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Man from Dallas Refused Liver Transplant Due To CBD Oil Use 

Rolando Rosa is in desperate need of a liver transplant, according to his daughter, Monica Garcia. Monica said that the doctors refused to give him a new liver after he failed a drugs test. She then went on to say that her father only used over-the-counter CBD supplements to ease the chronic pain that he is in, and it is also helping him reduce his use of prescribed opiate painkillers.

He failed the drugs after testing positive for THC and shortly after the hospital sent him home, as it made the transplant “noncompliance” with the doctor’s orders.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow because we were so close to having everything done,” Monica told the Ministry of Hemp.

There are lots of myths around drug tests and CBD, however, it is very rare but it’s possible to fail a drugs test just from using hemp-based CBD supplements.

CBD oil is a massive industry and many people are purchasing millions of dollars of CBD oil annually. There are many different reasons that people want to buy the substance, but the most popular one is for healing benefits. CBD oil can offer people a more natural and organic way for pain relief, and the oil can even interact with your brain receptors and immune system to reduce inflammation.

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CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

There are a number of other reasons that people use CBD oil as well, for instance, it can reduce anxiety and depression, it can alleviate cancer-related symptoms, it can reduce acne, it can have neuroprotective properties, and it can even benefit people’s heart health.

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However, there are of course side effects when taking hemp, just like there would be with any medication. Here are a couple of the side effects: it can lead to digestive problems if the person taking the hemp substance is prone to gastrointestinal problems, and it can also lead some people having low blood pressure.


Hemp Is Not Marijuana

A lot of people tend to get confused between the difference between hemp and marijuana, but there is a lot of difference as hemp is not psychoactive. This is because the majority of hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC, therefore, it doesn’t make you high. When you go through a drug test the trace amounts of THC can sometimes be detected no matter how low it is.

When people fail a drugs test because of CBD use it can have a severe impact on their lives, and it can cause loss of jobs, loss of access to medical treatment, and it can even affect your relationships with people. Failing a drugs test from just taking CBD oil is very rare, and most people won’t fail the drugs test by just taking CBD oil alone.

However, some people can fail this, because of a variety of factors, for instance, variations in the individual’s biochemistry and extreme use of CBD oil can lead to this.

According to Monica, doctors at Methodist Dallas Medical Center told Rosa, “You can only take what we prescribe you.” Monica then told the Ministry of Hemp that CBD always seemed more effective with solving her father’s pain. Plus, she worries about the toxic effects that prescription painkillers can have on her father’s unhealthy liver. She told the doctors: “What you prescribe him will kill him sooner!”

However, Rosa is not the only one who has been in a situation like this. Thousands of people have reported that they’ve had a reduced use of pharmaceuticals because of CBD. The Ministry of Hemp did contact the Methodist Dallas Medical Centre where Rolando Rosa was getting treated, but they did not immediately respond to the request for a comment.



Many organizations have declared that CBD oil is safe to use, including the World Health Organization, and they have even said that CBD should not be labelled as a dangerous drug. Although there have been many positive remarks in CBD Oil Adviser about the use of CBD, many medical professionals can still be undecided whether hemp is really helpful or not.

Dr. Sue Sisley, who is a physician and medical researcher said: “This plant has a very benign side effect profile that is often well tolerated and seems to have very few clinically relevant drug interactions.” Dr. Sisley is known for her support of investigating the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as supporting transplant patients having access to the substance.


She then went on to say: “There is a considerable amount of scientific data published in peer-reviewed medical journals confirming that the cannabis plant has anti-inflammatory action.”

However, Dr. Sue Sisley did say that there is more research needed in terms of how cannabis can help transplant patients. She also mentioned that she couldn’t speak specifically about Rosa’s case, because the patient could have other factors that may have concluded to doctor’s decision to reject his transplant.


Regulation Issues On CBD

Hemp products such as CBD oil pure for sale on many online platforms are poorly regulated and can, in fact, lead to issues with the quality of CBD supplements, and this quality issue can also sometimes even appear in psychoactive cannabis. Dr. Sisley said: “Most regulated markets guarantee that plant material is either free from fungal growth or nearly free from mold contamination.”

The Ministry of Hemp said: “ Total legislation and improved regulation would likely largely solve these issues.” Since then the Farm Bill has been passed that will legalize industrial hemp across the United States, so hopefully, it will solve this issue.


The Story – Monica’s Father

Monica Garcia has said that she hopes her father’s story about his liver transplant rejection will raise awareness about how CBD can impact drugs tests. She added that she hopes the hospitals will understand people using cannabis and hemp. Plus, if they start researching CBD and THC benefits more then they can stop excluding people from accessing certain medical treatments and stop rejecting people for transplants just because they use the substance.

She also said they need to start looking at their policies and regulations, as her father found CBD very relieving and the only time her father felt good was when he used this.

Monica went on to tell the Ministry of Hemp that since her father was rejected from the transplant waiting list her father has stopped using the supplements because they fear he might get rejected again, but because of this, he is now in chronic pain.

Monica has now set up a GoFundMe asking for help for her father’s medical expenses. She said: “There are medical bills mounting … We live six hours away, me and my sister, there’s no extended family up there to help him.” Another transplant facility in Dallas has agreed to evaluate her father for admission, and they told her that the drug test would not disqualify her father from getting a transplant. However, they’re still waiting for a final decision.

Since then Monica has raised roughly one-fifth of the goal and posted an update on the GoFundMe page about their journey on getting her father a new liver: “My dad is still receiving care at Methodist Dallas for follow-up care. We have not been able to seek another facility due to insurance issues. When we receive word that we will be seen by an in-network, I will update everyone. Thank you and continue to donate or share.”


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