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There is so much controversy around the use of hemp, especially in America. The legalization of hemp is a fight that many people fight for. People have devoted their whole lives and careers to reform legislation around hemp, promoting the benefits for health and the environment amongst numerous other things. People even make businesses out of the fight for the right to hemp.


Health Benefits Of Hemp

Republicans and Democrats alike are both coming forward in support of hemp and hemp farming. They cite reasons such as health benefits and the proven uses of hemp when targeting and fighting certain diseases such as Dravet Syndrome, i.e. epilepsy. This was from a New York Democratic senator, quoting support from a member of opposing a political party, the Republicans.

The Senate has even gone as far as to block bills in support of investing money into the targeting of cannabis suppliers and dealers. Therefore the stigma remains, but less and less so than it has ever been as research grows and aspersions are not backed in fact but fiction and confusion.

States that now allow hemp farming include California, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. Even this number is big progress yet there is clearly still a long way to go in terms of full country support. Hopefully, though, this will be a part of the future as hemp really does benefit everyone and everything.




Several Research About Hemp 

So many research articles, projects, and scientists confirm and reaffirm the benefits and value of hemp as a global product. There is a discussion at the minute of the added value of a growing hemp market in the face of a declining market in tobacco production. The hazards and dangers of tobacco for the human body have been proven time and time again, and taxes plus health warnings and common sense are taking over and smoking is becoming less and less popular.

Though it still brings in a lot of profit, the days of the tobacco industry are surely numbered whereas the days of the hemp industry are coming into the light finally. The support for legalization is growing from both political parties, as the benefits are there to be seen as clear as day. In fact, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, there are over 100,000 fewer tobacco farms now than there were in its infancy.

Cigarettes, made from tobacco and other harmful substances such as tar, contain more than 4000 components. The components that compose cigarettes are largely toxic and have countless damaging effects on the human body including causing cancer and other organ diseases. Some substances found in cigarettes are found in harmful products such as nail polish remover. It is also highly addictive, unlike hemp and CBD.

Hemp farming triumphs most kinds of farming. It is so good for the Earth and soil, doesn’t require tons of water to grow healthily and actually replenishes the ground it grows on as it grows, leaving it ready to be planted again upon harvesting. It also takes up less space to grow the same amount of product and therefore can be produced in larger qualities.


The States and the 2014 Farm Bill

There was some room for growth with the 2014 Farm Bill which promoted the legalization of Hemp for research reasons. Each State was required to provide their own regulations and rules regarding the growth of hemp and the projects are still growing in size four years later. However, people are still being scrutinized and prosecuted, targeted and monitored. One area of monitoring includes rigorous and random testing for levels of THC in crops.

THC is a psychedelic component of cannabis and hemp plants, with high levels present in illegal drug marijuana. You cannot, however, get high from hemp. The levels of THC are so low that is impossible. What happens instead is a medicinal effect, on top of proven health benefits for the body. It is a proven pain reliever and comes in many forms such as sweets, oil, and creams.

As supported by lots of notions, hemp is a great crop for the environment. Already mentioned, the low water requirements, alongside other benefits such as ameliorating the soil it is grown on and lack of need for pesticides and herbicides. This is rarer and rarer, and pesticides are shockingly bad for the environment because of the chemicals they contain and their effects on ecosystems and the environment in general.

There is still a way to go in terms of removing the stigma around hemp and hemp-based products like wellness CBD gummies. This is owing to its cousin plant, cannabis. The illegal drug has often been the downfall for hemp and hemp products, putting off investors and retailers alike. Yet that is decreasing with the increase in education around hemp and CBD. This is thanks to research and people see the value and benefits of this product.



CBD Oil Adviser have proven things like the benefits of hemp oil and CBD oil in conditions such as fibromyalgia, a crippling and chronic condition that causes pain and insomnia and makes life a general misery. Not only was this proven through medical reports, but also patient’s testimonies. Hemp is a natural medicine, therefore more attractive for regular use on a regular basis.

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People are put off traditional medicines for fears of addiction and dependency, but therein lies the beauty appeal of hemp, there is no need to fear addiction because it is not addictive. There are a growing number of studies and ongoing research supporting the use for medicinal purposes.


Other Benefits Of Hemp

  • Hemp clothing, which is durable attractive and more environmentally friendly to produce than its cotton counterpart. Hemp can be used for all clothing from t-shirts to trousers and accessories as well such as bags. Hemp ropes are one of the strongest ropes in general circulation.
  • It even has benefits for the construction industry, largely thanks to its strength and durability. It is a viable replacement for wood, cheap and cost-effective, and long-lasting while reliable also. The benefits are endless.
  • It is proven to be positive for health and certain conditions such as migraines and epilepsy. It is also full of protein and naturally occurring minerals and vitamins such as omega 3 which have numerous health benefits for the human body. It is also packed with protein and in seed, the form can be consumed as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.
  • It can be grown with the little scarce sacrifice of water usage, needing over half the amount less than things such as cotton.  This means less work for farmers, less time spent in the fields, less water taken from sources and therefore it can grow faster, and more efficiently.
  • Like most global scale industries, there are lots of economic benefits for smaller communities and larger ones.  There are opportunities for new farming cultures and villages, creating multiple job opportunities and creating capital for places that are in great need of capital. Economically, it is a no-brainer, and can easily replace economic giants like tobacco through its sustainable and healthy nature.
  • Hemp paper has environmental benefits including the reduction of deforestation. It is also fully recyclable which, with such a focus on the environment (and rightly so) is amazing in this current climate. There is rightly growing concerns about the environment and all the harmful things we put into it causing larger concerns. Therefore a product, any product in fact that can minimize risks to the environment should be globally supported.

There is so much increasing support for this idea that it will soon be hard to ignore on a global scale.  There is an army of people ready and willing to fight for the cause, as seen through online marketing. Most of the products consumed by Americans come from Canada, where hemp is perfectly legal (check out here where you can buy CBD oil for pets in Canada). This is fine, and there are many trusted sources, but would it not be better to get the benefits in America itself?

Hemp support is growing, and it’s not hard to see why. All that is needed, seemingly, is a certain bunch of people getting over the stigma that comes from its cousin plants. The benefits are hard to ignore and increasingly needed in a world that is growing in toxicity and needing a bit of redemption and forward thinking.



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