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In most occasions, people find it hard to differentiate between hemp essential oil with hemp oil or any other real CBD oil for sale are mostly confuse the two. In as much as the two oils are derived from one plant, there is a very distinct difference.  

Find below a clarification of the difference between these two oils.



It is important to note that the hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds while the essential oils are derived from the uppermost leaves as well as the flowers.

The Hemp seed oil is made using seeds from the plant. Usually, these seeds are cold pressed in order to produce a nutty oil that has a green flavor. It is popularly perceived as a balanced oil in terms of nutrition offered to us by nature. Find CBD oil in your area here: hemp CBD oil near me.

The plant’s essential oil which is also referred to as cannabis essential oil is derived from the uppermost leaves as well as flowers of the plant. The process involved in the production of the hemp essential oil is having the leaves as well as the flowers steam distilled to ensure that the pure essence that the plant offers is captured.  The final product from this process is a pale-light green colored oil that has a high concentration of therapeutic aroma. More than 50 pounds are used to produce just an ounce of the oil. This oil happens to be on the list of some of the higher priced oils across the world. It does not have THC or even Cannabidiol (CBD) that you will find in other hemp products like CBD gummies hemp bombs.



This oil does not count for a new trend. In the real sense, the oil has always been adored as history has it for the longest time possible.  The questions would be, from where did essentials oils originate from? Who were the people using these oils?

There has always been a connection that is so deep between man as well as the earth which began a long time ago dating to the hunting and gathering era.  On realization of the effects plants would have on their bodies, the hunters and gatherers came to know that there were plants that could get them drunk, others would lift their spirits others helped them in getting rid of things while others brought about nourishment to their bodies.

It later became important for the general wellness of people in capturing the aroma from plants as well as promoting general health. This does not just cover for the physical well being but also the emotional as well as the spiritual well being. 

Hemp’s essential oils became popular for their abilities that were not only therapeutic but also in releasing stress and relaxing the body. Find out what is the best CBD oil for anxiety and stress.

They also used leaves, the bark as well as roots inclusive of aromatic portions from botanicals and pressed this, ground it or even soaked the same into fat. The process helped in infusing in the oil the plants healing properties as well as the therapeutic ones.  The process helped in the creation of chemical compounds which had the abilities to be stored for future use when needed. A crude steam distillation dating back to 300 B.C was discovered which can tell of how early the fine tuning of the process of extraction began.

People who were involved in trading would occasionally cover the very long distance to ensure that they brought these adored aromatic oils back to their homes.



The plant, which happens to be the oldest plant that man has ever cultivated was popular for its aroma in the essential oil as well as therapeutic benefits that it brought to the central nervous system. This was important in easing stress as well as relaxing the body.

It also had a warm and sweet fragrance which Its warm, which played a big role in the Biblical era as it was as a key component in the holy anointing oil which was also inclusive of myrrh, cassia, sweet cinnamon as well as olive oil. 

As for the people of Egypt, hemp, as well as different essential oils, are not just for medicinal purposes like using the best CBD oil product for migraines, but also for spiritual purposes. If one was among the wealthy class of Egyptians, they would enjoy the benefits of lavishing in oils that were perfumed for their bodies. It was also common for people from Greek and Rome to enjoy the benefits of the treasured oils while having a bath. 

Steam distillation in the 11th century became a popular phenomenon as the essential oils were used for different purposes from medicinal purposes to helping individuals in attaining a higher level of spirituality.

During the 16th century, oil could now be bought from an “apothecary” as a lot of these oils became common because of their healing abilities.

Until the Victorian era, people still made use of herbal medicine as well as these essential oils, sadly, these were neglected and people started using pharmaceutical drugs.


Looking for the queen of essential oils, we got you as we are reviving this and bringing you the earthy, peppery as well as faintly sweet scent that hemp essential oil has.

CBD Oil Adviser are working on ensuring hemp which is the Queen of essential oils is brought back; we would like you to experience its great aroma. You will find that it has an earthy, peppery as well as a faint sweet scent that is attractive as well as sensual; it blends in perfection along with diverse fragrances in the perfection of the art of aromatherapy.


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