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The recent research has shown that a lot of users are quitting the use of conventional pharmaceutical medicines in preference of CBD. People are starting to settle with the best CBD oil they could get.

 CBD, which as well is known as cannabidiol, is among a great number of the cannabidiol that you can find in Cannabis sativa, however, differently from THC, CBD does not make a person become high and one remains clear- headed with CBD.

In a research which was made available at the beginning of August, market- study firm Brightfield Group did a survey on two thousand four hundred consumers who are registered at HelloMD, a medical cannabis Sativa educational and advocacy site. Among the research’s great dramatically results of the study is that a percentage of forty-two people who consume cannabidiol reported that they quit pharmaceutical meds in preference of marijuana in at least one in forms that are provided in. The percentage is inclusive of the strains of psychotropic marijuana also known as cannabis sativa which has a greater degree of CBD and as well as cannabidiol based compounds, such as CBD oil supplementary that are produced from the industrial cannabis sativa.


HelloMD and Brightfield Group Study Report 2017

Be it that it took the place of pharmaceuticals or not, a lot of those who responded gave a report that cannabidiol assists them in a great way and they consume it frequently. A percentage of eighty mentioned that they use CBD in at least one of its form weekly, a percentage of 41 said they used it on a daily basis.  A great number of respondents, at least 82 of the percentage, gave a report that CBD provided alleviation of great significance from their sickness that ranges from anxiety to chronic suffering. Though the study may have a number of shortcomings and limits, the compelled facts show that CBD has a great advantage that it can be able to heal.

Since the conception that individual is quitting the use of pharmaceuticals in favor of CBD is on the headlines, in also locations such as the Forbes magazine, we needed to look further to this interesting research, that discloses much more fascinating information of the reason why most people use  CBD in every form it is offered.


HelloMD and Brightfield both gave a report that a percentage of 52 people who were responsive to the study they were undertaking was in agreement that cannabidiol effectiveness is very much more as compared to pharmaceutical medicines. From the research, it was reported that people consume CBD for various motives; encouraged by the growing market of medical CBD oil for sale.


HelloMD and Brightfield Group Study Report 2017

The author said that there consist a large variety of med situations which CBD users report that the use of marijuana gives relief to; the main conditions were inclusive of anxiety, insomnia which is a sleeping disorder, joint pain or inflammation and depression. With all these surprisingly good things it has to offer, no wonder there are some who invest their time in learning how to make CBD gummies, CBD oil capsules, and other forms of it.

A rising group of scientific study that is extremely impressive is backing up the direct experience of the CBD consumers. The scientists discovered facts that support the consumption of the best quality CBD oil for anxiety, sleeping disorder, types of chronic suffering as well as schizophrenia, whose information we have already recorded in former reports at Ministry of Hemp.



Although, both CBD or a different type of marijuana do not heal miraculously and it is of great significance noting that many people, at least a percentage of fifty-seven (57), reports that they keep on using the two at the same time, that is both CBD and pharmaceutical medicines. Some people somewhat probably give a report of CBD having a great effect compared to the medicines bought over the counter, as well as prescribed pharmaceuticals drugs, however, the consumers who used the two gave a report of being satisfied with the use of CBD. Though it is with no doubt that CBD may be of great benefit to a lot of people, it can rarely by any chance fully take the place of the traditional Western drugs and prescribed medicines.

Although the research ought not to be rejected, it is as well somehow different from the types of studies which are found in scientific journals that are published journals. HelloMD consumers are presumptively interested in cannabis sativa and in every form it is offered, although the people who discovered it to be not as effective as they wanted or expected were probably unlikely to be responsive when invited to a survey. A placebo group was not available an example of it being like the one found in the conventional double blinding medical study.

The authors advised that further study is needed to decide if there exists an incidental connection with CBD products as well as alleviation of the different state of physical conditions that are talked about.



With the inclusion of the comparison between pharmaceuticals and CBD, the HelloMD and Brightfield research shows the extreme to which individuals consume CBD. A percentage of fifty plus people who were responsive to the survey uttered that they are in favor of vaping CBD compounds; however, tinctures, topical ointments as well as gummies are well known and widespread.

It is of great importance to keep in mind that a huge number of those who were responsive commented that they are in favor and would choose to consume cannabidiol together with THC that results to it being a strong pain reliever. Most of the people who took part in the survey frequently make use of strains of psychotropic marijuana that are highly found in CBD or rather combining cannabidiol based products only together with different types of medical marijuana. The consumers of the two that is, CBD and THC can be benefiting from the continuous effects which various CBD chemicals operate alongside each other so they can both become stronger.

The writer said that users can ideally choose an alternative of cannabidiol exclusive products and THC prevalent products the reason being that the great effectiveness offers them with full recovery, however, if they differentiate and separate the two drugs, this will let and help them stay in their rightful state of mind all day long, and use THC as they relax during the evenings.

While it is only twenty-nine states and the District of Colombia who has made marijuana legal which is inclusive of the medical or the form marijuana used for recreation. Since still the federal government threatens to go after those states who have made cannabis legal instead of them removing the barriers they have set in the use of cannabis, much more Americans do not get access to this and they miss out on this option.

A percentage of fifty-eight amongst the people who exclusively consume cannabidiol consist of women. The percentage concurs with Ministry of Hemp’s study which is not formal that has shown that a lot of women are in search of CBD supplements so as to enhance their living or better the lives of those they care for and love.


In accordance with what the Brightfield Group has predicted, what the future holds appears brighter for the CBD supplements and the rest of CBD-only products.

According to the responsiveness of this survey, the consumers discovered that cannabidiol is extremely effective and being able to relief different medical situations and conditions as well as being in a number of events, much more effective as compared to the OTC drugs that people purchase and medicines that are prescribed. As time passes by and the  CBD products get to be completely known particularly  in consideration of how effective it can be in the treatment of some medical conditions, and the government allows the states that prohibit marijuana to end the prohibition and legalize it, then the cannabidiol compounds become greatly suited to play a major role in the medical space.

Focusing not only on the possible gain of the people growing and selling, most relevantly the research has shown the huge ability of CBD to heal. We are hopeful that as time passes by, the medical niche will get to completely accept and get to use CBD for the treatment of  patients, while the government as well to keep up the removal of those hindrances and obstacles which put off the people from the usage of hemp as well as  cannabis sativa in any form that it is offered and in the different  ways that are of great satisfaction and advantageous to them.

We at CBD Oil Adviser hope this article has made it easier to understand the difference between CBD and pharmaceuticals. 

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