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Most people would like to lose a little weight whilst others might want, or need, to shed considerably more, and more still, find themselves somewhere between the two. Regardless of the number of pounds you want to get rid of, the solution is always down to choosing a diet and there are literally hundreds to choose from as we all know. Eat less, move more is without doubt a helpful mantra, but most of us usually find we need a bit of assistance and that normally comes in the form of a structured diet plan. But then, you have to figure which one is the best for you and this choice has to be made from the plethora of systems out there.

Some are helpful, some do not work at all and others still are actually harmful, sometimes bordering on the dangerous. In recent years though, a safe and sensible diet has gained in popularity which is based around CBD or cannabidiol, you may well have heard of this supplement as it is rarely out of the news these days, but if you haven’t, here is a brief overview;


Can CBD Make You High

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, more significantly from the parts of the hemp plant that do not contain high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the compound that is found in higher doses in other parts of the plant that are used as cannabis, the narcotic people use to produce a euphoric ‘high’. CBD oil however, will not deliver an altered state of mind nor is it addictive or harmful. Quite the opposite in fact, CBD has been found to bring relief to people suffering from IBD, anxiety issues, diabetes, MS, chronic pain, loss of appetite and many more painful and unpleasant illnesses and diseases. In fact, you happen to be suffering from any ailment or malady it is well worth researching the benefits that CBD may have in easing your condition as well as its ability to help you lose weight. The hemp plant can also be used to produce clothing, furniture and even building blocks for the construction industry and whatever it is turned into, it is 100% natural, sustainable and organic. So, in this form, its uses are far more productive than its opiate cousin.

Research On CBD Body Effects

Making sure our weight is within healthy parameters not only makes us look and feel better, but it is also vital to our health. As we all know, being obese can lead to blood pressure problems, heart disease, strokes and can even contribute to the risk of cancer. But how is CBD oil going to help when it comes to shedding excess weight? Over the years much research has been carried out into the benefits of CBD oil in regard to a number of illnesses and also as a supplement that may aid weight reduction.

Some people think this is impossible because as CBD is harvested from the same shrub that produces cannabis, they assume that in taking cannabidiol you will suffer the same effects as when using the drug, one of which is the “munchies”, which is the surge of hunger people who use cannabis experience. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, CBD can in fact be an appetite suppressant. The THC mentioned earlier and found in abundant amounts in cannabis, causes not only the state of euphoria users experience, but also the hunger pangs. As CBD oil contains only trace amounts of THC this is not the case when used as part of a diet plan.

CBD oil has a profound effect on the metabolism of the human body. It has been found to increase the amount and activity of mitochondria in our cells which in turn leads to more calories being burned. But CBD oils most profound effect, and therefore largest contribution to our weight loss, is in its ability to cause fat browning. This is a procedure where the white fatty tissue in our body is transformed into beige or brown fatty tissue. This is significant because white fatty tissue is stored in our body creating build ups which result in weight gain, whereas brown fatty tissue is burned up and used as energy therefore preventing the accumulation of fat and this leads to weight stability, and, better still, converting that fat into a compound that can be burnt off means we actually begin to lose weight!

The reason the white fatty tissue turns to brown is that CBD oil helps to cleanse it of toxins, and if there are no toxins threatening our organs, there is no need for white fatty tissue. Very simple, but also very effective.

Adding CBD To Your Diet

As CBD oil is completely natural it is perfectly safe to use although as with any supplement, you should always check the label to make sure there is nothing in the ingredients that you are not suited to. You should also always purchase from a trusted and respected supplier. A quick look on any BCD or dieting message board or forum will easily guide you to the best retailers as the same names tend to pop up time after time, proving these to be the most highly thought of.

You can order CBD gummies to add to your diet in several ways. Most people choose to use capsules as they are easy to take and make dosage very simple. We’ll come on to what that dose should be in a moment. Gummies are very popular as well as it gives you something to chew and swallow which helps a little in suppressing appetite in itself. How much you should take is very much down to the individual as we all metabolize at a different rate, so the best approach is to start low, say 10mg and try that for a few days, if nothing seems to be happening, increase the dose by another 10mg and continue this monitoring and adjusting until you hit the sweet spot where you start to lose weight. CBD is safe to consume even for animals as there are communities of owners of pets using CBD oil for seizures and other ailments.

Be sure to check what the maximum dose is for the particular product you have chosen of course. If you hit that highest dosage and you are still not seeing any results, then you may need to try a different type of CBD oil as they can vary in effectiveness from brand to brand.


CBD oil should not affect any drugs test you may have to undergo, perhaps at work for example, as long as you stick to an oil that is low in THC. It also is perfectly safe to use and will not effect your blood pressure, temperature or heart rate. It may not be suitable for women who are breastfeeding so if you have any doubts at all about using CBD oil, please consult a physician. Beyond that, CBD  is a great and effective tool to use along side your diet plan and once you find your favoured brand and suitable dosage, you will start to see the results almost immediately and be so glad you gave CBD oil a try.

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