the medication to get into your dog’s system and take effect. If you do not notice any relief of symptoms of anxiety or seizures you may want to think about adjusting their dosage.

Once again, you should consult your veterinarian and be extremely mindful of their guidance and advice.

It is common for dog owners to worry about giving their beloved pets a ‘high’ when they start a CBD oil treatment. However, it is not the CBD compound that creates this intoxicating effect. This part of the hemp plant extract is purely medicinal. Owners should be wary of tinctures that may contain THC – this is the compound found in marijuana that can cause severe side effects to your pup and causes the ‘high’.

Be careful of how long the course of CBD oil treatment you give your dog is, as even trace amounts of THC that can be present in most harmless CBD oils can add up in the body over time and cause damage.

Starting The Treatment

Just like you would get yourself checked out by a medical professional before starting a new treatment, you should ensure that your canine has been seen by a well-established and respected veterinarian before you administer CBD oil. If you are serious about starting this kind of treatment then you should seek out a vet who is supportive of holistic and natural approaches to ensure that you can get the best advice possible and learn the most about what kind of oils to use and what dosages you should try.

If you already have CBD oil in your cabinet you may have what you need to treat your dog. Fundamentally the CBD oil that we use on ourselves and the one we can use on our dogs should be the same. We both, owners and dogs, require the same high quality of hemp plant extract to retrieve the benefits.

Be wary of low-quality oils which have been reported to contain all kinds of alien substances, from heavy metals to pesticides and even mold. These contaminations in the oils can cause serious health issues for you and your furry friends. Ensure that you purchase oil from an established company and check that it is high quality, full spectrum and zero-THC oil that has been extracted from responsible organic hemp sources.

One major difference between our CBD oil and that for your dogs are the carrier oils. In tinctures, compounds of the oil, organic coconut oils are the best option for your dog as they can digest this well. For us owners, coconut oil can cause flatulence and uncomfortable bladder movements.

You and your pet may also differ in potency, which is the amount of CBD oil needed to retrieve the benefits. As recommended before, simply start small with your pet and consult a professional before upping their dosage.

CBD Oil For A Better Life           

CBD Oil Adviser understand the deep love you have for your dogs, which is why you want to ensure that they have the best life possible. CBD oil can provide both you and your furry friends the opportunity to live fulfilled and happy lives, pain-free.

Remember to consult your veterinarian on a regular basis and keep them updated with your dog’s progress as well as continuing to do your own research to get the best idea. CBD oil can help your pup return to their happy, carefree selves and allow you both to make the most out of each other!

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