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Navitas is a leading brand of organic superfoods.  These are foods which are advantageous to energy levels and are proven to improve health.  If you are health-conscious, on a health kick or want more energy in your daily life, why not give Navitas products a go?


Hemp up your diet with Navitas

Hemp seeds and hemp protein are great health boosters and easy to add into your daily routine with minimal fuss.


Super Seeds

Navitas Naturals Hemp Seeds are both delicious and nutritious, boosting your daily intake of protein, fiber, omega fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants, every time you consume them.  These hemp seeds have been hulled from their tough exteriors in order for you to access the best bit: the super seeds.  These seeds are soft and have a very moreish flavor, which is somewhat reminiscent of nuts.  Enjoy them on their own or as a topping on your favorite dish.  Either way, these hemp seeds are a handy and convenient way to pack more nutrition into your meals.



Packed-With-Protein Powder

If hemp seeds are not what you desire, there’s another easy option for you: Navitas Naturals Hemp Powder.  This has all the same health benefits as eating hemp seeds themselves, but it is much denser in nutrition.  This sprinkling of wonderfulness is packed with 50% protein, equating to 12g for every serving, and contains other key nutrients advantageous for a health boost, like amino acids, vitamins, and fiber.  This is a really eco-friendly protein punch, again nutty in its flavor, and can easily be consumed through its addition to smoothies and baking.


Where does Navitas source their Hemp?

Navitas work in close conjunction with small, family-run farms across Canada.  The hemp is grown without any chemical interference and so is therefore completely organic.  The Canadian farmers hull the seeds for Navitas and ensure that there are no fillers or additives within their yields.  Not only are the hemp seeds organic (know here where to buy pure organic CBD oil for sale), but they have also been formally certified as being kosher and non-GMO, too.



What can you do with Hemp Seeds?

Navitas has put together recipe ideas for you to have at your disposal should you want to try a new recipe or fancy a change.

For their latest hemp seed recipes, click on the links to see how simple it is to make hemp seeds delicious:

  • Superfood Pesto Sauce
  • Berry Garcia Smoothie
  • Ready to Rock Cereal
  • Super Granola

If you would rather look at ways to use hemp protein, here are more tasty links for you:

  • Hemp Berry Smoothie
  • Rockstar Smoothie
  • Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Sweet Cinnamon

Or why not check out the Ministry of Hemp’s page for exciting ways to create new hemp protein recipes specifically to help you with a new protein shake…or two.


More about Navitas

In 2003, Navitas Naturals popped up and shook the world of the “Western” diet and their approach to health foods.  “How?” we hear you say…Well, they cultivated and created purely organic superfoods, specifically aimed at their target market of health-conscious buyers, wanting protein-packed, nutrition-rich whole foods.  Superfoods are a marvelous commodity, as they are filled with antioxidants, essential fats, minerals, and vitamins, along with many other vital nutrients.

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What are superfoods?

Superfoods are nutrient-rich fruits or vegetables, packed with large quantities of protein, antioxidants, Omega-3, fiber, minerals and more.  All of these have proven health benefits to boost your energy levels, immune system and generally improve your health. 


Navitas superfood production

Navitas products are all created in a pure, eco-friendly and simple way, grown via organic agricultural techniques and involve the smallest amount of processing physically possible.  You want the best for your body and Navitas wants the best for you!



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