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The second reason hemp seeds are so good is that they offer a balance of Omega-3 and 6, which are the fatty acids which the body requires to support and maintain the immune system.


3. Hemp seeds have all 10 amino acids within them

The human body requires amino acids to survive. However, the body cannot make eight of these, and the two that it can, it fails to make enough of. And, you’ve guessed it, hemp seeds contain them in great volumes.


4. Contain essential fibers which aid digestion

People who consume a serving of hemp seeds daily have been proven to have more fiber in their bodies than those who do not. In fact, a handful of seeds contains 17 grams of fiber, which is necessary for the body to function at its best.


5. Minerals and vitamins are contained within hemp seeds

You thought the benefits ended there? Nope. Hemp seeds contain many essential minerals like iron and zinc, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin E, known to aid healthy and bright skin and eyes in humans.


6. One-quarter of hemp seed’s calories are proteins

Calories so often carry negative connotations, but they’re actually really important to a healthy mind and body, and those contained within hemp seeds contain a protein which aids the body’s immune system. This protein is absorbed readily by the body, similar to the proteins found in meat. The seeds are also a fantastic alternative to proteins if you have an allergy to dairy products.


7. Lessens the chance of blood clots and cholesterol

There has been a lot of research lately into hemp seeds and its hemp oil (check out here: high CBD hemp oil for sale), and their ability to dissolve cholesterol in the body, which often can lead to blood clots and other common diseases.

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8. Aids skin issues like psoriasis

The superfoods, hemp seeds, have been explored in clinical investigations and have been proven to aid the treatment of mild skin conditions such as psoriasis and troublesome eczema.


Infographic: Hemp Health Benefits


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