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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to buy your gifts for everybody. But what do you get them this year? If you’re short of ideas, we’ve got you covered.

For 2020, why not give the gift of hemp this holiday season. Hemp products are rapidly becoming popular and now there are so many different types of products available that all have different benefits.

Hemp is a miraculous plant that can be turned into lots of different products, including cbd gummies for kids, foods, textiles, fabrics, paper and even plastics. Because of this, there are lots of gifts to choose from. So, if you’re giving the gift of hemp this holiday season you will be spoilt for choice.

Here are some of our favorite hemp products that you can buy that anyone on your gift list is sure to love.

Hemp Fashion and Apparel: Jungmaven Save & Exit

If it is hemp fashion you are looking for then why not check out Jungmaven. Jungmaven is a company that creates clothing and apparel from hemp. And they don’t just sell it, they are passionate about bringing hemp to everyone. They’re goal is to get everyone wearing hemp t-shirts by 2020. You could help them be on their way to that goal.

At the moment, you can get 10% off your next order if you join their mailing list. If you are interested in renewable sources and passionate about the environment or know someone who is, then give it a go. Sign up to their mailing list to see the best deals and what they are doing to help the environment.

Hemp Oil Supplements: Poplum

Is someone on your gift list into health and fitness and looking for some supplements? Then why not have a look at Poplum. Poplum is the best place to buy cbd oil at a reasonable price. CBD oil is a versatile product that can be used to treat numerous ailments and provides you with some nutritional benefits as well. They’ve recently expanded their range to include hemp rubs and even products for pets.

Poplum is highly reviewed and you can check out some of their reviews on their website. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of products they offer, or the person you are buying for has expressed an interest but hasn’t been specific, Poplum offer a starter kit. The starter kit includes a 250mg bottle of their Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Zen Pets Calming Oil and their Cold Therapy Hemp Rub. But you better hurry before they sell out!

The CBDistillery

Another one to look at is The CBDistillery. The CBDistillery offers a wider range of CBD products. The CBDistillery has looked into CBD oil treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression as well as helping to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and chronic pain. And they offer free shipping on any domestic order over $75. All their products are affordable, and they ship to all 50 states with no prescription required.

Zion Medicinals

And if you’re still unsure, we have a third option for you. Zion Medicinals is our last, but by no means least, option for you. Zion Medicinals began when the founder, Brian Caruso, discovered that CBD oil eased the symptoms of his wife’s painful Lyme Disease. Zion Medicinals is different to the other brands out there due to its unique spagyric extraction process. The spagyric process involves fermentation, extraction, purification, recombination and ending up with a raw tincture. According to Zion, this makes their products unique and better than any other out there. They certainly are unique. Are they better than the rest? Well why not gift it to someone in the know and they can find out – Zion Medicinals CBD Oil for sale in colorado.

Hemp Food: Hippy Butter

Hippy Butter is a great brand that offers an array of hemp food products. Not only are their hemp seed spreads amazing, but they also offer hemp coffee and hemp seed chocolate too. For any sweet treat lovers out there, this would be the perfect gift. What’s a cuter gift than hemp chocolates and coffee? We can’t think of much. And buying these instead of regular old coffee and chocolate shows that you’ve thought hard about the gifts you’re giving and are giving your loved one’s something interesting and unique rather than the same old things we get every year.

Ergogenics Nutrition

If the person you’re buying for is more on the healthy side, then why not have a look at Ergogenics Nutrition. Staying fit and healthy in the winter can be tough so Ergogenics Nutrition is here to help. Any product from them would be perfect for any athlete or gym fanatic out there. Their products are organic and full of plant-based nutrition, and with hemp added into that mix, you get all the extra nutrition that you won’t get from many other sources.
If you subscribe, you get 20% off your next order. Not only that, but they will also send you exclusive discounts, news, recipes and more. Whether you are interested in further offers or want to save them for a loved one who is, subscribe to Ergoenics and take advantage of everything they offer you.

Hemp Kettle Tea

Feeling the winter chill where you are? Or do you know someone who is into herbal teas? Then why not gift them something from Hemp Kettle Tea. Hemp Kettle Tea offers delicious teas, herbs and spices that have been blended with hemp seeds. As well as offering a variety of teas, Hemp Kettle Tea also attend events, meaning that if you ever see them in town, you can take your loved one with you to talk to the people who make and sell the product face to face.

Currently, Hemp Kettle Tea offers free shipping to any order over $25. Their products are categorized in a few ways, meaning that not only can you shop via product, but you can also search via categories such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. If the person you are buying for drinks herbal teas for medicinal purposes then they are sure to love these.

Hemp Aromatherapy: Kushed Candles

Did you know that hemp is great for aromatherapy? Well you do now. If that has piqued your interest, take a look at what Kushed Candles has to offer. Kushed aims to make your down-time more relaxing through the use of cannabis essential oils in aromatherapy. Hemp aromatherapy has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Know someone who needs a little me-time? Go buy them something from Kushed Candles. Great for a long bath or at home in the evening, enjoyed by yourself or with others, Kushed Candles products with melt any stress away.

Shop via the different scents to find one that will be perfect to burn on a cold winter night, with anything from spice and herbal to fruity and floral. These candles have a little extra in them to make an interesting gift and show that you shopped with their feelings in mind.

CBD for Pets: Nature’s Pet Herbals

Is cbd oil for pets safe? — Hemp products aren’t just for us humans. If there is a furry friend, you want to shop for then look no further than Nature’s Pet Herbals. Cbd Oil Adviser mentioned earlier that Poplum have a product designed for pets, but if you are looking for a place that has a wider range or something specific, then this website will have what you need.

There are a lot of pets out there who suffer from pain, discomfort and anxiety, and more and more pet owners are now relying on CBD products to help. Nature’s Pet Herbals offer CBD oil, CBD infused treats and CBD sprays that have been specifically designed for pets.

Hemp Soap and More: Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products that are high quality. Not only that, but the company also dedicates their profits to charity. So, not only are you buying a great product, but you’re doing your bit too. With such a wide range of products it may be difficult to determine what to buy. But don’t worry, because Dr. Bronner’s is here to help by dedicating a whole section of their store to gift ideas. Not only that, but they also offer monthly specials. This month they have offers on balms, toothpastes, hair cremes, soaps and more.

Hemp Skincare:It’s All Buttah

Skincare products are a great go-to when you are looking for gifts to buy your loved ones. It’s All Buttah specializes in high quality skincare products using the best ingredients, and that includes lots of hemp. Each of these products is small and unique, making them perfect for gifts. Some of their products include body butters, balms and oils at affordable prices. There’s even an option to make your own body butter. Click here to find out the best Skin care product you can gift.

When we’re shopping for holiday gifts, skincare is always a good go-to. However, what sets you apart from others by getting your skincare products from It’s All Buttah is that these products have the extra edge over their competitors with hemp. With added aromatherapy in the oils and extra skin benefits that hemp offers, this gift is unique. Shop through their categories and learn a bit more about their products before making a purchase so that you know what you’ve bought and how it will benefit your loved one.
Fiddler’s Elbow Grease

Sian Phillips, the founder of Fiddler’s Elbow Grease, discovered the benefits of hemp balm when she began using it to treat fibromyalgia, a debilitating chronic pain condition. Based in the UK, Fiddler’s Elbow Grease offers a variety of products. Right now, they have a flash sale with deals such as 3 for 2 on Arnica Sticks, Bump Sticks, Bath Salts Pet Safe and more. As well as this, if you buy a 50ml bottle of Rose Geranium, Natural, Foot Balm or Four Thieves you get an extra 15ml bottle free. But you better hurry while it lasts!

Chronic Remedies

As well as locating them in local shops, Chronic Remedies hemp skincare has some great deals online. This is the season of skin care, so you won’t go wrong if you buy gifts from these sites. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to see what products they have available. If you spot a deal you like, simply send an email to chronic.remedies.cbd@gmail.com to place your order.

With these hemp products, you can’t go wrong with holiday season. Make the most of the deals mentioned while you still can as they won’t be here for long. Happy holidays!

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