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Packaging made from the hemp plant could provide a solution to our wasteful and harmful throwaway habits. Hemp packaging can be used as an alternative to disposable, single-use papers and plastics that are commonly used worldwide.

“The statistics are in every second … a half acre of trees are cut down,” said Matthew Glyer of Hemp. Press.

“7.5 billion trees for paper alone is not sustainable.”

Waste is a huge issue for every single industry in the market right now and the hemp, or legal cannabis (find out here: is CBD gummies legal?), the industry is no exception. Single-use, disposable packaging made from papers or plastics are a great factor in the worsening state of our environment.

These materials are often seen as essential to many industries, due to their sanitization and storage purposes. In the hemp industry, both medicinal and recreational cannabis utilize foil and plastic storage.

These packagings are used once, during transportation and purchase, then they are thrown away after use. In the majority of these cases, this form of packaging is not biodegradable and simply adds to our landfill, where it will remain for a lifetime.

Although the hemp-based plastic packaging is still being perfected by inventors, companies like Sana Packaging have already produced a sustainable option from the plant. Sana Packaging’s products rely on natural materials made from hemp hurds, the fibrous wood-like core of the hemp plant, and corn. These materials are combined to create a composite bioplastic that can be used for packaging.

Sana Packaging relies on domestically-grown hemp and corn which increases their sustainability. Not only that, but it ensures that their work also contributes to local economies.

“Our hemp is sourced here domestically in Kentucky, processed in North Dakota and we manufacture in Minnesota and Arizona,” Ron Basak-Smith of Sana Packaging, told us.

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“All American made, all American supply chain.”

Another company that is also working to better the sustainability of the hemp industry is Hemp. Press. Hemp. The press has manufactured sustainable packaging from hemp paper to replace boxes or display cases that would traditionally be made from tree paper.

Both Sana Packaging and Hemp. Press, as well as many others across the hemp industry, are also working to change the current cannabis laws that prohibit the substance.

Currently, even in states where cannabis has been legalized for medicinal or recreational uses, the reuse of hemp-based packaging is prohibited. Through their work improving the hemp industry, Sana Packaging, and Hemp. Press hope that they will be able to change the laws.

Once changed, these laws will allow customers to be able to recycle their hemp-based packaging at cannabis dispensaries. These hemp packaging’s can be reused and refilled with fresh hemp flowers, hemp extracts or even pre-rolled cannabis joints.

This practice will not only help contribute to the protection of our atmosphere but can also save loyal customers money over time.

Single-use papers and plastics truly are having a devastating effect on our planet and even if you support hemp due to its sustainable qualities, you may still be contributing to this mess. However thanks to Sana Packaging and Hemp. The press we may finally have a solution to a better, cleaner and legal hemp industry in the future. 

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