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A new UK based fashion company is attempting to change the world’s attitudes toward hemp clothing.

We know that hemp has amazing health benefits, but hemp clothing evokes a slightly less enthusiastic attitude. We wouldn’t be surprised if, at sight of that phrase, you had some rather unflattering images of rough, beige material and ugly cuts.

Even modern hemp-based clothing companies seem a little uninspired, offering ranges with nothing more than a few t-shirts included.

However, Hemp Horizon is here to shake things up with their diverse range of fashionable hemp-based items; from tight-fitting, high necked dresses to free-flowing culottes, and even a range of yoga wear.

This brand uses a blend of hemp and other organic materials to demonstrate the versatility of the plant.

“Hemp is very much misunderstood,” claims Karen Kay, Hemp Horizon’s head designer.

“Forty years ago the fabrics made from hemp were crude, and didn’t have the refinement that today’s mills can produce,” she said. “Now, when blended with fine silks and other organic yarns, hemp is soft yet durable.”

Kay works closely with her business partner Steve Essner, the head of marketing for Hemp Horizon. All of the clothing in their range is modeled by Zoey Kay.

We at Ministry of Hemp spoke to Karen Kay about all elements of the Hemp Horizon’s brand, covering topics such as their values; getting an insight into their development process and discovering why exactly hemp is so fitting to the fashion industry of the future.


A ‘Revolutionary Movement’ In Women’s Fashion and Hemp Awareness

“[Hemp’s] the perfect choice for high quality, comfortable garments that look great, feel good, and last for years,” Kay claims.

Hemp Horizon really is a wonder to the hemp fashion industry. Their work truly is quite remarkable and their products wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end, luxury fashion store with their light, silky and comfortable fabrics. Their range couldn’t be further from the rough, scratchy and unflattering hemp clothing we’ve seen in the past.

The main component to Hemp Horizon’s success is in their design philosophy. Simplicity is key, as these designs will highlight the great quality of their fabric. It is this aspect that makes them stand out among the crowd.

Kay explains; “high quality, flattering and comfortable with a unique design which is unmistakably Hemp Horizon.”

She continued; “Our tag-line is ‘Awareness Is Key,’ as we’d like to be a part of this revolutionary movement around this magnificent plant.”

The hemp industry has certainly had its fair share of exploitative traders – those who attempt to capitalize on the plant’s benefits when it is in vogue. Thankfully, Hemp Horizon is dedicated to continually producing quality hemp garments and the brand is based on altogether more reputable values.

As Kay explains;

“We searched the globe for mills that produce fine hemp-blended fabric, sourcing from China and the USA, and we’re now looking also to source from Eastern Europe to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Reflecting the sustainable nature of hemp-based products such as green hemp CBD gummies, Hemp Horizon’s environmentally-conscious values are a major element to their overall philosophy. Their transparency regarding their production process and the promotion of more eco-friendly practices makes this brand truly unique and assures customers that they can always expect their products to be of the highest quality

“We hope that our customers will appreciate our endeavors and belief,” Kay told us. “We are very aware of the eco-friendliness of hemp and the other organic fiber we use for our garments.”


The Rise of Hemp in the United Kingdom

As our consciousness for sustainable materials become more and more relevant alongside the worsening state of the environment, hemp is a brilliant industry to get behind. Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly crops on the planet as it requires little to no pesticides and it can be grown anywhere.

Hemp can play a huge part in protecting the environment for future generations.

“As well as being the base fiber for creating high-quality fabrics it’s a high yielding plant with a very diverse range of uses,” Kay approved.

Despite the fact that CBD, a compound derived from hemp plants and is often used for medicinal purposes, is now being widely used across the UK, there is still a great level of mistrust towards the plant. This mistrust is fuelled by the countless misconceptions and misunderstandings that surround hemp’s legal status both here and overseas.

“We’ve never had any legal issues,” Kay expressed. “But we have found that people need to be educated about the simple fact that hemp cannot get you high.”

Being an independent business in this fairly rocky industry hasn’t been easy, Kay told us.

“It’s been quite a long journey to get to this point, almost two years — designing the garments, creating templates for the patterns and investing in machinery, all to ensure we’re totally self-sufficient. Our development journey has been challenging and required a whole new learning curve. There have been delays along the way, mainly in terms of investment as this project has been totally self-funded,” she said.

Although the potential for Hemp Horizon is huge, there are currently no plans to expand their product list. Instead, this company is focusing mainly on womenswear; producing lines of high-quality, hemp mixed t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets.

“We’re planning to launch a more extensive range of men’s products in early 2020,” Kay told us.

This expansion is currently limited to a 100% herringbone cap and a pair of bamboo wood sunglasses.

Due to the ongoing misconceptions among hemp-based products like wildflower CBD capsules and psychoactive cannabis (marijuana) Hemp Horizon has no plans to expand into the health food industry. They already have to face enough distrust from those who do not understand the legal status of hemp.

Kay claims, “As the public becomes more aware of the differences then we can look to cross-sell all the benefits.”


Hemp Legalization Will Start a New Era of Sustainable Fashion

Hemp is one of the oldest and most reliable material sources available. This plant has been used for centuries as many valuable items, ranging from paper, rope, and food as well as providing a lot of health benefits as CBD or other cannabinoids.

As the era of hemp prohibition appears to be coming to a close, we can get excited about the impact this plant will have on a range of industries. With more people accepting hemp as a safe, sustainable and legal material we can expect to see a rise in forward-thinking companies who will find impressive and innovative ways to use hemp.

Fashion will be just one of the major industries to benefit from hemp and we’re already seeing the effects of this with Hemp Horizon. As more of the public and government officials begin to support hemp production, we can expect many more companies to rise.

What makes Hemp Horizon so spectacular in this industry is their high-quality products. Their stylish range of clothing would be enough to make this brand stand out from the crowd, but the fact that they are also working toward a more sustainable future where hemp is accepted really makes them outstanding in this field.

CBD Oil Adviser once say, the acceptance of hemp could lead to a more sustainable way of life in the future. 

“If everyone is thinking more consciously we can help contribute to the healing and sustainability of our planet for the future generations.”



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