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Popular Mechanics in 1938 released an article with the title “New Billion Dollar Crop. It gave farmers in America the assurance that of a  great cash crop that would churn a lot of cash for them without the need of competing with different products.  Sadly, marijuana was prohibited and later hemp or other Cannabidiol (CBD) products such as CBD capsules and CBD vape oil  the billion dollar crop that farmers had been assured about became illegal. That has been the case up until currently. 

The quick deregulation that has happened for cannabis affecting industrial hemp, as well as marijuana, gives more reason for the growth of hemp. Hemp has a close relation to cannabis sativa though it has less THC and usually provides greater economic benefits with diverse uses. The assurances that farmers were given dating back to 1938 might just happen now. 



Hemp at some point was the standard fiber across the world. The great strength it posses cannot be matched even now while its durability cannot be duplicated.  Fiber from hemp was used in the production of more than 5000 diverse textiles before it was banned and this included fine lace as well as ropes. The cellulose from the same plant was used in the production of over 25000 products that included cellophane as well as dynamite. This was a central part of what makes America’s history.

Hemp may be on its way to becoming the fiber that will be sought after.  Once one has removed the cortex that bears the fiber from the stalk, there is a possibility that one can make fiber-based as well as cellulose products ranging from dresses, houses as well as plastics. All parts that comprise the plant are useful which makes this plant very diverse and a crop that holds lots of promise now and the future. Below you will find highlighted benefits that you can expect to get from the plant.


The plant may not have to be in competition with different products like CBD chewing gum manufactured in America. It is meant to help in lowering imports into the country while creating jobs. Hemp has the ability to displace different raw material that has been imported and produced in countries such as China and India among others, this will help in rebuilding the manufacturing space as well as create employment for so many people who are not employed in America.


Machines used in the removal of fiber can help in cutting down human labor that is prohibitive while reducing the costs associated with manufacturing by half.  The stalk has about 77% cellulose which is a very promising market.

All parts of the plant are of good use and can be used, including its seed. Which is commonly used for making CBD oil, for migraines dosage. This generates big revenues for those in the manufacturing industry, they can still rake in great profits as they compete with foreign fibers and in the same breathe be able to pay farmers good money for each ton. 


Farmers can attest that hemp is one of those very easy crops to attend to. It does so well in a majority of the soils and most especially in soils that support oats, wheat as well as corn. The plant grows well in all states. The period it takes to grow is short which means farmers can cultivate the same immediately they harvest their previous crops. In a given acre, the plant can produce from 3-6 tons. 

Its roots penetrate deeply into the soils breaking this up as well as creating the best conditions of the soil for the following planting season. There is a possibility for it to grow up to 12 feet and it has a high-density foliage that works in choking weeds.  Abandoned land for reasons such as quackgrass or even Canadian thistles can be reclaimed with two consecutive harvests of the plant. 


A long time ago, people would cut down hemp and would leave the plant out in the fields for a couple of weeks for decomposition to take place so that they could pull out the fibers manually by hand. The very initial machines used to extract the fiber were not cable of reducing wastage, improving quality or even lowering the cost involved in the whole process.  The current machines are capable to produce a couple of tons in a given hour while improving on the production costs, the quality as well as reducing on wastage.


Hemp’s raw fiber can be used to produce ropes, burlap, carpet warps as well as twines. It can be bleached and refined. Byproducts from the same are greatly valued and resinous.  With the fiber imports in the US, hemp can be used to reduce this. Before hemp was banned, it was among the biggest contributor of the US economy. 

A big powder company used hemp in tons each year in manufacturing TNT as well as dynamite. A paper company in Minnesota grew hemp in making cigarette papers and avoided the route of using millions to import. In Illinois, another factory used hemp in the production of bond paper. 

Being a natural material, it could turn out to be a great source for pulp used in making the best products and of high quality.  It has a high percentage of alpha cellulose giving you a limitless supply of raw materials required to make lots of items that rely on such as well as fiber textiles. America imports the majority of its linen, burlap as well as twine from countries that are use labor exploitation

Why not be the ones exporting this instead of importing? Products such as ropes, fishnets, damask tablecloths and much more products that are utilized on a daily basis can have their origin from farms within the nation. The big costs incurred with imports could be used as income for those living in America.

The paper industry offers greater chances. The country does not need to import products made from paper which causes the destruction of forests on a global scale, instead, this can be produced within the country. With about 10K acres of the plant, one can produce a similar amount of paper that is now grown on 40K acres of land of different pulp. 


Even with the many benefits that growing hemp has, farmers are still hesitant to grow it. Laws regarding its growth are not as stable and making money from growing the plant, a farmer must ensure they can access good equipment and within a good distance from their farmers. If they do not access proper machinery it can be hard to get a good market where farmers can rake in good profit, this may require manufacturers to buy the hemp in its form. 

Female hemp blossoms have THC though in minimal quantities.  It is not possible for hemp to grow flowerless. With marijuana being classified as a scheduled narcotic by the federal government though this is not the case with California as well as other states.  Production of narcotics is illegal federally.  States currently are coming up with laws specific to them laws despite this.  For the industry to grow, there is a need for regulation as well as approval of the same — check out CBD Oil Adviser.

The exaggeration of the connection that hemp and marijuana has is long been out of date. People have been growing higher-level THC for themselves.  Hemp has reduced levels of THC which are not adequate to be used for leisure or medicinal use and even products with Cannabidiol(CBD) like CBD gummies. If regulations made by the federal government or the state can be made to protect people while allowing cultivation of the plant in a legal way, the billion dollar crop would work in advancing the American industry as well as agriculture in a big way. 

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