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Quality and Integrity Means Better Hemp Products

Many boutique businesses are producing better and healthier solutions to hemp than their cooperative counterparts. The difference between these two kinds of businesses is simple: passion.

The genuine passion many small start-up companies hold towards hemp and its benefits is what makes the difference in both the quality of their products and the impact they have on the industry as a whole.

These boutiques founders genuinely love the hemp plant and are excited about CBD health benefits, encouraging them to create a truly unique production process that relies on honest and quality ingredients. The fact that these founders haven’t lost sight of their original passion and pure joy upon discovering the benefits of hemp is what truly makes the difference in the quality of their products.

These businesses derived from the founder’s dedication to sharing the benefits of hemp with their loved ones. Nowadays these products offer the customers great quality and healthier benefits, and the businesses’ work is contributing to a better hemp industry overall.

It seems that their influence is really taking effect on bigger businesses too. Several big consumer businesses in the US are now becoming committed to hemp.

Top natural superfood groups like Navitas and Nutiva are heavily invested in hemp production, offering hemp seeds and hemp protein powders in their catalogs. High-end clothing companies like Patagonia are using hemp fibers to produce high-quality products and companies like The Body Shop have introduced a whole range of products derived from hemp oil.

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Ministry of Hemp has compiled a guide to the best boutique and high-end brands you should support in this movement. All of these brands are doing amazing work in the production of hemp and will certainly have a great influence on the industry as a whole. We encourage you to introduce their hemp-based products into your lifestyle. Hemp can be greatly beneficial and it will make you and your family healthier.


Boutique Hemp Brands

The following brands are small businesses that are dedicated to the production of hemp and rely heavily on the plant for their high-quality and beneficial products.


Hippie Butter

This brand offers hemp-based food products and is aimed at those who seek to have a natural lifestyle.


The Fay Farm

The Fay Farm is dedicated to producing natural body care that will benefit both their customers and the overall wellbeing of the planet. Their catalog has a range of hemp products including salves and lotions.



This lifestyle brand seeks to promote sustainability and offers a wide range of high-quality hemp clothing that will last you for years to come.


Get Hemp Butter

Get Hemp Butter is an all-in-one product derived from the hemp plant that can work on all areas of the body including hair, hands, and cuticles.


The Wonder Seed

This company offers body care products that are rich in full spectrum CBD hemp oil, making them wonderfully nourishing for both skin and hair.


Livity Food – Ever Bars

These food bars rely on sustainable ingredients like hemp seeds to demonstrate how tasty natural foods can be.



Kushed produces a range of aromatherapy candles that are made from hemp oil. The soothing properties in hemp will help you unwind and relax after a long day.


Hemp Kettle Tea

This brand’s unique and delicious teas are made from a range of recipes using organic herbs, spices, and hemp seeds.


Global Hemp Lovers

These brands are recognizable cooperations that have started to introduce hemp into their catalogs due to its high quality and health benefits.



Patagonia is a high-end clothing company that uses hemp in a range of shirts, pants, and shorts.


The Body Shop

Renowned for their promotion of natural body care, The Body Shop now has a range of products made from hemp oil including lip balms, body butter, and foot lotions.


Dr. Bronners

This brand has been making natural, high-quality body soaps from a range of products including hemp for 150 years!


Nature’s Gate

This brand’s hemp-based body wash smells amazing and is surprisingly invigorating.



Carapex’s Bc Bud Hemp line of body care products shows the amazing benefits hemp oil has for the skin and even promotes healthy youthful results.



Nutiva is on a mission to change how we eat by providing hemp seeds and hemp protein to show customers the benefits of a natural diet.



This brand’s hemp seeds and protein powders will make you want to revamp your eating habits in order to adopt a more natural, healthy lifestyle!



A range of products aimed at athletes to naturally promote peak performance, Onnit offers earth-grown hemp infused protein powders.




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