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Skateboarding has been an extremely popular sport for decades. With more than 11 million skateboarders around the world, there is a clear demand for skateboards and it is still going strong. Despite the sport still being prevalent among teenagers and athletes across the United States, innovation has slowed down in recent years. New skateboard models being made in 2016 have not advanced much from the ones that were being developed in 2010. Wood has traditionally been the only material used to make not just skateboard frames, but also longboards, skis, and snowboards.

When you consider how many trees are being cut down to meet our needs for all these sports and hobbies, it is time to look for a more sustainable option.

The skateboard market is currently $4.8 billion. The question is whether hemp can penetrate it.


Nick and Dave, curators of Granny Smith Sports were trying to find a solution to this precise issue through brainstorming ways in which skateboarding and sustainability can be combined. This solution was found in hemp after three years of prototyping and continuous development. The use of hemp to make skateboard frames allows Granny Smith Sports to develop boards that are both more agile and more robust as well as being more sustainable than regular skateboards.

This revelation is a big deal for the hemp industry. Not only is skateboarding a highly popular activity for both armature enthusiasts and professionals, but Tokyo has also added Skateboarding as an official sport at the 2020 Olympics, suggesting that the interest in skateboarding is likely to increase even more in the next few years. There is a huge potential for hemp to penetrate other sports when it can be confirmed that the technology used to make skateboards from hemp can be adapted to making other sports products such as snowboards and skis.

Read on to find out more about Granny Smith Sports, their journey and their plans for the future.


Starting from the beginning, it was over dinner one evening Nick and David were brainstorming the possibility of a sustainable concept when they conceived the idea about making skateboards out of hemp. They were considerably concerned about the condition of the Californian coast around the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. As a surfer, the prospect of the coast being damaged by radiation was a huge worry for David and Nick.

This was the inciting event that sparked a fever in them both, causing an overwhelming desire to develop a sustainable product with the aim of contributing in even the smallest way towards the preservation of our planet.

We already know Nick and David chose hemp for sustainability reasons, but their decision to develop skateboards took a little longer. Their first idea was to make trucks out of hemp and endeavored to contact several universities and organic chemists with the intention of gathering information without letting their intentions be revealed. Most of the people who were knowledgeable about organic composites told them that this kind of process did not exist and that it was very unlikely that anything like it could work.

As destiny would have it, they eventually met their current partner, Greg. They contacted Greg online and were surprised and excited to find out that he had such specialized and specific interests that were so akin to theirs. He believed that making trucks from hemp was possible, but that it would be much more obtainableto start with something on a smaller scale to make it easier for themselves. It didn’t take long for their passion for surfing and skating to make up their minds, making the decision to focus on skateboards.


After three years of hardwork and a non-disclosure agreement, they were finally able to launch their new and innovative product.

The next step in their amazing journey was for Granny Smith Sports to begin constructing their skateboards. Their patented compression ismolded with just two ingredients: hemp and resin, with a ratio of 80% hemp and 20% plant-based resin.


Maple wood is the most common material used to make skateboards with. Therefore, the deforestation that is caused by the demand of skateboards all around the world is a big concern. This, as well as the toxic adhesives that are used to secure all the parts together, creates a damaging impact on the environment which is worrying. when comparing the sustainability of wooden and hemp skateboards, it is clear that hemp boardsare at the forefront of the industry.


The destructive process of deforestation is totally unnecessary with the use of hemp. The crops used to make the skateboards only take 4-6 months to grow, meaning the supply and demand can be met much more easily, and only they use plant-based resin in place of the toxic glues traditionally used.

Now that the boards were being made, the team needed to test whether hemp skateboards would be more durable than wooden ones. After making their first prototype several years ago, they were still wondering whether their ideas were even going to work. As soon as Greg handed them the board, they couldn’t believe how much like a regular wooden board it was. They gave its strength a thorough test by riding it relentlessly on walls and banks to figure out its limitations. Shockingly, it remained as sturdy as ever! The board even got run over by a car downtown, where it got hit in the center, and again on the nose and the results were impressive. They couldn’t believe that after being subjected to all this, the board had a chipped nose, but the center remained intact. None of the team could believe how strong the material was. They quickly agreed that hemp boards are more durable than their wooden counterpart.

With a more laborious process, and all hand-made materials costing more than glue and maple, the only downsides about making skateboards from hemp are from the manufacturing position. By committing to being a 100% plant-based company, it means paying more for materials.

Luckily for customers, they are not affected by these disadvantages. The board’s durability has been tested, with the guarantee of a longer lifespan than plastic or wooden cruisers. This, and the board being lightweight (24oz), water resistant only contribute to the already huge benefits of riding skateboards made from hemp. Cheap plastic will eventually chip and break, and wooden boards will eventually warp with the wear and tear, causing the layers to separate and the board to weaken.

Understanding the importance of brand identity, Granny Smith Sports is a unique name. To them, this name embodies the company’s desire to leave an impact that is unforgettable, and that reflects the ethos of the company. This is combined with their intention of promoting health, and to use only plant-based products like green mountain CBD capsules.

The company’s long-term goal is to develop an indisputable reputation for making products from materials of the highest quality without undermining their principles of only working with 100% plant-based resources. They also aspire to create as many sports products out of their bio-composites as possible. This means that plastics and other hazardous materials could be removed from almost any sports equipment or product and be replaced with hemp.

Granny Smith Sports source their hemp supply from various areas. Their fiber and hurd are produced in the United States, and a small quantity of woven hemp cloth is outsourced from other countries overseas. This is primarily due to these materials not being available in the US. Granny Smith Sports are also advocating the increase of hemp farming in the United States for industrial uses as they know the demand for it will continue to grow.

Customers have responded extremely well to Granny Smith skateboards. Their feedback has been amazing, and people think the boards are great. While hemp is known for medicinal purposes like curing a different illness like a migraine (know how to use CBD oil for migraines). Most people can’t believe that hemp is used to make the boards and are surprised when they find out. Since people are unfamiliar with this innovative product and branding process, the company recognize that there is still some work to be done in this area.

Everyone who rides them adores them!                                                                            

Granny Smith skateboards can be purchased through their website: www.GrannySmithSports.com. Here, you can purchase completes and decks. These hemp skateboards can be found together with CBD oil for sale in Amazon – the former will soon be launching in local surf and skate stores through the US.

Granny Smith Sports love to post photos and films of their customers riding their decks. CBD Oil Adviser suggest you to check out their uploads on Instagram or on their Facebook page.

4.9/521 ratings