Where to Buy CBD Oil in Texas?


When it comes to medical cannabis regulations in Texas, nothing has ever been plain and simple. In fact, Texas is an incredibly tough state when dealing with recreational marijuana. Despite this, Texas is a thriving area for the hemp market as hemp-based CBD oil from hemp actually fully legal. It still isn’t on par with the other states in the US like California and New York, but that doesn’t mean Texas is lacking on amazing 5-star stores that carry a magnificent range of CBD oil products.

As there is an extensive list of CBD oil shops to choose from in Texas, we decided to put a list together of some of our favourites. But before all of that, we should probably explain the variances between Hemp CBD oil and Marijuana. Ready?


Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

If you didn’t know, CBD originates from hemp and marijuana variations of the cannabis plant. Therefore, they are ranked separately on their legal standing. Let’s talk about buying the two different variations of the oil in Texas.


Marijuana CBD Oil in Texas

Normally, being caught in possession of a sole joint of marijuana can leave you with a misdemeanor and a decree of up to 180 days in prison. Doesn’t sound very lenient, does it?

There’s been some changes however, since the Compassionate Use Act (S.B. 339) passed in government, inhabitants of Texas were allowed to purchase and use marijuana CBD oil and other cannabis goods that include no more than 0.5% of THC and no less than 10% CBD.

Although that may sound like major progress, all it has really done is create more frustration. The law is painfully limited when it comes to explaining who is allowed to use to marijuana CBD oil. Incredibly, this legislation has only given the right to use CBD oil to people who suffer from rare cases of drug-resilient epilepsy.

Even more incredibly, no doctor can even give marijuana CBD oil to their patients because they’d then risk having their license revoked due to it being a defilement of federal law. This leaves doctors and physicians only being able to recommend medicinal marijuana to the people they think could benefit from it.


Hemp CBD Oil in Texas

A state-wide Farm Bill was passed by government in 2014 which allowed all US states to produce and research into industrial hemp. As of 2017, the state of Texas acknowledged House Bill 3587, this allowed farmers in Texas to nurture industrial hemp in Texas. This is why hemp, and other products that are derived from hemp like the CBD oil, are happily lawful in Texas. The CBD oil that is produced from hemp has less than 0.3% and also has no psychoactive outcome. Although it has only been a short period since this new legislation, the CBD industry in Texas has roared and isn’t going to stop. There’s a multitude of brand new head shops in Texas carrying an amazing variety of CBD infused products.

These are a few of the most favoured CBD oil goods in Texas:

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Texas?

Just like most of our shopping, its all down to a person’s personal preference. There’re always two routes you can go down for purchasing CBD oil.

The first route is to find your local shop that sells CBD oil. That’ll be very simple if you’re a resident of Austin, Houston or Dallas as these locations have a tonne of stores to suit your needs. Not to mention, the stores can offer a great insight into any questions or queries you might have as staff are often incredibly well-informed about the goods they sell in store.

However, not all of us have the time or luxury of having a near buy store. For convenience, the second route you could take when looking to buy CBD oil is online. The greatest thing about the online world of CBD sellers is the massive variety. You’re not limited to businesses only from Texas and more importantly, the internet is famous for its online deals and that counts for CBD oil too.


Buying CBD Oil Online in Texas

Before you go online ready to buy any CBD you come across, you should always research. Unfortunately, the CBD industry isn’t the most heavily regulated. In fact, there are a hand full of businesses that make fake claims on their goods. So, it’s up to you to pick the right seller for the right product.

Before you decided to go with a certain company you have to look at reviews if you can assess some. Are customers satisfied with the quality and price? What’s the average star rating? Does the company specify they have 3rd party lab testing results and show them? And finally, where to they source their CBD and is what they’re selling actually hemp-based cannabidiol? Any reputable seller should have all this information on their site.

All these questions will help you sort out the great businesses from the poor, so you don’t have to deal with paying for a substandard product.


Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Texas?

Texas is doing really well in being one of the leading states in terms of its CBD oil availability. Its main cities that have the highest concentration of CBD oil related stores are found in Dallas, Houston and Austin. Check out some of the best rated CBD oil shops in the state.


Best CBD Oil Stores in Houston

  • Vapor-IOT – located at 3816 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098
  • Spirit Smoke – located at24501 Fm 2100, Huffman, TX 77336
  • Burn Smoke Shop – located at 3107 South Sehepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098,
  • VapeRX – located at6720 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081

Best CBD Oil Stores in Austin

  • Vapor – located at3401 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
  • Austin Vape and Smoke – located at 1601 South 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Best CBD Oil Stores in Dallas

  • Vapor Land – located at 2810 E Trinity Mills Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006

Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Oil in Texas

When you compare Texas to other states, its easily seen that Texas is happily thriving when it comes to having steady availability of CBD oil products that other states don’t have the luxury of having on their doorstep. However, that doesn’t mean its great either. There still needs to be some major changes in the laws revolving around marijuana CBD oil, and even more emphasis on changes regarding what is needed to qualify to be a patient of the MMJ program.

Despite all that, there are a host of amazing hemp based companies for all the residents of the state of Texas to enjoy, have a look around the area or online and find out the benefits for yourself.

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