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All natural and packed full of nutrients, these Ever Bars will leave you saying hallelujah to hemp.


About Livity Foods

In today’s world, leading a healthy lifestyle often means scouring food labels to find out what you’re eating – and even more internet searches to decide if you should be eating it. With Livity Foods, they want to make the healthy living movement as easy as possible – starting with their own product.

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Livity Foods have used hemp to create the Ever Bar: energy bars that cater to every type of lifestyle. Perfect for vegetarians and boasting zero trans fats, the Ever Bar is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthier snack – with three different flavors and a fourth on the way, there’s never been a better time to discover the health benefits of hemp. Just like any other hemp products such as CBD oil (check out here the best CBD oil to buy).


So, what flavors are our favorites?

After experimenting with over 2,000 different recipes, Livity Foods have landed on three amazing flavors that we’re sure you’ll love.


Ever Bar – Almond Cranberry

As it says in the name, this bar is loaded with toasted almonds and the freshest cranberries. Filled with hemp seeds and topped off with coconut, the Almond Cranberry bar is certainly the sweetest flavor on offer. As with all other choices, this flavor is GMO-free and is perfect for vegetarians!


Ever Bar – Blueberry Cashew

Bursting with blueberry and layered with cashews, this Ever Bar hits a rich blend of taste by including raw cacao and a twist of cinnamon. The mix of sweet and savory means that this one is great at any time of the day and the flavor never fails to impress.


Ever Bar – Green Power

For those looking for an effective protein bar, Green Power is the right choice. Once again mixing hemp seeds with cranberry, this bar finds its own taste by adding a unique hemp-based protein powder with a sprinkling of crunchy, toasted sesame seeds. With an incredible amount of protein alongside other nutrients, this is our personal favorite!


Customer Reviews of Ever Bars

CBD Oil Adviser told you what we think, but what is everyone else saying?


Five stars – delicious!

I bought a box of the Almond Cranberry bars, and I’ll be ordering another box of them again soon! I’m trying to cut down on snacking, so finding a healthier choice for me was very important. Ever Bars are very clear with they have in them, and even explain why we need the nutrients that are included. Very tasty, and I’ll definitely try other flavors too. Bravo Ever Bars!


Better than other protein bars

Thought I’d try Ever Bars after not having much luck with liking other protein bars in shops, and I wasn’t disappointed. Super good for a pre-workout snack, and they taste a lot cleaner than the others that are always filled with chocolate and other sugary stuff. I got Green Power since it has 12 grams of protein in a bar, which is great for building muscle, and it tastes really good. 100% recommend these.


More companies should be like Livity Foods

The best thing about Ever bars for me is that the maker, Livity Foods, seem like they actually care about what they’re selling. The mix of fruits and seeds are really healthy and provide loads of nutrients, as well as all the ingredients being sourced without GMO. It’s hard to find energy bars with this many natural ingredients, so it’s even better than they have so much flavor – 10/10.


Where is the hemp sourced?

While Livity Foods hand makes their bars in Maryland, they put just as much attention into sourcing their ingredients. The hemp seeds that make Ever Bars so uniquely are imported from Canada, where farmers do not use any pesticides or other harmful chemicals on what they grow. This means that for products like the Ever Bar, Canada is the best place to find the highest quality seeds available.

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4.9/522 ratings