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George Washington’s hemp farm is here with us again and this is all due to people who grow it and want spread information about this very precious plant as well as the history surrounding it.

In a situation where time was to be reset and we were taken back to George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate which is about over 250 years back, we would have seen so many rows of industrial hemp thriving under the sun in Virginia. Washington had this belief that hemp could rake in more profits for them as compared to tobacco because of its very diverse use. Not only in the production of CBD hemp oil for migraines, they believe that the potential on other areas is huge

With the elapsing of time and the growing of cannabis was prohibited in the United States, hemp could no longer be seen in Mount Vernon as well as all over the country. Currently, with the very likelihood of hemp being legalized sooner than later, George Washington’s hemp farm is here with us.  We are glad to announce that we have hemp being harvested from this place once again.


George Washington’s hemp farm was not the most unusual thing, hemp for the longest time possible was a very key crop in America until the time it was prohibited which was at the beginning of the 20th century.

Dean Norton, who is a leading horticulturist with Mount Vernon, collaborated with the University of Virginia in bringing this precious plant back. In the same way, Washington saw the potential to rake in great profits from the plant, they also saw this and decided to bring it back due to its very diverse uses.

Norton commented to NPR that bringing hemp back was meant to finally help in completing the agricultural history.

If we are to comprehend the reason as to why George Washington’s hemp is of paramount importance, we need to reflect back on the influence hemp initially had on Mount Vernon as well as the U.S


Washington in the 1760’s did explore the profit that hemp would bring the country. The hemp was utilized for diverse reasons such as making ropes, sail canvas, clothes as well as in the repairing process of fish nets which was very important for him because of the fishing operations in Potomac. Nowadays, even underwear and other forms of clothing are slowly being made of hemp. He believed that the plant would bring in more profits in comparison to tobacco. During that time, no regulations had been put in place to ban the plant.

Washington had information that hemp would also thrive in areas that other crops would wither. Armed with this information, Washington drafted a letter to William Pierce which stated that on his plantation, he wanted to utilize the best of hemp and needed to plant the crop used to produce the best CBD oil for sleep and anxiety available today on all his farmland that had initially been put aside for other intentions and this led to his farm thriving so much.

The British Crown in this time also gave American farmers the authority to grow the crop. Hemp adopts so quickly to different places that may in another setting not be under cultivation. As hemp grew in Washington’s farm, it was not a surprise if one would take a wagon ride in a dirt road and would find out fields that had the plant grown.  

People have made use of hemp medicine for many centuries though there is very little evidence indicating that Washington or even those who grew hemp during his time smoked the plant like how CBD oil for vape is used in the modern day.  Hemp and marijuana are different forms of one plant though they are grown in different conditions and utilized in different ways.

Sadly, hemp did not bring in a lot of profit in comparison to wheat.  The nation was aware of this and Washington also knew. In as much as Washington kept growing hemp, this was not the key focus in Mount Vernon. 

Hemp for long remained to be a very important plant until the time the United States prohibited the growth of cannabis from the beginning of the 20th century.  Hemp’s importance in America was once again experienced in World War II, as the best way to use CBD oil on that period was for treatment of pain and anxiety. That said, it was not legal until in 2014 through the Farm BiCBDthough this was done with a bit of limitation.


The image surrounding hemp is not a very great one as it is faced with lots of stigmas, visitors to Mount Vernon are usually surprised to find it here.  Tourists have been taking selfies with hemp by George Washington.  People are even awed on seeing the crop with its leaves that have a very great distinction.  

We do not doubt that Washington would have found this whole thing very funny. However, those who are involved in the growth of hemp in Mount Vernon are working tirelessly to do away with the stigma that has been associated with the plant which is used to produce the best CBD capsules for anxiety we have today

Brian Walden, who is an advocate of hemp aided in the petition of bringing back hemp to Mount Vernon. Brian confessed to Brakkton Booker from NPR that he considered himself a patriot as far as the crop is concerned. 

Walden noted that he was hopeful that having hemp being grown in George Washington’s farm again would give the message to people that hemp has very important and has diverse benefits which the Founding fathers were aware of and which is the reason as to why they encouraged its growth. 

The duration by which the plant has been banned for has brought about ignorance which has led to the necessity for the fight for its legalization though there is one very great advantage currently. The plant is not yet a commodity plant that has been dominated by corporate agriculture. Small farmers have better access as well as growers such as Mount Vernon who are growing the same on an experimental basis. 

George Washington’s hemp plays a key role in the education of the plant for those who are new to the plant while pushing for its full legalization, this may in the near future be a reality and especially with the federal government.

It is important to note that Mount Vernon remains to be a very historic area and is among the places that benefit from hemp,  in this case, why should these benefits cut across for all Americans? Find out at CBD Oil Adviser.

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