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Had a bad night’s sleep lately? We have all been there! Tossing, turning, sweating and unable to get the rest that you need after a hard day with your nose to the grindstone.

Sleep sweating can be truly awful to experience, waking up throughout the night, only getting broken sleep and ultimately missing out on the rest and routine that your body craves.

When awoken, you must go through the rigmarole of peeling the sheets and blankets from your sweating skin, to which they desperately cling, only for the sweat to try, and your temperature to reach a level that requires you to climb back into your blanket and start the entire process again.

Well, your blanket could actually be the cause of your night sweating – and hemp blankets could be the answer that you have been looking for.


Doing The Research:

A bit of research and a quick click around Google and it is evident that that sweating heavily in your sleep to the point of being woken is a very common problem. It even has a name, it is less commonly known as ‘Hyperhidrosis.’

However, for all it is a familiar problem, there does not seem to be one definitive way to fix it. Blankets made from synthetic materials though, such as Nylon or Polyester, can cause sweating. Coincidently, these materials are commonly used in many of the blankets that we all lay under on a nightly basis.

These materials can cause profuse sweating because of their lack of breathability. In Lehman’s terms, a material is known as a non-breathable material because they stop oxygen from entering the human body through the skin, meaning that we begin to overheat, which as you can imagine, leads to the problems that you are experiencing.

Long-term exposure to such materials can lead to damage to your body. In a sense, the human body has an incredible ability to balance and regulate itself. However, such profuse sweating when in a state of rest means that your body is working its hardest, against itself, at the time when it should be switched off and relaxing, not working at maximum capacity.

What is the solution to this? Well, it is simple. Replace the man-made, non-breathable materials with natural fibers that will assist your body, not make it work against itself. Strangely though, there is something of a limited amount of these materials on the market.

At the end of the day, a blanket must be a blanket. It cannot be uncomfortable, it must keep you warm, and be comfortable. Many materials that you would think would be applicable, are either too thick, too thin or just not comfortable enough to be considered a viable replacement.


Creating Your Good Night’s Sleep:

That leaves hemp as a strong, viable option. In its heyday, hemp was the center of the US agricultural industry.

A strong plant, that grows frequently and carries huge benefits to the environment, because of the techniques (or lack of) that are needed to grow the plant. On top of this, hemp is also a far cheaper option than some other materials that fit the criteria for a blanket.

When turned into a blanket, hemp definitely ticks the necessary boxes. It is soft, keeps you nice and warm and above all, has the ability to stop the problem of the night sweating.

One innovative company, known as ‘iLoveBad’, started producing such blankets, initially for personal use, as the founders struggled with the previously mentioned night sweats and endless nights of bad sleep.

Following their own personal response to the blankets, they decided that they needed to branch out slightly and help those members of their family and friendship groups, that were also struggling on a night.

Naturally, the blankets were very popular, they loved them, their friends and family loved them and they were able to start-up properly as a business.

What happened next was vital for the progression of the company. They knew that they, and those close to them, loved the product and found it useful. However, that in no way guarantees the reaction of the mass market.

To cut a long story short, it was a success, and the company now makes the most of the hemp plant, also using it to produce underwear, t-shirts, and socks to go alongside their blankets.  


The Importance of the Hemp Plant:

As you can probably guess by the feature article of CBD Oil Adviser on the subject, hemp has far more uses than making t-shirts and socks and or for its medicinal products like CBD oil (find out here the best hemp CBD oil).

Those products do show the versatility of the material though, which is just one of the many reasons that hemp can make a sustainable base to build a successful business around.

The recent re-emergence of hemp, after its ban until 2014 for being named as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration, also makes it an interesting an exciting product to market.

During its ban, the plant was not forgotten about. It seemed as though it was constantly put-down through government propaganda and marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, it was proven that the plant was harmless and as we all know, there is a saying that all publicity can be good publicity.

As previously mentioned, the hemp plant was once at the very center of the US agricultural sector and now that the controversy surrounding the plant has been put to bed and hemp has shown its use and versatility, there is nothing to suggest that it cannot return to the center of the industry and reclaim its place at ‘the top of the tree’, if you will.  


Go Natural:

In summary, and as a reminder, the man-made blankets, made from synthetic fibers, such as Polyester, Nylon and alike, mentioned at the beginning of the article, do not allow your skin to breath properly.

The non-breathable materials stop our skin, which is the largest organ in our bodies, to do what it needs to do. Meaning that it is unable to consume the necessary oxygen. As you can guess, this is counterproductive to your body, as it then begins the process of worker harder than ever, at the time when it should be getting the rest necessary to function and optimum level the next day.

Which, as we now know, leads to the problem of night-sweating.

However, the solution to this something of a simple one. Replace these unnatural materials with natural ones. Where unnatural materials stop your body from being able to take in the oxygen that it needs, natural materials, of which hemp is one of the best examples, allow the human body to collect the correct amount of oxygen – thus eliminating the problem of night-sweating.

On top of this, the benefits of supporting the hemp industry have many other benefits. Open-mindedness is often associated with those entrepreneurs supporting the hemp industry, due mainly to the years that the plant has spent being chastised by the United States Government.

As hemp now seems destined to return to its rightful place at the heart of the United States agricultural industry, the benefits of supporting the plant are beginning to become well known and widely publicized.

As a side note, hemp has not only recently been associated with creating quality products, like the blankets that make up the feature content for this article, as well as the tees and socks that have also been mentioned.

It is also associated with reducing anxiety (check out here the best CBD oil reviews for anxiety) and helping an individual’s creative juices flow. In a society which is beginning to place such a large focus on both the physical and mental wellbeing of each and every member of society, and rightly so, it seems that hemp’s rise back to prominence has the potential to help a number of great causes – so why not start by using hemp blankets to give yourself the best nights sleep possible!



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