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Having CBD protein powder is the easiest and efficient method for those involved in athletics as well as those who love the gym in adding this very common supplement to be part of their workout routines.

CBD oil is extracted and made using industrial hemp that provides a lot of benefits for people who are always very active. While CBD oil is best for other means like CBD oil for stomach migraines and CBD oil for fat loss. CBD is also known to work in the reduction of inflammation, easing soreness of the muscles as well as stiffness in the joints.  Grateful for the great benefits that it offers the endocannabinoid system, it also works in promoting relaxation. The World Anti-Doping Authority removed the ban on the use of CBD products, this move saw a lot more athletes experiment with CBD, with this protein powder may just be the most important and newest product in the market.

With 2 scoops of protein powder in vanilla a well as chocolate flavor.  The powder helps in adding hemp extracts for sporting nutrition, promotion of wellness as well as easing of inflammations for those in athletics and those involved in lots of activities.

ReGen(PCR) produced by Willpower Products is among the very initial CBD protein powders to reach the market.  It was among a couple of hemp as well as CBD products such as organic CBD gummies that we came across during the NoCo Hemp Expo. Keep reading to get more insight into the advantages of the protein powder as well as get the full review we have just for you.


Will Carr made the discovery of the benefits of CBD having gone through a recovering period after having an injury that was sports related.

He confessed to us that most of his life rotated around athletics during the Expo. He said that he had been playing basketball while still in college, he also played the same game professionally abroad and in this case, therefore, was well acquainted with nutritional products associated with sports.

Carr told us that during the most previous summer he had suffered from turf toe which is a popular injury associated with sports. This is usually spraining that happens to the ligaments around a person’s big toe joint of the foot. 

He noted that he had taken ibuprofen for about 2 weeks though this did not seem to be working out for him. He confessed that after taking CBD, it only took 30 minutes for him to experience relieve for his toe!

He said he was really surprised at how effective the supplement was in the treatment of pain. He wondered how he had also not even once heard about the product before.

For some athletes, using CBD has been their way of reducing on their usage injections with steroid as well as different painkillers immediately they sustain injuries. Workouts are also likely to leave an individual feeling stiff and some soreness just after the workout or even the day after. CBD is proven to help in reducing pain as well as inflammation and one would not even end up being addicted to it. 

According to Carr, everyone who is an athlete or lives a life full of activity should consider incorporating CBD to their daily routine.

CBD has many good products like CBD chewing gum and hemp oils. It’s also very good product for sports nutrition as well as muscle recovery, your joint health as well as anti-inflammation. It will help make you feel okay generally. If you happen to consume CBD on a daily basis, you are more likely to feel great about yourself. It helps in quick recovery and your body ends up feeling better. With this we, CBD fits well for nutritional sporting products. 



Will took a minute to check his phone while standing at his product booth during the NoCo Hemp Expo. Their branded jetpack was on standby ready to be launched. Their CBD protein powder has both the benefits of CBD as well as different some of the best ingredients used for sports nutrition. 

Will’s injury finally led to him developing his own CBD protein powder. PhytoCannabinoid Rich which is the PCR in ReGen(PCR) is because of the simple reason that the supplement is inclusive of a complete spectrum hemp. We highly suggest that one gets a full spectrum or even the whole plant for extra benefits instead of using CBD by itself.

He holds the belief that ReGen(PCR) is the best combo of hemp, as well as sports nutrition, know how.

He noted that his powder was the best for people who lead active lives. People are in a position to make a recovery, feel great as well as lead healthy and active lives happily. 

Will collaborated with Apollo Flight Labs as he was launching his product to the market. His partners left the crowed exuberant by presenting them with an actual jetpack.

Apart from the hemp extract that his product has, it is also inclusive of  Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).  The most current research conducted on sports medicine indicate leans on the fact that BCAAs can aid in reducing fatigue caused by exercise as well as any soreness experienced once one is done working out.

Carr noted that BCAA was important when used to heal as well as in the repair of muscle fibers in the body. They are a great deal in the sporting nutrition space especially as far as the health, as well as recovery of the muscles, are concerned.

Willpower: ReGen(PCR) Protein Powder Official Review

•    Highlights: ReGen(PCR) Protein Powder – Vanilla’s texture is really smooth which helps in it blending with soy as well as nut milk. It is also easy to take note of a medicinal flavor that comes from the hemp extra as well as other additives of nutritional value. They provide 20mg of the full spectrum hemp which is inclusive of CBD, ReGen ensures that you get a great kick off for your day. The protein powder also aids in reducing inflammation as well as soreness brought about by workouts. 

  • Price:  It costs $79.99
  • Strength: 20 mg available for the full spectrum hemp/CBD extract in each scoop and it has close to 15 servings for each container.
  • Customer Service & Shipping:  They have great client support. Shipping costs begin from $8.98 for the USPS Priority Mail, and in case one needs the process to be faster, they would need to pay extra charges.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Texture & Taste:  The protein powder is easy in blending with smoothies as well as different beverages and there is usually no powdery texture. In as much as the vanilla flavor is great, it usually does not overpower the taste that the extract from hemp has as well as other supplements used.  ReGen(PCR) also uses stevia which is a natural sweetener. 
  • Ingredients: They include: PCR (Phytocannabinoid rich) Hemp Oil Extract ( find CBD oil vape), Flax Seed, BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Grass Fed Whey Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate), Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Sucralose as well as Stevia Rebaudioxide A Leaf Extract

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