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CBD is so popular nowadays that you would be forgiven if you thought that it was a new revelation. However, CBD actually has a very long history.

The CBD we know today has actually been around for more than half a century. For this article we’re going to take a look at this natural compound’s expansive history, going from its very first discovery through all of the journies it has had to take to become the CBD we would recognize today.

For anyone who still isn’t convinced on CBD and its benefits, we at the Ministry of Hemp are hoping that a look into its history and reputation will change your mind for the better.


CBD: Born in the 1940s

Roger Adams is reportedly the first person to be successful in extracting the compound CBD from the cannabis sativa plant. Adams was a chemist who had graduated from Harvard University and he didn’t even realize what he had done in the first place. He surely couldn’t have imagined the reach his research at this time would have for decades to come.

Adams would remain somewhat clueless about the compound for years to come until finally he and a group of scientists began to research into CBD. This research found that the range of benefits this compound can provide and this work remains relevant today.


CBD: Discovery and History

Modern CBD really begins life in 1946 when the first lab test using the compound was performed on animals. Dr. Walter S. Lower was the scientist responsible for these experiments and through this work, he discovered that CBD does not cause an altered mental state like its psychoactive cousin, marijuana, does.

In the same year the man who is often credited for the discovery of CBD, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam identified the compound’s three-dimensional structure.

Research continued into CBD continued through to the 1960s, identifying, discovering and manufacturing primates from the compound. Finally, the first CBD oil for therapeutic use was released by the British Pharmacopeia in the same decade.

CBD research would continue for the next few years to perfect the substance and further highlight the benefits it can provide, until eventually another breakthrough in CBD history occurred in 1980. Dr. Mechoulam discovered, through a series of tests and studies, that cannabidiol (CBD) can be extremely beneficial for people’s health and can even relieve some symptoms of epilepsy.

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CBD Today: How We Use It

Today, after decades of research, studies, and prohibition, CBD is finally starting to be seen for its true potentials as a health supplement.

Although CBD itself and the products it makes are totally legal in all 50 states, there are still some legal grey areas in certain states surrounding the compound.

The specific factors that affect the legality of CBD differ from state to state, but the main consensus revolves around where the compound is extracted from – hemp or marijuana. CBD products extracted from industrial hemp are perfectly legal in all states across the country, but there still remains some confusion and issues surrounding other aspects of the plant to this day.


State Restriction On CBD Platforms

There has been some major progress in recent years of CBD. In 2014, 11 states passed laws to legalize CBD oils and products for medicinal use. Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North and South Carolina, Tenessee, Utah, and Wisconsin joined the United Kingdom and various other countries across the world in this law change to allow CBD use.

CBD and its components, like medicinal CBD oil for sale, are well-known today for their healing and health properties. As more people become informed of the benefits of CBD, they become more willing to use this natural compound over chemically produced pills that could be potentially damaging to their body.

CBD is super effective in healing and relieving pain, both in physical and mental ailments. Their range of treatments includes reducing inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress to name but a few. CBD supplements are also a very popular treatment for athletes to relieve their bodies after performances, workouts and other physical tensions.


Impact on Mental Health

In terms of mental illnesses, which is a particularly popular use for CBD at the moment, the compound has been reported to relieve sufferers from many of their symptoms due to its calming effects on the mind and body.

Nowadays, with a huge array of pills and painkillers available on prescription anywhere, CBD has become a popular, natural replacement. CBD has been reported by many users to alleviate their pain quicker than traditional, prescribed painkillers and is often preferred over this pills due to its lack of side effects. People who use CBD oils or supplements report little to no side effects even after repeated use.  

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CBD In The Future

Although no one can be certain about what the future will hold for CBD, the Ministry of Hemp are optimistic. Over the years, and particularly recently, CBD Oil Adviser has seen a rise in support and demand from the public as more people become informed about its true uses and benefits and chose to leave the damaging misconceptions behind. If we continue moving forward in this way it is entirely likely that hemp and CBD will be fully legalized in the United States. Nowadays we know that CBD can be extremely effective in relieving arthritis, insomnia, epileptic seizures, diabetes as well as many others. Who knows what else will be discovered as science continues to develop?



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