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So you’ve finally decided to try out hemp seeds, you’re about to find out that it’s easier said than done. So maybe unaware of the number of options available to you.

When you first start out looking for Hemp Seeds It’s fairly simple to get befuddled, after spending long periods of time searching online. As you are probably not aware of the several smaller niche brands, making your time searching that much harder than it needs to be.

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Luckily for you, once you have read this article,  your search for the correct Hemp seed will be a walk in the park.

Before you even attempt to go shopping you should really be aware of the, 7 easy steps of buying hemp seeds:

  1. What type of hemp seeds do you need?
  2. Whereabouts was the hemp grown?
  3. Does the hemp have a taste?
  4. What brand is right for me?
  5. What’s the best price for Hemp seeds?
  6. Where can I find the best reviews?
  7. How can I use raw hemp seeds?

The 7 Steps In Hemp Buying


1. What type of hemp seeds do you need?

It all comes down to personal preference on how you decide to enjoy Hemp seeds, you really have several choices.

The first kind of Hemp seed is one named Hulled Hemp, or often known as Hemp Hearts. This kind of Hemp is actually the entire hemp seed, just with its crispy outer shell detached. When you remove the outer shell, it causes the Hemp Heart’s to be a lot more nutritious. As the total percentage of protein and essential fatty acids greatly increase.

Another great type of Hemp seed is toasted. This is when you roasted whole Hemp seeds,  at very high temperatures for a short period of time. The result of this is a popcorn style snack, which makes them perfect for when you’re between meals.

It’s even possible to get hemp bars or spreads. The range of products is continuously growing at a rapid pace.


2. You need to know whereabouts the Hemp seeds are grown.

For the best quality edible Hemp seeds, you have to look no further than Canada. Once you’ve had a Canadian Hemp seed, you’ll soon understand why it’s regarded as the very best. In Canada, there are many restrictions enforced by the government, which ensures that only the best Hemp strain is actually being used by the farmers.

Every Canadian farmer can only use Hemp seeds that have been listed under the Health Canada’s List of Approved Cultivars. Which basically means that every Hemp seed that comes from Canada are going to be non-GMO verified. This means that all the seeds are not genetically modified, so you’re guaranteed to get the very best all natural Hemp seed. Best of all, all the Canadian farmer do not use pesticides during the growing of the Hemp.

There are many hemp manufacturers which do warn consumers to be cautious about purchasing Chinese Hemp seeds. As there is a great discrepancy in the overall quality of the seeds produced.

The main issue with the Chinese hemp producers is that the regulations is not as strict when compared to the Canadian farmers. The overall quality of the seeds is very important, as you have no way of knowing the taste of the hemp until you buy a packet.


3. Does the hemp have a taste?

Well, actually Hemp seeds are known to have a lovely nutty taste. So if you already love the taste of sunflower seeds, then you’re going to love Hemp seeds. There is a slight difference

 In the texture as it tends to be a lot softer.


4. What brand is right for me?

You don’t have to worry fairly easy to find quality Hemp seeds online. Especially when you are using Amazon, as you’ll find all the best deals available. However, it does all come down to what you’re looking for if it’s raw or toasted Hemp seeds, then buying on Amazon will be your best bet. No need to panic we have put together a short list of the best brands. Which are ranked depending on how good the reviews are.

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If you happen to be interested in buying another type of Hemp seed, like the previously mentioned spread. There are actually a number of local brands that all offer a large selection of quality products.


5. What’s the best price for Hemp Seeds?

Here we have a list of great value Amazon Hemp seeds. The price of Hemp seeds will most likely range from $9 per lb to $23 per lb. Which of course the price is a reflection on the quality and size of the product.

  1. Just Hemp Foods, Hulled Hemp Seeds $8.75 per lb
  2. Nutiva Organic, Shelled Hempseed $9.60 per lb
  3. Manitoba Harvest, Hemp Hearts $9.87 per lb
  4. Terrasoul Raw, Hulled Hemp Seeds $18.40 per lb
  5. Hemptopia, Toasted Hemp Seeds $18.99 per lb 


6. Where can I find the best reviews?

The short answer is simply Amazon, as the site offers every user the ability to write their own detailed review. You can easily check which Hemp seeds brand has the highest reviews, of course, take in consideration your personal budget when attending to find the best brand for you. As there are many high review scores it really shows that each brand is using excellent quality of Hemp seeds.

The average review score for the Hemp protein brands, that are on Amazon tends to be higher than 4.6 stars. Which is great given that it’s out of 5. Underneath are the reviews of all the highest rated Hemp protein products.

  1. Just Hemp Foods Hulled Hemp Seeds– 4.8/5.0
  2. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts– 4.8/5.0
  3. Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed – 4.8/5.0
  4. Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Hemp Seeds – 4.4/5.0
  5. Terrasoul Raw Hulled Hemp Seeds – 4.6/5.0 


7. How can I use raw hemp seeds?

There are so many great applications for Hemp seeds, but for someone who new to the world of Hemp seeds, it can seem very daunting at first.

Probably the easiest way to get started is to mix the Hemp seeds in the room a smoothie. It does really matter what kind you make, just remembered that the seeds will add a strong nutty taste.

Another great way to get started is by simply by sprinkling the Hemp seeds on the top of your cereal or oatmeal in the morning.

If you’re wanting to cook with Hemp seeds then a great way to start is by replacing the breadcrumbs you would normally use to coat chicken with. Instead, you will use the Hemp seeds, the result is very similar.

We at CBD Oil Adviser, hope you have found this article helpful, and that you now have a better understanding of which brand of Hemp seed is best for you. If you do have any other great ways to use Hemp seeds, then please feel free to leave a comment.



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