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Dr. Bronner’s uses oil in all its soaps as the oil makes them smoother and less drying.


Why Hemp?         

 Bronner’s family is dedicated to aiding in the transition of major industries in a direction that is not related to polluting, use of materials that are not sustainable as well as methods to ensuring that they user cleaner ones as well as sustainability in what they do. The doctor studies the best way to take CBD oil for its essential fatty acid available.

Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

 This is their main soap which is highly concentrated, biodegradable, diverse as well as efficient. This soap is made up of organic as well as ingredients that are certified by fair trade and its packaging is done using a 100% recyclable container.

Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap

This soap is manufactured using ingredients that are certified by fair trade as well as CBD massage oil for sale readily on online stores, which ensures that this is soft, you get a smooth lather and you are guaranteed that your skin will always be moisturized.

Lavender Coconut Organic Hair Crème

This organic hair crème gives a light styling hold making your hair silky and soft- the best thing about this is that they have not included a single synthetic. Who would have thought that the best hemp CBD oil for anxiety can also help in moisturizing as well as softening your hair?

Lemongrass Lime Organic Pump Soap

This type of soap is great at ensuring that your skin is well nourished, does not get dehydrated while ensuring that it is completely smooth. Organic coconut-olive-hemp oils mix to give a creamy and Castile lather which happens to be a tradition for their soap making.

Where does the hemp come from?

The US has not legalized the growth of Hemp and with this fact, Dr.Bronner import the hemp oil they use from Canada. However, there is hope the US would legalize the growing of hemp in the future which has led to Dr. Bronner being involved in activism activities to ensure that this is legalized.

About Dr. Bronner’s

In more than five generations and over 150 years, the family has always been on top of the game by providing over the top and quality soaps as well as products aimed at body care. Who knows, maybe someday the doctor might make the best CBD oil for pets you could get a hold of, only time will tell. They moved to the US in 1948 and this is when the company was established as Dr. Bronner’s. They are committed to providing their clients the best and most pure organic as well as Fair Trade ingredients, and this means that they don’t use harmful chemicals as they focus on using biodegradable and friendly ingredients.

The company has also laid a lot of emphasis on sustainability and have been leading in different environmental projects inclusive of  “Small-Scale Organic Farming Projects”, “Tree-Planting Programs”, as well as “Aggressive Waste and Water-Use Reduction”.

Dr. Bronner ’s has always been a great advocate of hemp and have made it their mission to have hemp incorporated in every  soap they manufacture.  The oil is used as a superfatting ingredient for the simple reason that it has great Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) which gives it the moisturizing content ensuring that the soap has a smooth feeling. David Bronner who is the company’s president stands as a great advocate for the use of hemp across the US which has led to his arrest multiple times. 

The short videos below give a sneak peek into the efforts David has put in ensuring that hemp is legalized as well as showing you just how funny the regulations around hemp are in the US. Find out the truth about hemp and why they legalized it.

David went to the extent of locking himself up in a cage with hemp in a bid to protest policies laid out by the federal government which does not give farmers the permission to cultivate the plant in the United States.  The company has been importing over 20 tons of the oil every year from Canada and they make this into soap products that they sell to their clients in the United States. David, in that case, was protesting the ironic policy set that limits brands in the country from buying hemp from farmers in America. 

Hemp advocates in 2009 protested to air out their frustration on how the law allowed importation of hemp from other countries to the US, and in the real sense could not give farmers an opportunity to grow hemp. This was carried out just outside the DEA headquarters. Majority of the protesters were arrested because they actually went ahead and planted seeds outside the said building.

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