Where to Buy CBD Oil in North Carolina?


The laws surrounding cannabis within North Carolina, are extremely strict. Which is a shame given that there are several other states which are seen as being very progressive? It’s important to keep in mind the farm bill, which was introduced in 2014 which allows the growth of hemp. Every state was given the right to research hemp, which a variant of cannabis.                           

This entails that hemp CBD products are very widely accessible within North Carolina. Despite the strict laws on recreational and even medical use of Marijuana.

There are currently only a few CBD shops in the state of North Carolina. However, there are several online CBD shops which is great as it allows access to a larger number of CBD products. So really it doesn’t matter what your options are limited when it comes to shopping in person. Especially when you take into consideration the affordable price of shipping state to state.

Later on, there will be a list detailing which shops are the best for CBD. As well as going into detail over the Cannabis laws while in North Carolina. Is CBD Oil Legal in North Carolina?

As of yet, there isn’t really a clear answer on whether CBD products are even legal. This is down to the fact that they or two different sources of CBD. So it really depends on the actual source of the CBD product. The two sources of CBD are Hemp and Marijuana.

Believe it or not, there’s actually quite a lot of difference depending on the source of CBD. As the legality of the CBD products depends on the original source.


Marijuana CBD Oil in North Carolina

Currently, Marijuana being used for recreational purposes still remains illegal. North Carolina has a hard look at the use of Cannabis regardless on if it’s used recreationally or medicinally. The only exception is that in 2014 there was a bill passed named the Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act.

Which allowed for a few children to use Hemp products, only if they were a THC level under 0.9%. This was only allowed in the case of untreatable epilepsy. As a method of coping with the illness.

Thankfully the state showed the children some compassion and understood that the Hemp products would in fact help to reduce the symptoms.

The is the only condition in North Carolina that qualifies for patients to be allowed medical Marijuana. It has been very little change in North Carolina in regards to CBD products. Given that they were amendments made in 2015, yet still the laws are far from forward thinking when it comes to Cannabis.


Hemp CBD Oil in North Carolina

Due to the Farm Bill of 2014, any cannabis extracts from the industrial hemp are considered legal. However only given if the THC content is under 0.3%. Which compared to the other States this percentage is shockingly low.

No need to a fear, as the federal laws are not affected by the state laws. Which means that you can get good quality CBD, from the several U.S based companies. This is because they all act in accordance with the regulations set out in the farm bill. Resulting in them being able to ship their products legally to all the other fifty states. Obviously including North Carolina, which is great news if you’re after the very best CBD products.


Where to Buy CBD Oil in North Carolina?

Unfortunately, North Carolina isn’t the ideal place for cannabis users. However, saying that that is in fact growing CBD market. Which is great news for the people of North Carolina as this results in more great shops opening up all over the country.

As there are a selected few CBD shops which offer a great selection of CBD gum products. So if you ever see one, do in fact check them out. You’ll be really surprised at the number of CBD products available. It’s actually very common for these niche shops to only employ staff which are incredibly knowledgeable about CBD, so you’re guaranteed to get your questions answered right away.

If you would prefer to do your CBD shopping online then I highly recommend you do some research beforehand. As previously mentioned there is a number of CBD brands who do in fact ship their CBD products all the way to North Carolina.

Your best bet at getting a really good quality CBD product is through shopping online. It’s quite easy to get confused at which product is right for you, that’s why it’s really great to have access to user reviews. You’ll be able to find out how other people got on with the product. So you’ll be confident in the fact you’re getting a decent product for the price.


Buying CBD Oil Online in North Carolina

While in North Carolina the best way to get any CBD product is online. However, it’s important to do some research before selecting a product. To make it easier for you here are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • Make sure that they source their CBD from organic and GMO-free hemp.
  • Look out for full-spectrum extracts.
  • Try to find out if they use CO2 extraction as their main method.
  • Check for 3rd-party lab testing of the product.
  • Make sure that the customer service is knowledgeable about the CBD products.

Once you have completed all these steps and have found out the answers. You should feel are we more confident in the brand your purchasing from. After following these steps you know what you’re paying for is, in fact, a quality product. If you can’t find out the answers to the questions then you should not be spending your money on that product.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in North Carolina

Right now they are a number of CBD shops within North Carolina. So you’re definitely able to find a store that fits your needs. To find the very best CBD products you’re going to have to travel to one of the big cities. CBD oil for pets might interest you as well.

Below is the list of the top-rated CBD oil stores in North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Hemp- 61 1 /2 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801.

Carolina Hemp Company- 108 Elk Park Dr, Asheville, NC 28804.


Best CBD Oil Stores near Charlotte

The Magic Pipe– 808 Conover Blvd W, Conover, NC 28613.


Best CBD Oil Stores in Wilmington

Hemp Farmacy- 117 Grace St, Wilmington, NC 28401.


Best CBD Oil Stores near Raleigh

A1 Vapor Shop– 915 Keller-Andrews Rd, Sanford, NC 27330.


Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Oil in North Carolina

Currently, North Carolina does, in fact, have some of the harshest laws surrounding Cannabis. Which means the residents of North Carolina, they have very limited access to CBD regardless if the use is intended for medicinal purposes. Currently, the federal law allows for the use of cannabis extracted from Hemp, only if it has 0.3% THC.

If you still wish to try a CBD product for yourself and your completely update on the laws surrounding Cannabis within North Carolina. Then it’s possible for you to visit a shop which supplies CBD products. Although we recommend that you purchase your CBD products online, as you will have access to way more of choices.

I really do hope that this article answered your questions about where to buy CBD products in North Carolina. Thank you for checking out my article.

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