Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In Indiana?



Cannabidiol is increasing in its popularity fast because it’s a leading promoter of health and wellbeing.  This is why retailers of CBD related products are continually popping up across Indiana. CBD is so popular because it can safely be used in children and adults, has a large array of benefits health-wise and has no psychoactive elements. Due to the health benefits, it is becoming a widely known health aid across America, including Indiana.

Despite some challenges around the legality of some products containing CBD, you are able to legally purchase CBD Oil in Indiana. We will talk about the legalities of CBD Oil and then will look at the different places to purchase CBD products.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana?

People are increasingly becoming aware of the health benefits surrounding cannabis related plants, encouraging many states to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.  Marijuana is still restricted in Indiana, though, with the possession and sale of such products considered criminal.

But there is promising news.  Cannabidiol can be sourced from both the marijuana and the hemp plant.  This means that the classification as to whether CBD Oil is or is not legal depends on its origin.

Here’s a quick guide to help you understand Indiana CBD laws:


Marijuana CBD Oil in Indiana

Indiana is a state where it still remains illegal to have marijuana in your possession, to purchase and sell it.  It does not matter if it is required for recreational or medical use, it’s illegal.  CBD Oil created from the marijuana plant is illegal here.

Over the last few years, there have been multiple bills introduced regarding the legalization of marijuana – none have passed.  Actually, they never got very far through the legalization process at all.  We must wait longer for marijuana-based CBD Oil for sale in Indiana to become legal.


Hemp CBD Oil in Indiana

Unlike CBD Oil from marijuana, CBD Oil from hemp is classified as legal in Indiana.  The Farm Bill 2014 enabled all hemp-based products to be legalized, though they must contain less than 0.3% THC to be so.

Due to the legalization of products based around the hemp plant, the use and growing industries are both legal at federal level across the US, unless an in-state law disagrees.  This means that CBD Oil is completely legal for purchase and use in Indiana, but it must be hemp-based CBD Oil.

Would you like to find out how you can get hold of a specific hemp product in Indiana?  Here’s where you can purchase CBD Oil (derived from the hemp plant).


Where to Buy CBD Oil in Indiana

We have previously stated that CBD products derived from the hemp plant are legal in all 50 states, with products available in Indiana, too.  Thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, CBD Oil derived from the hemp plant is fully legal in Indiana as long as there is less than 0.3% THC within it.

Many local Indiana stores sell hemp-based CBD Oil, but there will be a huge difference in the quality of it.  This means that for people who wish to purchase hemp-based CBD Oil but are not confident knowing whether they are purchasing a good quality of it in their local store, then the internet can be incredibly helpful. 

There are so many hemp-based products online, the majority of which are reviewed, that you will really easily be able to order the CBD Oil and be assured that it’s of good quality.

We do not recommend that you buy your CBD Oil from a local stockist in Indiana, because it has been recently reported to have been of such low quality.  You deserve better!

To learn more about CBD Oil or find out where we would recommend you buy the purest, high-quality CBD Oil from, then just read our guide on buying CBD Oil near you.


Buying CBD Oil Online in Indiana

If you would like to purchase your CBD Oil from an online retailer, it is really easy to access a large array of high-quality products from trusted producers.  With products derived from the hemp plant being classed as legal in every state of the US, it is really simple to order whatever you require from your home. 

Purchasing online also enables you to do more research relating to a specific manufacturer, producer or seller, to determine the quality and value for money.

Want some more reasons as to why we think you should buy your CBD products on the internet?

•    Wholesale deals: Get the best quality of product at the best price;

•    Comfort: You can shop from your home – choose it, order it and get it delivered without moving anything but your clicking finger;

•    Fast: How much time would it take if you went around all of your local stores to compare similar products?  Ages!  Well, this isn’t the case if you order online – just research and compare products online in minutes.

Would you like to learn how you can decipher a reliable brand amongst the huge numbers of CBD manufacturers available?  We know that it’s really confusing and often people feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice they have. 

So here’s a quick tip: to work out if a specific hemp-based product is of a good quality and if the seller is reputable, trustworthy and reliable, you must discover the transparency of the company selling the product.  However, we think that the most important thing is the third party lab test result. 

These will not only prove the products quality, but they will also tell you if it’s safe.  This is vital!


Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Indiana

Sourcing and purchasing CBD Oil in Indiana is pretty easy.  Hemp-derived products are available in multiple popular stores in the state.  Online sellers having a wider range of high-quality CBD products, will deliver them directly to your home, and frequently offer wholesale deals so you can get the best value for your money. 

But we do understand that some people would much rather continue to shop locally than on the internet, so we’ve prepared a local Indiana based list of stockists for you.  We think these are the best hemp-based retailers in Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Wayne.


CBD Oil Shops in Indianapolis

If you are visiting the capital of Indiana, make sure you do a little detour to these CBD product hotspots:



Xpress Tobacco Outlet

622 S Rangeline Rd B, Carmel, IN 46032

20 Past 4 and More

3433 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

CBD & Vape

6920 Eagle Highlands Way#700b, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Dragon Smoke & Vape Shop

10535 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Happy Daze Smoke Shop

6450 W 10th St STE 2, Indianapolis, IN 46214



CBD Oil Shops in Fort Wayne

We have found the best store for you in Fort Wayne, but if this isn’t convenient for you, then have a quick look on the web:



CBD Store of Fort Wayne

1858, 3629 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805



CBD Oil Shops in Evansville

As home to some very popular CBD Oil vape pen kit and med CBD gum stores, Evansville has multiple high-quality hemp-based suppliers, so be sure to visit:



Adele’s Naturally

2704 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714

Puff N Stuff Vapor

2163 E Morgan Ave, Evansville, IN 47711

Crush Vapor & Smoke Shop

215 N Stockwell Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

Adele’s Natural Foods

4488 N First Ave, Evansville, IN 47710


CBD Oil Shops in Bloomington

Unlike its name, sadly Bloomington has not yet blossomed with many vape or CBD retailers, but these places are worth a look at:



B-Town Botanicals Hydroponics & CBD

339 E Winslow Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401

Bell Family Dispensary LLC CBD Oil

5595 W State Rd 46, Bloomington, IN 47404


CBD Oil Shops in South Bend

If you are in desperate need of CBD Oil, help is at hand at these most popular stockists in the city:



Vape & Smoke South Bend

1404 N Ironwood Dr, South Bend, IN 46635

Glass Roots

2008, 109 S Main St, Mishawaka, IN 46544


Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Oil in Indiana

What was Cbd Oil Adviser discovered?  Hemp is legal in all 50 US states.  Marijuana-based CBD Oil remains illegal in the state of Indiana, but hemp-based products are legal.  You can purchase CBD Oil in Indiana legally as long as it is from the hemp plant. 

Using the internet will enable you to make good comparisons between similar products, find wholesale deals and find the best quality product for the best value for money.  The most convenient way of purchasing CBD Oil is by buying online – manufacturers will ship their products anywhere.

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