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Is hemp better than cotton for clothing? This age-old question could finally have an answer thanks to US Hemp.

US Hemp has created a Kickstarter campaign to test how well their 100% hemp t-shirts will fare in a market that is used to cotton blends. Their hemp shirt offers a higher performance than it’s cotton counterparts and has been found to be more comfortable as well.

To top it all off, US Hemp’s 100% hemp t-shirt is much better for the environment – especially when compared to other cotton clothing practices in the market right now.

Their campaign is seeking donations and publicity in order to get the whole of the United States behind the hemp and CBD Oil movement. Their vision is to get all of America wearing hemp instead of cotton.


Why is hemp better?

Hemp-based clothing has so many benefits over cotton, from the quality of the fabric to its effects on the atmosphere. Here are some key facts you should know about hemp:

  • The hemp plant actually cares for the earth.

Their roots repair the damaged soil around them during growth.

  • Hemp requires less resources to manufacture.

Hemp plants only require about half the level of water needed during cotton growth.

  • Hemp plants are better for the atmosphere than trees.

Hemp fields absorb 4x the amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than trees and they take less time to grow back. It can typically take upwards of 30 years for trees to grow back fully, whereas hemp plants can be grown and cultivated in months.


Why isn’t hemp more widely worn?

Surely if hemp garments are superior, both in quality and sustainability, to cotton then shouldn’t they be more widely worn? The issue that prevents hemp from getting the mass attention it deserves is its prohibition.

Hemp farming in the United States has been prohibited for almost 80 years, leading to misconceptions and mistrust towards the plant. This means that hemp used for clothing has to be imported- which bumps up the price of the garments considerably.

In today’s fast fashion market, a $30 hemp t-shirt simply cannot compare to a $5 cotton t-shirt that is available on the high street, despite the fact it is much better in quality and sustainability.



US Hemp is Bringing Hemp Back To America

For most of its history, hemp clothing in the United States has been produced from imported hemp. The majority of the raw material has come from countries like China, India, or Nepal and adds a large interest to the price tag of the final product.

However, US Hemp is working to change this process through their Kickstarter campaign which seeks to gather support for their homegrown hemp garments. US Hemp is the world’s first luxury brand that uses 100% hemp for their clothes.

The brand’s slogan – “safer, stronger, and indefinitely more ecological than cotton” – pretty much sums up the head of development, Brinkley Warren’s values for her business. “We’re aiming to make the highest quality hemp shirts that are American made,” she said. The majority of hemp clothing that is available on the market right now relies on imported hemp.

Due to its prohibition in the United States, companies like US Hemp face great difficulties getting the support necessary to continue their work. Their aim is to gather support from the public by educating them on the benefits hemp has over cotton, both in quality and sustainability. “Hemp is one of nature’s best plants for humans uses,” claims Warren.

Cotton has been commonly used for decades in clothing despite the fact it actually isn’t fit for purpose. Cotton farms use 60% of the total pesticides in the United States, whereas hemp fields do not require any chemicals at all to aid growth. Pesticides and other chemicals used in cotton farming contaminate all aspects of the land and atmosphere – and can even impact the material.

Pesticides damage the soil, water and other vegetation around the land as well as contributing to greenhouse gases. Hemp farming can actually revitalize the environment. “Each shirt you buy actually removes 4lbs of CO2 from the air we breathe,” claims Warren.

The amount of hemp US Hemp produces in order to manufacture their garments is having a positive effect on our environment, rather than causing the damage we’d expect from the fashion industry. Hemp plants absorb more carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere than trees.

This, combined with the fact they do not require harmful chemicals, is surely the answer to a safer, cleaner future. Not only is hemp better for the environment but it actually produces better quality clothing than cotton. The material made from hemp is 4x as durable as cotton, meaning it will last you for longer.

Despite this, the fabric made from hemp typically is not something that most Americans would like to wear. US Hemp has managed to come up with a fabric that is 100% hemp, but it more comfortable than cotton.

It took six years for the material to be perfected, claims Warren. “For the last 6 years my co-founder Darien has been experimenting,” she said, “and then finally one day he showed me a new fabric and I couldn’t believe it.” Typically clothing made from 100% raw hemp material is tough and uncomfortable – think of it like wearing a canvas bag instead of a t-shirt.

However, through US Hemp’s dedication and determination to create a more sustainable fashion industry, they have produced a soft, durable material that is actually more comfortable to wear than cotton.

The most extraordinary thing about US Hemp is their plans to bring the hemp industry back onto home soil. Instead of relying on imported hemp from other countries, US hemp’s clothing is made from farms based in Kentucky, Colorado. Find out here where you can find CBD oil for pets in Colorado.

Warren told us that they also have plans to bring their work to California in the near future. “Our whole vision is the seed to shirt and to support American jobs and American manufacturing,” she said. “Our products are proudly Made In America.”  


Gaining Support For A Better Future

However, due to the prohibition of hemp across the United States gaining support for their work hasn’t been easy. This is partly the reason the brand has decided to rely on a Kickstarter campaign to get the word out there.


Followers who are already behind the hemp movement have the opportunity to support US Hemp and get their name out in the public domain. The more donations and publicity they receive, the better the future of the fashion industry will be.


Not only does hemp farming require less land, water, and chemicals than cotton to produce -meaning it is a much more sustainable option – the material made from hemp is actually much better for our everyday needs too.


US hemp’s t-shirts are naturally odor-resistant, anti-microbial and have a superior insulation index to cotton garments.


“[Our] shirts will keep you cooler when it’s warm AND warmer when it’s cool compared to cotton,” claims Warren.




US Hemp Are A Unique Business


US Hemp has proudly proclaimed to have produced the world’s first luxury fabric that is made from 100% hemp. Most hemp clothing in the market either relies on a 50-50 blend of hemp and cotton or is tough and uncomfortable.


US Hemp’s t-shirts are stylish, comfortable and durable as well as having a beneficial effect on the environment.


But it’s not only their garments that makes US Hemp a company to get behind. They may be one of the first hemp-based business that relies on an all-American production process.


Their farms are based right here in the United States, creating jobs for our public and contributing to the local economy.


“We’re one of the most sustainable luxury fashion labels in the USA and we’re just starting,” Warren said.


Check out their Kickstart campaign here: World’s First Luxury 100% Hemp Clothing Company. USA Made.


CBD Oil Adviser strongly encourages all of our readers to check out US Hemp’s Kickstarter campaign to support their work and purchase a t-shirt from them.


Your contribution could make a difference in the clothing industry, the legalization of hemp and hemp products like CBD gummies (know here: are CBD gummies legal?) for the future of our environment.



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