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The question as to whether or not marijuana should be made legal is still a debate that is going on across many states in America. It is a big question with strong viewpoints on either side. Though there are many health benefits from marijuana, people disagree with the effects it has on the mind. Some people see it as just something dangerous and reckless, whereas people on the opposite side see it as some sort of miracle drug.

Lots of debates, rallies, and campaigns are still ongoing in so many states all over America. Some states are quite progressive in their approach and attitudes to marijuana, others really are not. Though hemp is fully legal after the Farm Bill in 2014, cannabis remains illegal recreationally in a lot of states and even illegal for medical purposes as well in states still, despite all the benefits.


Legal In 29 US States

There are 29 states in total that have legalized Marijuana. These include Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. There are others too, and there are still only a small number, 9 in fact, that allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes rather than on medical grounds. If medical marijuana is allowed there are usually strict regulations and stipulations that come with it. So the laws really are not that relaxed still.

This has given way to something more popular that is growing in recognition and gaining traction all over all of the states. This product is CBD oil, and it can come from either the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. CBD oil from the hemp plant is legal across all of the states, CBD oil from the cannabis plant varies from state to state and you need to be aware of what the different laws are, otherwise you could face fines and even prison sentences if you misuse and abuse them.


CBD – Gaining Popularity In Different Industries

In fact, CBD oil has become so popular that is gaining recognition from reputable sources such as Forbes Magazine. So it is definitely being talked about in some capacity or another to gain this much publicity. According to Forbes magazine, the growing CBD market could bring in revenue of $2.1 Billion in the next few years. This is counting both hemp-based CBD oil and cannabis-based CBD oil also. That is a lot of money and yet another reason why the debate around whether or not CBD oil should be legal or not should carry on and hopefully have progress.

There are so many stores all over the states of America that sell CBD products, not just oils. This health supplement comes in many forms. There are oils, salves, tinctures, capsules, creams, lotions, sprays, gummies and other tablets and edibles such as chewing gum. There is a product to suit any individual, and it’s not just physical stores that are popping up either.

The online market for CBD is phenomenal. It is often more trustworthy than local stores as well as the sources are fairly more reputable and well pronounced. In states where cannabis is legal, you could visit a dispensary or a shop, but you could also just pop online in your own home and search the internet for the hundreds, probably thousands of options out there. People recognize the profit to be made and customer demand for CBD and they are meeting that need more and more. The products really are very popular, and they don’t seem to be declining. CBD is definitely not a fad product, there is no denying that.


Regulations And FDA Surrounding CBD Oil

There is a concern still about the significant void of regulations. Though hemp-based products are allowed under law thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, which permits the cultivation of hemp industrially and for research purposes, there are no FDA approved products nor are there any specific regulations and restrictions. It is down to each state and each company that produces these hemp and cannabis products to make their own regulations. This can often lead to a bad market of low-quality CBD products, which kind of defeats the point entirely of what the product is meant to do and be.

Many online companies are a lot more reputable and have loyal customer bases because of their transparency with regards to their CBD products. It is important that the CBD is organic and third-party tested and extracted with the CO2 method, otherwise, the result is impure and potentially hazardous for the body. Poor extraction methods lead to toxic materials such as solvents and heavy metal residues being left over, which is not what you want to put in your body. If these things aren’t observed, companies often try and play the profit card, but there’s no point having a low-quality product that could harm people just to make a bit of profit. This wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere else in any other market, would it?

So before diving into the world of CBD and deciding which product might work for you, there is definitely research to be done. Thankfully this research is easy enough done, you can read customer reviews they are always dependable. You can check as to whether or not the company you are prospectively purchasing from has third-party laboratory testing, this is very important and should sway your opinion.

Of course, like most new things, it may be a bit of trial and error. However, there is no harm in arming yourself as best you can with all the knowledge and information you need to make an informed decision. This is especially true when it comes to vape, which is what we will discuss below.


The difference: CBD hemp oil and CBD cannabis oil

As mentioned before the difference is from which plant they come from, and the legal status of each respectively. CBD oil sounds uncomplicated, but you would be surprised. There is often confusion around the product which can get to even the most veteran of CBD consumers. You want to know what you are buying and whether the CBD is CBD oil or CBD hemp oil. Some companies claim to be one while actually being the other and some are more transparent in their transactions. Each oil is different and will have different effects on the body and mind, so be careful and be educated.

With so many products available, things are bound to get confusing. The term CBD is often used loosely and can cause confusion in the wrong places. Both derivatives are great for the body, they are great for the mind as well and they are used to treat a whole wide world of medical and mental health conditions not only in humans but animals as well.

However, both types of oil, and this can’t be stressed enough, are very different from one another. Standard CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, it has high levels of THC, and it is intoxicating for the body. Hemp oil has low levels of THC and is legal in all of the states, unlike its cannabis counterpart. There are so many different brands and types of both, it is important to pick a company that has very specific and clear to follow product description. This is because CBD from cannabis is not legal for recreational use or even medicinal use in a lot of states, and even when it is there are strict regulations to be observed!


Controversy And Confusion – Legal In Some States

Some of these common regulations include having to be in possession of a valid medical card given by a health professional. Conditions that qualify you for a medical marijuana card include cancer and epilepsy amongst other things. You normally have to be a resident of the state selling the CBD and cannabis as well, and there are a lot of rules around producing your own cannabis plants that need to be known and observed to avoid legal action being taken against you. For everyone else with the strict restrictions, hemp oil is the best alternative option.

It is legal in all of the 50 states, and can be imported and purchased with no legal consequences. It is a great alternative to cannabis CBD oil, and although it has slightly lesser effects in terms of altering the mind functions, it remains the faster-growing market owing to its legality statewide. Cannabis is catching up, but slowly and with a lot more controversy. Hemp shouldn’t suffer because of it, but it unfortunately still carries some of the stigmas around.

Industrial hemp is entirely legal and contains low levels of THC. It isn’t any less effective than cannabis CBD oil; it just produces less of an intoxicating effect and is not psychedelic in any way. There has been a lot of research into the benefits of both, and both have proven positive effects for a wide range of conditions. Hemp oil does not lack any of the vitamins and nutrients that cannabis oil has. All of the natural vitamins and minerals that occur in both hemp and cannabis CBD are amazing for the body and support healthy functions.

Not only do they help with pain management and condition management in things such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and seizures, they also help with acne and insomnia, and a range of mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. In fact, so many studies have proven the positive effects that CBD products can have on decreasing anxiety and improving feelings of depression, that it can’t be ignored for much longer.


Some of These Brilliant Vitamins and Minerals include:

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3 & B6
  • Calcium
  • Omega 3 & Omega 6
  • Sulfur

Where is Hemp grown and why is it imported?

It is not true that all of the states are allowed to grow hemp on their own soil. This was just one of the stipulations under the 2014 Farm Bill Act which legalized hemp in the US. Only a handful of states can actually produce hemp on their own land and cultivate for use. There is a lot of importation from foreign countries, Canada and China being amongst the popular options.

So there is a supply and especially with the booming online market, there will always be a supply. However, more and more Americans are wanting to benefit from the boost in economy as well as the boost in health and are advocating for a change in the law regarding cultivation on home soil. As with anything, the consumer wishes to ensure the quality, something which could be much more attainable if grown closer to home.

As there has been historically and continues to be presently so much discrepancy when it comes to who is a reputable seller of hemp and who is not, it seems like being able to produce hemp in house and control and conceive their own regulations and restrictions would lead to a better quality product. This is something that needs to be changed in the future laws regarding hemp and marijuana, in order to keep up with the ever growing popularity and demand for the products. As with everything, times change and people need to change with them.


What’s the Difference between CBD Vape Juice and CBD e-Liquids?

So after all the discussion around hemp oil and cannabis oil and the differences between the two, let us now move onto other CBD related products; vape juice and e-liquids. Because of the popularity of the CBD market there are so many products to choose from that confusion is natural when it comes to picking what’s what and what’s best for you.

CBD vape juice, sometimes called CBD e-liquid or vape oil is often the general term used to describe CBD oil that was specifically developed to be vaped. Vaping is a term that describes the action of inhaling then exhaling the vapor produced by an e-cig sort of device. It is an alternative a lot of people are choosing from the traditional methods of smoking, i.e. rolling up a joint.

So what is the difference between e-liquids and other CBD oil products? They are oil cartridges, and are not pure CBD oil. They instead are mixed with glycol in either propylene or vegetable form which thin the oil and alter the liquid in a way that means it will be able to be vaped. They should, like CBD oil, be produced through the CO2 extraction method as any other method of extraction can lead to other harmful substances being left behind in the CBD, which is not what you want as it may be harmful for your body.

If it is legal in the state, then vape oil will be sold that is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD vape juice and CBD vape oil are more or less the same thing for all intents and purposes. There are still significant differences between oils and vape liquids though that you need to be aware of. Each method produces a different product and though the end result is the same, you should stick to the method that the product is intended for, for the best results.


Why extra caution needs to taken when shopping for CBD e-liquid

Safety is paramount when searching for a CBD product. Remember that you need to be looking for a reputable company, preferably with a number of customer reviews, a number for customer services with a human at the other end, a company that provides third-party laboratory test results with regards to their products, and one that uses the CO2 extraction methods. These are all key, and should be followed as golden rules every time you make a CBD purchase, otherwise there is a good chance you will purchase an inferior product.

This is owing to the unregulated market that exists around all things CBD. It leaves so much wiggle room for people to absolutely produce whatever they want with no consequences attached. There is a profit margin in inferior products, but there are loyal customers and more profits to be had from a top quality product with no harmful effects. People want reliable, non-harmful CBD, even if they have to pay a little more for the pleasure.

So for every one safe product that is perfectly fine for your body, there are probably ten bad ones that may cause you harm, have been produced in a substandard way and are not what they claim to be at all. This is a sad truth, but it is the truth nonetheless.


What to look out for when purchasing CBD Oil

-MG’s: MG’s you ask? Yes, MG’S. What is the milligrams status of the product? The label may say 400MG, but what does that actually mean? A lot of cases prove that it is not a bottle with 400MG of CBD in it, just a bottle with 400MG in it. This is because there is a mixture of different ingredients, and the one you want is the CBD, so you need to look for what concentration of CBD is actually in that 400MG and therefore if it makes it a worthwhile purchase. Keeping up?

This should be clearly labeled and there for you to see if it isn’t then you should go somewhere else.

  • TESTS TESTS TEST: Yes, third-party testing from an actual laboratory makes all the difference in the product you are buying. Is the company upfront about it? Do they have these results ready and waiting for your eyes to look upon on their website? The answer should always be yes, otherwise go somewhere else and find a different company, because if the answer is no then they can’t be trusted and nor should they be.
  • Thankfully lots of companies are on board with this and there is a lot of good to outweigh a lot of bad out there. It is becoming standard practice, so you shouldn’t struggle too much to find a reputable company that will provide you with these test results. Phew.
  • MARKETING: Are the company trying to oversell, or sell too hard? Are there just too many adverts for your liking on their website? Any reputable company shouldn’t drown you in pop-ups and adverts, it makes them seem clunky and desperate. You should never have to enter all your personal details just to browse a website, which seems a bit unreliable and untrustworthy.  Don’t be harassed, there are plenty of shopping experiences out there that won’t back you into a corner with adverts. Go find one.
  • CONS: So many companies now offer free samples. However, unfortunately sometimes and more often than not these samples aren’t actually free. A safe rule is this: if they take your card details, then the samples probably aren’t free in the long run. There will be a hidden charge somewhere or another, and who needs hidden surprises?
  • EXTRACTION: What are they doing to extract the CBD oil from whichever plant it comes from? The only answer that is acceptable is the CO2 extraction method. Anything else is harmful and wasteful and cheap and not good for you and your body.


How to Use CBD and Where to Actually Start?

This seems like a big question. With all the mentioned things to consider, you might still be feeling overwhelmed rather than armed with information and reassured. However, there is still some information to give.

There are so many different ways of taking CBD that it is really down to you to decide what works best for your body. Oils and tinctures prove ever more popular and are a great way to administer the CBD into the body in a fast and easy way.

However, vaping is becoming more and more popular, and is also a great way of administering CBD into the body quickly, effortlessly and with a smooth aftertaste as well. You do need to make sure that the product you chose is suitable for vaping though, otherwise, you won’t get the desired effects and you will be left feeling cheating and disappointed. This can be easily checked with the company from which you are purchasing your CBD. Again, make sure they have a telephone number and ring them up and see how helpful they are, it can make all the difference in deciding where to put your business.

Aside from oils and vaping, there are also chewing gum products which are convenient and safe and administer the CBD through the saliva glands in the mouth. There are gummies and other edibles which you consume, and many taste like regular candy from the store. Other products include creams and salves for the skin conditions that you may want to try CBD out on like rashes or eczema.

There are so many providers to choose from, so why not browse the list below of reputable companies that come well reviewed. 

Companies That Offer CBD Oil 

  • PURE KANA: 3rd party testing, solid price range, no pesticides and 100% organic.
  • GREEN ROADS: 3rd party testing, very pure products, prices from $26.
  • PREMIUM JANE: 3rd party testing, CO2 extraction process, 100% organic.
  • CBD PURE: Grown in Colorado, 3rd party testing, prices start at $29.99.
  • HEMP BOMBS: Ships to all 50 states, 3rd party testing, prices start at $49.99, top quality products.
  • CBD ESSENCE: 5+ years experience, good customer reviews, 3rd party testing.
  • ELIXINOL: 3rd party testing, lots of different flavors and products, CO2 extraction method.


There are so many more companies to choose from, but these all follow the guidelines above. They offer all the third party testing results transparently on their websites for the clients to look at as and when they need them, CO2 extraction method ensures a pure and top quality product and they have a great range of products, prices and flavors for you to chose from. Go ahead!

5/51 rating