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I’ve been consumed by a craze for hemp of late.

When I realized how much I was missing out on through using regular products and not hemp, I decided to gradually add more hemp to my everyday life. So I introduced hemp oil CBD for weight loss to my diet, I also use hemp for my skincare and even my clothing.

Here I’ve summarized the things I’ve managed to change to date:



  • Hemp seed

The addition of hemp seeds to many of the snacks I consume has been nothing less than revolutionary! I’ve put hemp seeds in with yogurt and oatmeal. I also love to sprinkle hemp seeds on my toast and then add honey. The benefit I’ve noticed most is that with hemp, I don’t get hungry so quickly — in other words, it lessens my craving for snacks, which tend to be unhealthy.

  • Hemp spread

Howdy Hemp spread

At the local farmers’ market, I purchased some of Howdy Hemp’s hemp spread. Howdy Hemp’s two main forms of spread are regular hemp seed butter and cacao hemp seed butter. I spread them on my toast or apply them to sliced apples.

  • Hemp oil

It’s well-known that unrefined hemp oil is nutritious and contains fatty acids you can’t live without as well as vitamins, not to mention many minerals. I chose to make it a daily supplement. It tastes so nutty, drinking it undiluted is hard, but it’s delicious when I add it to the shakes I drink every day or oatmeal.

Here where you can buy hemp oil near you: buy hemp CBD oil near me.

  • Hemp bars

Howdy Hemp’s hemp bar

I purchased hemp bars made by Hippie Butter and Howdy Hemp. Both are of a decent size. What I like best about them is the way they leave you feeling full for much longer than ordinary energy bars. They also make a great stand-in for a meal when you’re pushed for time!



  • Hemp lotion

Hemp360 makes body products

At my local farmers’ market once again, I bought a body care package by Hemp360. I bought their sampler as well as a tub of olive hemp lotion. In the sampler was a selection of products for the face. What attracts me most to Hemp360’s lotion is that just a little bit of it goes far. I expect this tub will last me for a considerable period of time.

  • Hemp shampoo

I bought hemp shampoo by bcBud from Amazon, and it’s left me feeling great. There’s little else to be said about it other than that you should read the reviews on Amazon to see just how much other people adore this product.

  • Hemp body wash

Hemp Body Wash by Nature’s Gate
I decided to give the hemp body wash made by Nature’s Gate a try after I read reviews of it online. The feature of this product that impresses me the most is that it makes me feel clean while having no unnatural scent. It doesn’t smell of nuts or something nor does it leave me feeling that I doused my body with Old Spice.

  • Hemp facial cleanser

Hemp 360’s body care package includes hemp facial soap. I cherish the clean and natural scent it leaves behind after I use it on my face. It doesn’t smell totally nutty, either, so there’s no need to fret that your face might end up smelling odd.


Clothing and accessories

  • Hemp shirt

A hemp shirt by SuperEgo

Leading a movement with a slogan of “Cut from a different cloth”, SuperEgo makes a hemp shirt that I decided to try. Made from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton, it’s uniquely designed, durable, silky smooth, and has the feeling of premium quality.


The results of using hemp on a daily basis and my thoughts about it

Having used hemp products like healthy leaf CBD capsules for two or three months, I must admit I’ve become no less than addicted to them. Eating hemp as a dietary supplement has left me feeling that I’m not so lethargic, and my problems with digestion have decreased.

I’ve noticed some huge changes as a result of using hemp body care products. My skin has never been cleaner or smoother to the point that I’ve been complimented about it, which never used to happen. All in all, these products have granted me greater peace of mind because I know that it’s natural oil I’m putting on my skin. If you are doubtful why not check the best CBD oil reviews, here you will know more about the tons of benefits of the hemp oil products.

I believe an illustrious future awaits hemp apparel in the United States. SuperEgo’s hemp shirt is an impressive testament to hemp fabric’s quality. I’m thrilled to see hemp adopted more and more by the mainstream, with more brands incorporating it into their wares just visit CBD Oil Adviser.

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