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CBD oil is rarely out of the news these days, barely does a day go by without coming across an article in the press, a segment on TV or even a full-blown documentary concerning the Cannabis based wonder oil. This ongoing surge in its popularity combined with the demystifying of its make-up and use is causing more and more people to consider using the supplement for whatever might be ailing them. And this interest brings about the commonly asked question, ‘where can I buy CBD oil near me?’ and unfortunately the answer isn’t as straightforward as perhaps it should be and very much depends on which part of the country you reside in.

As of November 2020, eleven states and Washington D.C. allowed the recreational use of marijuana by its citizens. This means you can walk into any dispensary and leave with potent, high-quality CBD oil with no questions asked and no threat of prosecution. Although, some states do require that you present a medicinal marijuana card or a recommendation to obtain CBD oil from a physician. Under most circumstances a recommendation is easy enough to obtain and can even be acquired and printed from an online document so poses little or no obstacle to purchasing your CBD oil, the ID card is slightly harder to attain, and we will come to that shortly.


CBD – Legal or Not?

A further twenty-nine states have legalized marijuana-derived products such as CBD oil for medical use only, and still, dish out penalties ranging from the mild to the severe for recreational use of the plant. This medicinal legalization is all good and well and a healthy step in the right direction, but to purchase cannabidiols you have to present a special medical card and getting one of these means dealing with the states board of health and well, anyone who has had to go down that route will tell you what a bureaucratic nightmare it can be. And even if you do eventually receive your card the next hurdle is where to use it.

These areas requiring the card sometimes only have a limited number of dispensaries, the strictest regions very few indeed in fact, and they are usually located somewhere that is always hard to get to. It is like they have begrudgingly accepted the people’s will to relax the marijuana laws, but they sure are not going to make getting hold of the stuff that easy.

And that leaves a further twenty states whose occupants have absolutely no access to CBD or any other Cannabis based products as it is illegal to purchase or possess it in any form at all. This means that, potentially, millions of people could, at some time in their lives, miss out on a cure for what ails them and if not a cure, then something which might greatly ease their pain and discomfort. Adding pets to that figure due to the CBD oil benefits for pets that can have for them, then you can easily double the number of individuals who are being denied something a good number of their fellow countrymen and their animals are not.

If you live in one of the states that allow using marijuana as a medical treatment and have a condition that qualifies the using of it than you haven’t a problem. If you suffer a condition such as anxiety or chronic pain then you are out of luck. These ailments are not on the list of accepted illnesses that qualify you for CBD oil so other than moving to a state where there are no restrictions, what can you do? The solution seems to appear in the shape of Hemp derived CBD oil. This oil is proving to be just as effective as cannabis-based oils in treating a range of diseases and illnesses but thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, it can be delivered to anybody anywhere in the country.


Difference: Marijuana And Hemp

So, what is the difference between Marijuana CBD oil and Hemp CBD oil? Many years ago, hemp and cannabis were regarded as two different entities, but the law changed, and both were classified as a narcotic and duly banned and made illegal. In truth, this was rather unfair as parts of the hemp plant can be used to make a drug that will get you “high” and parts of it cannot. Hemp contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) this is the compound in hemp that will produce a feeling of euphoria if used as a recreational drug. The part of the hemp plant used in opiate production will contain about 10-15% THC, the industrial hemp contains less than 2% THC and is now considered a separate entity to its narcotic cousin and is used to make Hemp CBD oil. Hemp oil is completely safe and non-addictive and has great benefits as a medication. Best of all, it can be bought, sold shipped and farmed in just about every state.

Hemp based CBD oil is just as effective as any other cannabidoil supplement. It isn’t designed to get you “high” so the fact that it doesn’t is not an issue. If you use the right product – there are many varieties available, so you may need to use a bit of trial and error to find the best CBD Oil for you – along with the right dosage and seek advice from a doctor, hemp-based CBD oil will still help to treat your arthritis, chronic pain, IBD and anxiety. In fact, it is beginning to look like CBD oil can have a major effect on many conditions with an anecdotal recounting of how it has helped different people in different ways appearing almost daily.


Be Wary Of Shady Dangerous Knockoffs

The crux of the matter is that between the relaxation in the laws and the surge to the forefront of supplemental medicine in the shape of hemp-derived CBD oil, it is now possible for just about any citizen of the United States to obtain the oil as many of the top brands are now selling what was once only available in certain states online and it will be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in the United States and on the same day in some cases! But, and this is kind of a big but, this is the internet and as we all know from the exposure of fake and potentially harmful products in other areas of medicine, there are always going to be bad guys online with snazzy looking websites that actually only sell you cheap, useless and potentially dangerous knockoffs. So, there are some tell-tale signs to look for that will assure you that the company you are looking to purchase from is one of the good guys.

Certain information should be displayed clearly on their site and that information should be easily verified as true. The company should be happy to share their lab results in the form of a 3rd parties documented report. You should also take a quick look at the validity of the 3rd party as well. It is also necessary to view evidence that the extraction method uses up to date CO2 systems and that production is free from pesticides, herbicides, and non-natural fertilizers. A good customer care and refund policy are also highly desirable as it is with any company you deal with. Online reviews at CBD forums and sometimes websites dealing with your particular problem which needs the CBD oil treatment can also be a good source of information. After all, if the name of a company keeps popping up in positive reviews and board talk, then that can only be a good thing.


CBD Oil Should Be Organic 100%

As previously mentioned, the hemp derivatives that are used in CBD oil should be ethically produced and also be completely organic and natural with no synthetic chemicals involved in that extraction process. This is not just essential from a moral standpoint but is equally vital to the quality of the CBD oil. Unfortunately, CBD oils that have gone through a perfect production process are very few and far between as the vast majority are imported from abroad wherein the interests of keeping productions cost low, this penny pinching means the possibility of contamination is high. 

One such economy use abroad is the mass production of second or third rate hemp plants with less CBD present than better specimens. This means huge numbers are used just to achieve enough CBD to actually justify calling the resulting liquid CBD at all and unless the manufacturer is using the best kit available in that process, which is hardly likely if they are needing to cut corners in the first place, then the CBD oil can contain elements of solvents such as hexane and butane and even propylene glycol which itself can then turn into carcinogenic compounds like formaldehyde. This means you need to purchase from a company whose system is state of the art and producing top-notch CBD oil


 CBD Oil Companies You Can Trust

Thankfully, here are some brands who are renowned industry-wide for their first class materials and production facilities so in turn are trusted to sell high quality and reasonably priced CBD oil. These are some of the retailers mentioned earlier that can boast a constantly good reputation in the message boards and forums.


PureKana CBD

PureKana CBD oil is produced by a company at the top of its game in the CBD industry. Their website is easy to use, and their various ranges are nicely set out with information concerning their contents and use readily available. Their products tick all of the necessary boxes concerning extraction method, naturalness, and 3rd party testing and reporting. Everything is legal and 100% secure.


Greenroads are a massive company in Florida that ships nationwide. They too produce CBD oil of the highest standard which can be administered by vaping or can be taken orally. Like PureKana their website is highly customer friendly, informative and fast. Greenroads also have a reputation for excellent customer service with very little negative feedback.

Premium Jane CBD

Premium Jane CBD oil is an oil from a relatively new company recently formed in Los Angeles California and they ship to all US states. They are a team of farmers, researchers, chemists and other experts in their fields who have combined to create a really special CBD oil. The company themselves are pretty special as well as they have an agreement to work with farms that grow under the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program meaning that their hemp is grown here in the USA! 

This, obviously, gets over the problem of cheap and inferior imports which, with Hemp CBD oil becoming so popular, will hopefully be the rule rather than the exception in the future as more and more states legalize hemp farming. Premium Jane CBD oil uses the same 3rd party testing labs as Pure Kana and their product range includes CBD capsules, topical creams, and even CBD gummies.


Elixinol was the first company in the world to receive the seal of approval of its CBD products from Realm of Caring, an impartial and non-profit company involved in cannabidoil research and development, so much kudos to them indeed. This company has been around for many years and is considered an expert in its field. Although a little pricey for some, its high-quality products including edibles and balms are some of the best quality out there and are highly recommended by many. The website is easy to use and an extremely useful tool when searching for your perfect CBD oil product.



In summary, buying CBD oil can be easy if you live in the right state, amazingly easy if you live in Oregon! In other states, it can be tiresome work to get permission to buy and use it for medicinal purposes and in yet other regions it can be nigh on impossible. The solution for many lies online. By all means, carry out your own research and find your own preferred specialist but take a look at those mentioned above and you won’t go far wrong.

Out of the four one of them is bound to have the product to suit your needs and they all have easy to use and secure websites. PureKana probably wins the fastest delivery by a whisker but that is not an issue if you buy regularly as you can plan for a new supply to arrive before your current batch runs out. Shopping for CBD oil online results in a pleasant and simple experience in getting you just what you need, and, just as importantly, you will be getting it legally.

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