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Protein is essential for both building muscle and helping your muscles to recover

As such protein supplements make up a huge part of the market for health products.  Protein comes from a wide range of sources, but hemp protein is rapidly gaining popularity.  We spoke to Daniel Potter, co-founder of LeanHemp, who says that this rise in use may be owing to the fact hemp protein is naturally occurring – LeanHemp’s products are “vegan, USDA organic, 100% plant-based and extremely nutritious”.  This is an obvious advantage for hemp protein in a market flooded with products which may contain suspicious additives.

In addition, Daniel points out that “Hemp protein is the most complete protein on Earth. It contains all your BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), Omega-3’s, and Omega-6’s. It is also slow digesting, high in fiber and makes for an excellent meal replacement”. 

So not only is the product natural, but it has a host of health benefits that you simply wouldn’t find in many protein supplements – of course, it tends to be the way that the best things are naturally occurring in the end!  Speaking of which, several LeanHemp products also contain the “superfood” maca, a plant root from Peru which is highly nutritious in itself and has a range of other health benefits.


There are, of course, a number of protein sources which offer a higher protein-per-serving rate than hemp protein.  We ask Daniel whether this is a disadvantage – for all that hemp protein is surely a rounded product, shouldn’t athletes be looking to maximize their protein intake?  Not necessarily, as Daniel explains: “Your body can only digest and absorb about 30 grams of protein in one sitting (if you work out), so anyone who is trying to “bulk-up” using whey or other protein supplements [is] only tricking themselves as their body isn’t absorbing this protein, but rather turning it into fat.”  This is obviously less than ideal!


Versatility Of Hemp Protein

Daniel also advises that hemp protein is versatile, and can be used as a shake pre- or post-workout, as well as mixed into a variety of tasty baked foods and smoothies.  His own preferred hemp protein smoothie involves 8 to 10 oz of almond milk and half a banana, which sounds delicious – although he points out that LeanHemp products also come with flavors like peanut butter or chocolate, so there’s loads of potential for having a super-healthy snack which feels like a treat!  If time is an issue, Daniel says that around 10 oz of almond milk, 2 oz of water and about 20g of LeanHemp protein is a good bet.


Athletes Are Slowly Rediscovering Hemp Protein

CBD Oil Adviser noticed that LeanHemp sponsors a number of athletes – “distance runners, CrossFit athletes, personal trainers, yogi’s, triathletes, bodybuilders and everyone in between”, Daniel confirms – and we ask how the professionals have found adopting hemp protein as a part of their diet.  “Everyone that has been diligent with trying our product has noticed a significant decrease in upset stomach and bloating.

They tell us that they notice recovering much more quickly and enjoy how the protein is so filling.”  Quick and effective recovery is obviously a hugely important part of life for serious athletes or anyone who regularly undertakes strenuous exercise, so it’s easy to see how hemp protein would be appealing in that sense.  As for decreased bloating, count us in on that one all day long.

Daniel testifies to this effect personally – as someone who has been using hemp protein for around two years now, he says that previously whatever protein supplement he took before a workout would often make him ‘feel sick or get very bloated during and after the workout’.  Hemp seems to have solved this problem for him.



Amazing Benefits Of Natural Hemp Protein

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet in addition to using a great protein booster like hemp (find out here what types of CBD oil good for weight loss), so we asked Daniel what kind of things he’d recommend in order to stay balanced – as well as what to avoid.  “I limit the amount of meat I eat and also what types of meats I eat, which are typically chicken or fish.

The majority of my diet consists of whole fruits, vegetables, and legumes, mainly sweet potato or chickpeas.”  Meats such as chicken and fish tend to contain a lot less saturated fat than red meats, which can increase cholesterol and thus lead to health problems such as heart disease.  As for eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s a no-brainer – they boost energy, help to reduce high blood pressure and besides that they’re delicious.  Avoiding high blood pressure is especially important for athletes, as the heart becomes less able to cope with strain and exertion when it can’t pump blood around the body efficiently.

Everything in moderation works pretty well, though, and the good news from Daniel is that if you mostly eat healthily, exercise regularly and help yourself with nutritious supplements such as hemp protein, you can still indulge once in a while.  He says that one of the reasons he’s able to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by giving himself a ‘cheat day’ once a week, “where I will eat whatever I want. Primarily my cheat day consists of donuts, fast-food and maybe some dairy.” 

So there’s always that to look forward to!  His other motivation for keeping on track is simple: “I want to live a long time and it’s been proven that when you eat healthy (whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, and minimally processed foods) your chances of living longer and being healthier dramatically increase.”  Hard to disagree with that!

Furthermore, the actual process of living healthily is an enjoyable incentive in itself, he says.  “What also helps me avoid my temptations are my workouts. I get a rush of endorphins during and after my workout. I also enjoy the pain that it brings because it allows my mind to be free and gives me a sense of accomplishment upon finishing.

For me working out is very meditative and what has helped the most.”  In other words, feeling good makes you want to keep feeling good; it works as a kind of virtuous circle.  As a rule, Daniel says that he tries to set aside an hour and a half for exercise every day, ten minutes for meditation at least once per day, and simply focusing on chest breathing when he feels stressed or overwhelmed, and to help him sleep easier. 


Hemp Protein Products

LeanHemp products help Daniel and many others to achieve and build on this healthy and fulfilling way of life, by aiding recovery and boosting muscle growth.  Hemp protein’s natural benefits make it a top choice for anyone looking to improve their quality of life and supplement their workouts, Daniel says.  “Our mission and message are simple; we believe in clean, natural, sustainable, healthy products that will help this earth and the people on it.

This is why we created LeanHemp — “A Better Protein”. Hemp protein guarantees high quality as it contains all BCAA’s (all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential), EFA’s (Omega’s 3 & 6), and is easily digestible. It’s also 100% plant-based, vegan, organic and contains no more than four ingredients!”  Keeping it simple and natural is key to the product’s success, and it seems like a great way to enjoy a huge range of benefits in a way that fits neatly into a balanced lifestyle.

A final, serious point is that hemp is also environmentally sustainable, and Daniel suggests that it has a huge amount of untapped potential.  “I believe that hemp (specifically industrial) should be playing a more important role in what foods, textiles (industrial and consumer), hygiene products, industrial products, building materials; etc we use.

By using hemp-based products like green gum CBD we are working to reduce the footprint that we leave on this earth.”  If it’s good for you and good for the planet, what’s not to like?  Anyone interested in learning more about LeanHemp products and their benefits can get in touch with Daniel and the team by emailing staff@leanhemp.com.  We’d seriously recommend giving them a go!



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