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In case hemp is legalized, this could open up its potential as a multipurpose plant with benefits that straddle across various industries. One such use is hemp bio-fuel.

Today’s world is powered using fossil fuels. The dependence on this form of energy is so huge that any slight increase in the price of oil leads to huge aftershocks across the world. This affects all sectors of the economy including transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and energy production leading to an increase in the cost of living.

Gasoline and diesel are used to power our cars, trains, planes, agricultural machinery, industrial manufacturing plants and many more. Our computers, televisions, microwaves, electric cars and almost every other gadget use electricity produced largely using fossil fuels.

Fuel is, therefore, the main driver that brings efficiency to the economy. However, the use of fossil fuels comes at a cost to the environment. Although these conventional fuels will at some point run out their impact on the earth is enormous.

Global warming has been linked to the use of these fuels and the accumulation of harmful gases in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, for example, has been the main gas blamed for rising temperatures. Other gases have been linked to the depletion of the ozone layer. Climate change is linked to rising oceans, unpredictable weather and prolonged droughts leading to frequent and severe famines.

Alternative fuels are urgently needed to fill the void when we run out of fossil fuels. The cannabis plant has been found to have numerous benefits to the human race. It has actually been referred to as a magical plant. THC in marijuana has been found to have medical uses as well as CBD oil in hemp. Hemp fibers have found uses in construction as well as the paper, textile, and auto industries. Know where you can but hemp CBD oil near you: hemp oil CBD near me.

Research shows it as the source for the best value CBD oil available today, hemp can also produce other derivatives like biodiesel and ethanol which can replace our dependence on fossil fuels. Hemp oil has been used to produce biodiesel and when the oil is filtered it can be used directly to power diesel engines.


Traditionally, biodiesel has been produced from palm seeds, cereals, and other organic matter. Hemp has also been identified as a source of such fuels. Hempoline is biodiesel produced by pressing hemp seeds to extract oil and other fats. When the whole plant is fermented it produces alcohol fuel in the form of ethanol or methanol. The biodiesel is taken through further refining after extraction to make it suitable for use in conventional diesel engines.

Hemp biodiesel can be conveniently used in a normal diesel engine without any modification. It can also be transported and stored like the normal diesel. When used in a diesel engine, biodiesel is more environmentally friendly since it does not contain sulfur and replaces the exhaust odor of normal diesel with a nice smell of hemp or something close to the smell of popcorn.

Biodiesel has been found to be safe to transport and handle since it contains 11% oxygen and is completely biodegradable. Unlike petroleum diesel, it does not contain sulfur and other harmful components that make oil spills environmental disasters. It has been shown that diesel engines running on biodiesel have a longer lifespan compared to those running on petroleum diesel. All these benefits are accompanied by an equal performance in terms of fuel consumption and power output.

While hemp plant is known for its medicinal product like CBD oil (find out where to buy cannabis CBD oil for sale). The hemp plant also is proving to be the most sustainable alternative fuel crop. This makes hemp biodiesel an exceptionally cost-efficient and valuable fuel.



Fermenting the whole hemp plant produces ethanol which can be used as an additive to gasoline or as rocket fuel. Flex-fuel engines are made in such a way that they are able to work with ethanol only, gasoline or a mixture of both. In Brazil, more than 20% of cars ( which include ethanol-only engines and flex-fuel engines) use 100% ethanol as fuel. This shows the huge potential to harness green fuels that can power the world while reducing pollution at the same time.

Conventional ethanol is produced from cereals such as corn, barley, and sweet sorghum. These cereals are part of staple food crops that feed the world population. Shifting these food crops to produce biofuels is going to affect food security around the world. Other alternative plants are therefore being considered to create efficiencies that result in high-quality biofuels without affecting food production.

Hemp is one such crop that has been shown to produce ethanol and can be cultivated on lands with lower productivity for other crops. This is unlike wheat or corn which requires some of the most fertile lands to grow and the use of fertilizer and pesticides.

Ethanol produced from the hemp plant is as safe to handle and transport as biodiesel. Hemp’s also has an advantage over the other plants due to its short maturity time of 3 months.


It is clear that the cultivation of the hemp plant will face its challenges. Although we have indicated that growing hemp does not require very fertile lands, ultimately farmers may end up replacing some food crops on fertile land to maximize production of hemp. Fertilizer use, pesticides, and deforestation are issues to grapple with in any large scale farming activity and intensive hemp cultivation may not be exempt from these.

Hemp biofuel, therefore, offers a more sustainable option but is in no way the only solution to our energy problems.


In the automotive industry, hemp mixed with fiberglass, kenaf, and flax is being used to make composite panels for automobiles. Hemp-fiberglass is now also available to car makers — check out on Cbd Oil Adviser. These auto parts made from hemp have a distinct advantage because they are bio-degradable, lighter and stronger.

With the increased momentum to legalize hemp, biofuel derived from this plant will create an alternative that will address the energy challenges the world is facing today.

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