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The Keto Diet is the new craze dieters across the globe are talking about – and hemp is the perfect addition to this ketogenic diet.

You may recall some media coverage of the Keto Diet and fats in diets posing health risks and not being beneficial for people taking part in this diet. But this research was knocked on the head as it proved the fats which you consume are actually very beneficial to people – which is where the hemp protein comes into play.

It’s especially important to understand the food and nutrients that you are putting into your body, and how they are affecting it. Not only does your daily intake affect your weight, but also your energy levels and mental attitude

– all equating to the overall picture of your ‘health’. A lot of health problems these days can be traced back to poor eating habits or sourcing food from unhealthy means, such as processed food or having a lot of fast foods within our diets. Supermarket shelves are full of such products, which makes it particularly difficult for modern families to always eat well.

It is for this reason that the Keto Diet has sidestepped into the media spotlight and become so globally popular. The Keto Diet is not just an eating plan, but a pattern of intake which concentrates majorly on cutting the carbs and increasing the amount of fats; these fats can be found in viable sources such as nuts and oils, rather than unhealthy alternatives.

The diet forces users to question the sources of their goods and challenges them to test out different sources of energy into their diets. And the main source on everyone’s lips is, of course, hemp. It’s the ideal way to support a diet which comprises of fewer carbohydrates. It’s very important to reduce the amount of carbs and calories with this diet, which is why we have listed below some of the ways you can incorporate increased levels of hemp into your diets. Check out here what CBD oil is best for weight loss.

For more info on hemp and how amazing it is for a Keto Diet, see below.

Hemp protein is an incredible source of protein and nutrients, which is why so many people are filtering it into their diets.


Hemp seeds contain the same nutritional value as hemp oil, due to the fact that the oil is made from the seeds being pressed and pulped down. So you can take advantage of both of these hemp products and filter both into your diet for multiple health benefits.

Both the oil and the seeds of hemp contain high quantities of GLA (Gamma-Linolenic acid) which are essential for subsiding inflammation within the body (know the best CBD oil for inflammation), calming muscles and regulating the body’s natural temperature. GLA is also associated with helping patients who have blood pressure and other circulatory complaints, to even more serious diseases.

As the Keto Diet waves the finger at carbs, foods which have been sourced from grain are a no go – which means that you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite bread and pasta. However, all is not lost, as hemp seeds have an especially high dosage of fiber within them, meaning you can get all the goodness from the seeds and not have to seek them elsewhere.

Hemp products like gummies CBD are also a great asset for a healthy heart. The aortic organ isn’t a friend of sugar, which is where the natural sugars (as well as natural fats and proteins) of the hemp seeds are truly beneficial. It’s been proven that eating a good dose of hemp seeds a day, regularly, will give you the nutrient boost you need for a happy and healthy heart.

As if you haven’t heard enough about the positive attributes of hemp seeds – you’ll be pleased to know that they contain nine grams of protein, even more, grams of natural fat and two grams of fiber. That’s not forgetting each and every amino acid that the body needs to function on top form every day. They’re also low in calories and carbs – which the Keto Diet is all for. Surely by now you’re convinced that hemp seeds have earned their ‘superfood’ title.

Low carbohydrate consumption is the main line of thinking for the Keto Diet, but it also focuses on high-fat consumption, as well as high portions of the essential amino acids.



The superfood of hemp can be utilized in many of your favorite everyday meals. It’s a nutty flavor with a chewy delicious texture like canchew cbd gum, can add a flavor by the bucketload to any meals on your diet plan. Hemp can be produced to make cheese and other dairy substitutes so its great for anyone with an allergy who is wanting to test out some dairy alternatives.


Here are some of our favorite recipes which involve the use of hemp:


Morning Parfait

We at Cbd Oil Adviser all know how important it is to start your day with a hearty breakfast, so how about sampling this morning parfait? It’s simple and easy, so much so, you can even make it when you’re bleary-eyed and haven’t quite woken up yet. It’s sure to add a spot of rocket fuel into your bloodstream and have you powered throughout the day. Pair the chia, hemp and flax concoction with granola and fresh fruit, and of course some tasty yogurt, and you’re all good to go. Natural goodness at its finest. If you’re sticking hard and fast to the Keto Diet, you can even replace your usual granola with more hemp seeds or plain yogurt, or possibly even an avocado. Sounds delicious to us!

Changing up your diet to include more hemp could not be simpler. This smoothie is simple and highly nutritious, taking just minutes to make.

Raw Tabouli Hemp Seed Salad

You can’t knock the foods of the Med, which is why this tabouli salad is so popular. You’ve got your folic acid by the gallon in your parsley fix, as well as many of the essential vitamins you need to exist and those antioxidants that keep you looking and feeling your best. Adding a large dosage of hemp seeds and salt, along with the olive oil and lemon juice is just about everything you could ever wish for in a superfood salad. The Keto Diet is a big advocate of this one, and it’s no surprise why, with 60 grams of fat in just five spoons of seeds.

Blueberry and Oatmeal Smoothie

This ones for those of us who don’t have a lot of time on our hands, but still want something to boost our mood and make us feel energized throughout our day. This classic, CBD-infused smoothie is great for days where cooking is the last thing on your mind. Adding your favorite fruits like the banana will thicken the delicious mixture, and blueberries will sweeten the load.

Then, you’ve got all the nutrients you could wish for in the hemp oil running through it. Delicious, super filling and will have you powered all day long.

If you’re sticking to the Keto Diet, we suggest that you replace any liquid in your smoothie with hemp milk or another alternative, for additional fats, and remove the granola.

If these mouth-watering recipes have ticked your fancy for the Keto Diet, why not check out our other recipes which can easily incorporate the superfood, hemp seeds.


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