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Hemp Helps, a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company, was born through Andy Zarycki’s big dreams to change the world’s views on hemp.

Hemp has been prohibited in the US for decades. Many people still remain uncertain of the benefits this plant actually provides. Typically the public is preoccupied with misconceptions that demonize hemp as something to be banned.

This means that many people are missing out on the sustainability and health benefits of hemp.

Hemp Helps is an organization that is a hybrid of non-profit and for-profit. The main purpose of this organization is to be a platform for hemp. It is a place where people can securely explore the truths regarding the hemp plant and allows visitors the opportunity to learn more about the health and environmental benefits of it.


A Platform For Education

 “When I started researching hemp, I realized there was a gap in the movement – there isn’t anything that promoted hemp to be used in people’s everyday lives,” Andy said.

As well as providing information, Andy has also created a Hemp Helps store. This online marketplace offers a variety of hemp-based items, ranging from food products to pet supplies.

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Andy actually has first-hand experience in manufacturing products. When Hemp Helps was still in its infancy Andy and his partner decided to create their own line of hemp products.

However it wasn’t meant to be and after a handful of failures, Andy decided to leave the selling to other people as he focused on Hemp Helps core values of education, acceptance, and support.

He is not bitter about his mistakes through building his organization, however, and uses his mishaps as an education.

“The biggest lesson for me was that if you want to do something, do a test run first,” he urges.


Working Towards A Better Industry and Planet

As well as offering what we consider an essential public service of educating and removing the stigma of hemp, Hemp Helps also works towards improving the planet. Working closely with the social cause Trees of the Future, Hemp Helps contributes to the plantation of more trees and the reduction of deforestation.

Andy told us that this work came from a desire to contribute to the environment in a more meaningful way than simply donating money.

“I wanted to make a direct impact,” he said, “we came up with the idea that we could plant trees.”

Thousands of trees are being cut down every day in order to be used for wood and other materials, causing serious effects on our atmosphere. Trees are essential in removing carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals from the atmosphere and contributing to the oxygen levels. Many companies like Hemp Helps believe that if we shift our routines, we can rely on hemp plants more for our everyday needs and leave trees to do their essential work for our planet.

Hemp plants don’t just provide an alternative material for us to use but are just as beneficial to the atmosphere as trees. In fact, hemp plants absorb more chemicals than trees can and take less time to grow back.

By relying on hemp more and helping contribute to the restoration of our forests Hemp Helps truly are doing great work for the future of our planet.

Andy was inspired by the other services Trees for the Future provide. Not only do they work to plant more trees, but they also work closely with farming communities to provide an education in how they can continue their work.

It seems that the visions for both of these companies are very similar. Hemp Helps main effort is certainly on educating the public. As Andy explains;

“Our vision was to focus on two areas:

1.      To get people to use hemp in their everyday lives

2.      Educate people on why hemp is so great for people and for the planet.”

By educating and informing people about the truths behind hemp and its benefits, more and more people will demand hemp products like CBD oil (know here the best affordable CBD oil). It is this demand that could lead to the legalization of hemp in the United States.

For companies like Hemp Helps, the legalization of hemp would mean more success in the future. Andy expressed that his business has faced mistrust due to the nature of public conceptions on hemp.

He told us that the biggest challenges his organization has faced are due to the fact that hemp still remains illegal in the United States.

“Because it [hemp] is illegal, there is still a big taboo and stigma around it,” he said.

Another issue that this has caused is on the financial side of the organization. Because hemp is not an accepted material yet, Andy cannot predict what profits Hemp Helps will make.

“It is not fully scalable yet,” he said, “ Up till now, I have been juggling a full-time job while also investing time and money into Hemp Helps.”

However, it is Andy’s lifelong passion for hemp that is keeping this organization afloat despite the difficulties. Andy told us that he has always been interested in hemp and started his research into the plant’s benefits from a very young age.

“I have always been interested in cannabis as I was around people who were into medical or recreational marijuana,” he claims.

But it was a speech class in junior high that really got Andy into hemp. He explained that his research into the hemp industry for this class, in order to impress his teacher, was what encouraged him to start his own business that would offer more education and information to those who still weren’t convinced.

But was his teacher impressed? “She loved it,” Andy said.


Hemp For A Better Future

“I consider myself to be an environmentalist that really cares about the planet,” Andy said.

He told us how he has always been conscientious about the environment and would often inspire work colleagues to start recycling programmes in previous jobs. It seems that this motivation to help others improve the planet is an inbuilt quality of Andy and one that continues through his work with Hemp Helps.

Being an environmentalist was a motivation for Andy to support and promote hemp due to its sustainability.

“I think hemp is a great option to help the world,” he said. “I don’t think hemp is the one-and-only solution, but hemp can be apart of the solution.”

Hemp can help improve the environment from the moment it is planted. The roots of the hemp plant will fix the soil it has been planted in, while overground hemp absorbs harmful chemicals from the atmosphere.

Clothing, food products, and other everyday items that can be made from hemp are always the most eco-friendly options in today’s market. Hemp clothing is more durable than other materials used and it will last longer than your high street finds and hemp food products have amazing health benefits for both your physical and mental needs.

Andy continues to be excited and passionate about the future of hemp in the United States. He is incredibly proud of the impact Hemp Helps is already having in its three-year run and he remains positive about what will come.

“What’s exciting about being a startup in the hemp industry is the fact that it’s just the beginning for this plant,” he told us. “We don’t know where this industry will go, and to me, that means there’s so much potential.”

Ministry of Hemp would like to thank Andy Zarycki for his time and expertise on the hemp industry. Cbd Oil Adviser wish him the best of luck for his future and hope he continues his amazing work in this industry.

Hemp Helps is an online organization that aims to work towards the acceptance of hemp in the United States, as well as providing work to other organizations that aim to improve our environment. They offer educational services that inform the public how hemp can be beneficial to their everyday needs in an attempt to abolish the prohibition that has followed hemp for decades.

Hemp Helps also has an online marketplace where verified vendors can sell their hemp-based product safely. They have everything from hemp-based food products like full spectrum CBD gummies to pet supplies.

Support Hemp Helps’ work and check them out here: https://www.hemphelps.org/



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