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Across the globe, there has been more severe weather from droughts to flooding. Just this month experts have said that within 12 years the global temperature will rise to 1.5C if we do not cut greenhouse gas emission to zero. However, hemp can actually help replace many of the materials that damage our world. This means that it could create a long-term sustainable solution, which will help our earth.


Hemp Is Not Marijuana

Hemp is from the cannabis family, but it isn’t actually the same as marijuana, in fact, it’s more like its cousin according to the Ministry of Hemp. This is because hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning that it is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t get you high. The hemp plant even looks different to the marijuana plant, as it is actually skinner and a lot taller (they can grow up to 20 ft). The hemp plant was once found everywhere around the world and was very popular. In fact, it was first discovered around 8,000 BCE in central Asia.

Over the years it spread through multiple continents and it became a very important part of the agricultural revolution. Hemp was used for a number of things, including food such as CBD THC gummies, textiles, oil, and industrial purposes.

For centuries hemp oil was even used as lamp oil, but when petroleum was first introduced in the 1870’s it phased out. There was also a lot of confusion between hemp and marijuana during the 1900’s; because of this, it became an illegal substance in many countries including the United States.



Hemp Is Legal In Some Countries

In some countries, hemp is still legal, and because of this it’s still being used to produce a whole variety of resources, for instance: food, textiles, and in some cases it has even built houses that have even been proven to be more energy efficient compared to normal buildings. A magazine called Popular Mechanics even published an article about the 25,000 products that hemp can produce including hemp oil capsules CBD back in 1941.


Farmers Can Benefit From Hemp

It has even been proven by CBD Oil Adviser that hemp can also help out farmers all across the world. This is because they can use it to repair the health of the land that they use to grow their produce. This means that they will not have to use herbicides or pesticides on their land.

The reason for this is because when hemp is planted into the land the roots from the hemp grow very thick, so it kills off all of the weeds that may grow around the plant. Rather than putting chemicals all over the plants, there is a natural alternative. Not only this, but hemp plants are also able to produce oxygen, they can help stop deforestation and are even able to process greenhouse gases.

Grown Domestically – Hemp Is Versatile

It approximately takes 4-6 months for hemp to grow fully, and its materials can make a wide variety of sustainable products. This includes energy, plastics, steel, or any other petroleum based products because anything that can be made out of fossil fuel can actually be made out of hemp too.

Hemp can even be grown domestically and can be very easy to grow as it naturally repels any plant diseases, it can also grow in most climates and it even improves the soil that it grows in.

There’s currently a battle to stop climate change from happening, and the Ministry of Hemp suggested that bringing back hemp could be key to sustain our efforts in preserving soil and natural resources. They also said: “Developing different applications of hemp and spreading it to the mainstream will help increase the supply of hemp and jumpstart a shift to a healthier society.”

The founder of the National Hemp Association, Zev Paiss, said: “The Industrial Hemp Farming Act could be the largest jobs bill that Congress can pass in 2016”.



It may have taken a couple more years, but in June 2020 the Farm Bill was passed and the Senate overwhelmingly approved it. The Farm Bill fully legalizes industrial hemp across the United States, which means that all products that can be made from hemp are now fully legal, including nature’s best CBD oil. Therefore state agricultural departments are now allowed to grow hemp, as they would like any other product.



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