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1) Smoking Hemp can get you high


Even though Hemp and Marijuana are cousins, it is not possible for one to be high from smoking Hemp or its CBD Hemp oil. As a plant, Hemp contains low levels of cannabinoids and nearly 0.02% or less of THC. You can find the best THC free CBD oil online or even in many US states. THC is a chemical compound in Marijuana that is largely responsible for psychotropic effects and is used for recreation to cause sensations of euphoria on the user’s body. Smoking Hemp only would most likely get you a bad headache and not high, no matter how large the joint size you are smoking is.

2) Buying and selling of Hemp is Illegal in the US


The huge 2014 US Farm Bill has a section in it that is referred to as “The legitimacy of Industrial Hemp research” and it is in this section that the Congress agreed to legalize Hemp. The Farm bill allowed the States Department of Agriculture to grow and harvest Industrial Hemp for agricultural or overall academic research, the constitution of the research is however not clearly spelled in the bill.

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As to whether buying and selling Hemp in the US is illegal, the answer is no because Amazon which is one of the biggest products stores in the world currently is selling Hemp tea in the US. According to Amazon, Hemp as a food is legal in about 50 States. Some of the Hemp food products include; Hemp oil, seeds and protein powders.

3) Even if hemp is low in THC, you could still extract the THC to ultimately create a drug

Not even possible

Cbd Oil Adviser have already seen at the beginning of this article, THC levels in Hemp are almost zero, and it is therefore practically impossible to extract sufficient amount to use a drug. Getting enough CBD alone for the production of pure CBD capsules and other products requires a large amount of Hemp harvest.

4) You could use hemp fields to hide marijuana


What makes this largely impossible are the varying growing conditions, physical appearance and chemical makeup between the two.

Growing conditions

There is a huge striking difference between Hemp and Marijuana when it comes to growing environment. While Hemp can easily adapt to extreme conditions, the growth of Marijuana calls for carefully managed warm and humid atmosphere.

Differences in appearance

A keen observation will prove the incredible difference between Marijuana and Hemp plant structure.

Marijuana’s leaves are broadly shaped and the plant also has tight buds, on the other hand, Hemp has skinny leaves which are majorly concentrated at the top of the plant. Someone observing the two plants from a distance can easily notice the thick and short bush look of Marijuana and skinny tall appearance of Hemp.

Chemical difference

The chemical composition of Marijuana and Hemp points to an enormous difference between them. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychopathic compound which makes up about 6-20% of Marijuana while Hemp has less than 0.03% of the same. Most, if not all, of the best CBD oil for sale on many market platforms are almost THC-free, so you do not have to worry about unwanted psychological effects when using one.

5) Hemp advocates are actually trying to find backdoors to sell marijuana


To refute this claim, it is important to note that Hemp is not the same as Marijuana and, this is because it cannot get you stoned which is the key reason for Marijuana illegalization. Hemp advocates are driven by the medical and economic benefits associated with Hemp products. Its use has registered good profits in various industrialized nations. It is, therefore, not realistic to fault advocate’s support for growing of Hemp.

6) Legalizing hemp would make it impossible for law enforcement to fight marijuana


This cannot be the case because first, it is easy to distinguish between Hemp and Marijuana, secondly, experience shows that countries that legalized Hemp in the past have no problem with fighting Marijuana. For instance, the police in Canada are still able to enforce Marijuana laws since 1988 when Hemp was legalized.

Legalizing Hemp enables more control to be exercised in the Industry. The control measures will ensure that all farmers are registered and Hemp planted seeds are checked for required levels of THC.

7) Hemp and marijuana are actually all the same plant


Even though Hemp and Marijuana hail from a similar Cannabis family, their chemical compounds are different. The two plants do not share the same growing conditions and are also used for different purposes.

8) The constitution and the Declaration of Independence are written on hemp paper


Hemp was mostly used for papermaking. Actually, by the year 1883, about 89.9% of papers all over the world were made using Cannabis Hemp Fiber. Even in this century, there is a possibility that Hemp is still being used on many products due to its versatile nature.

Dutch hemp paper was used to write the first two drafts of independent documents during the summer of 1776. However, on 19th of June 1776, the Congress gave an order which caused the constitution and the Declaration of Independence to be written on a parchment which was made from animal skin.

9) Eating or using hemp make me fail a drug test


Most drug test usually seeks to determine the presence of THC which is a psychoactive compound. The level of THC in Hemp is too low to even be detected by any drug test and therefore it is not correct to say that using Hemp can cause Drug test failure. In addition, large retail shops such as Wal-Mart and Amazon sells Hemp products knowing it is not a drug that can make you high or get classified during a drug test.

10) CBD oil is illegal


The United States is among the places in the world where the use of Industrial Hemp oil is legally accepted. The CBD oil market is large but is still not regulated to the required standards. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful while purchasing CBD products. Feel free to visit our blog If you would love to know what to look for while buying any CBD product.

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