Where To Buy CBD Oil In Louisiana?


The hemp plant was grown throughout the United States throughout the agricultural history of the country.  It became a crop known as the foundation of agriculture, a crucial crop which was acknowledged by the U.S. Government of the 1940s for its many uses and numerous benefits.  The necessity of the crop was so intensive that hemp farmers became exempt from military duty during World War II. 

The power and sustainability of the hemp plants were endorsed even more so by the U.S. Government of the time, acknowledging that around 10,000 acres of the hemp crop was able to produce hemp-based paper in an amount of around 40,000 acres of average pulp land.


CBD Hemp Oil in Louisiana – Is it Legal?

During a later Government’s ‘War on Drugs’, hemp became prohibited due to its association with marijuana.  Some cynics believe that one reason for the prohibition of hemp was to benefit the manufacturers of plastics and other emerging materials, ignoring the long-known sustainable benefits of the crop. 

Researchers and experts have fought long and hard over the decades to reverse this decision and reinforce the legality of industrialized hemp. 

More recently, CBD has become one of the biggest selling health products in the country, now being available across all 50 states as the product becomes more commonly used and less restricted by society’s prejudiced reasoning.


Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Louisiana?

The 2014 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of industrialized hemp across all 50 states in the U.S.  In-state laws were able to contradict this if they so desired although the state of Louisiana has enacted no such clauses.  Therefore, CBD oil along with other hemp-based products like CBD capsules 15mg is perfectly legal across the state of Louisiana. 

Many varieties of CBD oil can be purchased online, also, where a consumer is able to choose from a much wider range of products.  The internet provides a sound opportunity for the consumer to conduct a great deal of research into both the supplier and the manufacturer of their chosen product.

The legality of CBD oil is dependent upon its source.  CBD oil which is derived from the hemp plant is generally legal due to the very low amount of THC compound present.  However, CBD oil sourced from marijuana is not legal although it can be used under supervision for some medical uses.


Modern Legislation

In addition to the legalization of industrialized hemp, in 2015 an amendment to Senate Bill 143 amidst ACT 261 witnessed the legalization of the distribution of medicinal marijuana across the state of Louisiana. 

Marijuana itself remains illegal, however, with an average of 28% the THC compound being found across samples.  This is in contrast with an almost negligible amount of 0.3% of the THC compound found within hemp samples. 

THC is the compound which attaches to the brain and causes psychoactive episodes, a factor which is largely to blame for the prohibition of marijuana in the state of Louisiana.


Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Louisiana?

Across the state of Louisiana, there are numerous stores which sell CBD oils near you and you can find it here CBD oil stores near me.

CBD oils which are derived from the hemp plant offer a lot of therapeutic benefits for the individual, particularly those with some health conditions. 

Of course, you can search the internet and find the best deals available across CBD oil supplies.  It is important to remember to discover the source of the CBD oil, however, remembering that only hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Louisiana. 

Additional factors to look for when purchasing CBD oil is to check that the product is completely organic as well as non-GMO certified and that third party lab testing results are available to assess the product’s overall quality. 

A reputable company to purchase CBD oil online from is Green Roads World; their products are available nationwide.  All of their industrial hemp products are thoroughly tested and traceable, containing non-detectable THC and therefore no psychoactive capabilities. 

The company ensures that they meet all standards and industry regulations, making sure that all products are pure and perfectly legal.

An advantage of purchasing CBD oils in Louisiana, however, is that the products are considered to be therapeutic supplements which may be purchased over the counter. 

Buying in the store enables you to choose from a range of products whilst accessing the first-hand expertise of the vendor.  They will be able to help you choose a product to meet your exact needs. 

CBD oils are available in different strengths and in different sizes, from 100mg to 3500mg within each bottle, you can also buy 1500mg CBD oil for sale.  An expert will be able to advise you on the best strength for your needs.  An important tip is to also research where your product is sourced from, for example, is the product sourced from hemp grown across the U.S. 

Have all necessary quality assurance procedures and safety aspects ben fulfilled?  Can you access customer feedback to assess what the products and the store or company themselves are like?

Many of the state’s biggest cities possess at least one high-quality CBD oil store.  We have found the best places across Louisiana for you to purchase a great range of CBD oils from, ensuring high-quality and great service.


CBD Oils in Louisiana

The CBD Shop, Mandeville, LA, 985-206-5092


CBD Oil Slidell, Slidell, LA, 985-788-5307


Aurora CBD & Hemp, Houma, LA, 985-746-5464


Pure CBD Oil, Hammond, LA, 866-346-5367


The CBD Shop, Covington, LA, 985-302-5134


CBD Power, New Orleans, LA, 504-702-8989




Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Oil in Louisiana

Whilst CBD oil is perfectly legal across Louisiana when the product is derived from the hemp plant, there is perhaps some resistance to accept the product which is reflected in the small number of stores throughout the state as a whole. 

This is in contrast with other states such as Maine and Massachusetts where a large range and variety of stores are operating and are still in the process of being launched.  Of course, states such as Maine and Massachusetts have also legalized marijuana and so perhaps there is a greater acceptance across those states.

CBD oil derived from marijuana is only allowed for certain patients in Louisiana who possess life-threatening or severely debilitating medical conditions and many, many restrictions apply. 

Perhaps there are still some misconceptions about the associations between the two types of CBD oil across the state?  However, CBD Oil Adviser figured out that the benefits which the legalized CBD oil can bring an individual are paramount, specifically if suffering from health conditions.

  These advantages will surely penetrate mainstream society soon, gaining widespread acceptance for CBD oil.

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